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Posted: 5/11/2002 5:15:39 PM EDT
and man was it fun! I'll be smiling about this for a week!

It was held in South Western PA on Private property. The line faced a cliff. Targets were plentiful, from washers and dryers to old cars. Of course interspersed with them were lots of dynamite and fireworks! [:D] Two of the cars were rigged to go in circles. Of course they stopped dead when everyone opened up on them!

There was lots of hardware there. The guy I was with had a Colt M16A1, a 11.5" colt M16, and an original Armalite AR-18.  He let me run a couple mags through all of them. They all were cool.
Also around were other M16s, an Uzi, couple of Mac-11s, a few stens. That wasn't all. There were a couple of BARs(which I got to fire- that was sweet!), a M14(which I also fired-sweet!), a Lewis gun, a bunch of AR lowers w/ .50 uppers, a water cooled Browing MG. Then there were the major "players": a dual .50 caliber MG,  a shorty .50 caliber MG, a .30 caliber Browning on an original WWII jeep, and one guy even had a GE Mini-gun! That last one was sweet- burpppppppppppppp. The owner cut down a tree with it!

Well, I had a fun time. Check out some pictures from previous shoots here:


The ones from today will be posted shortly.


Link Posted: 5/11/2002 6:43:01 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/11/2002 6:43:52 PM EDT by deadman]
Took a look at those pictures, and I just have to ask: was anyone there a ninja?  Because it looked so totally sweet that it made me want to crap in my pants.
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