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Posted: 10/28/2004 7:21:13 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/28/2004 7:21:33 AM EDT by madmedic]
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Link Posted: 10/28/2004 7:22:11 AM EDT
any Kerry Kommies out there protesting?
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 7:24:33 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/28/2004 7:25:35 AM EDT by 2whiskeyP]
You didn't encounter any intimidation? No DUI enforcment stops to discourage you from trying to vote?
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 10:06:38 AM EDT

Originally Posted By TheRedHorseman:
any Kerry Kommies out there protesting?

No...I live to the North of Palm Beach County, and the surrounding area of bedlam.
People around here would not tend to sink to that level (even though they might support Kerry)
Also, that shit would not be tolerated.

I only saw one old man with a "Beat Bush" button on the top of his ball cap (on the very top...looking straight up ) but, he just stood in line quietly.
I noticed he also had on a sweatshirt that said "San Francisco" on the front.

Im sure there were Kerry folks there...but I saw ALOT of cars in the parking lot with BUSH stickers on them.
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 11:26:45 AM EDT
I voted early today, too. I decided that I simply did not want to deal with the Tuesday crowds. Everyone here in Smith County, Texas, had to produce a legal ID. I was asked if I was first time voter? 'No, but this is the first time in Smith County.' I was then asked how long I had lived here. 'Six or seven weeks.'

First time ever voters were required to sign a log-in sheet along with their Prcnt. number. Other than the poll workers, pretty much a white political action. There was one black couple who seemed confused by the whole thing. They were asked about aliases. When they said that the addresses on their VR cards were wrong, they were required to fill out an amendment. I guess they were to be given a provisional ballot.

We are very optimistic that we Texans are going to be rid of about a half dozen Dem congressmen, including Martin Frost and Max Sandlin. I hope we can get rid of Chet Edwards, too. There shouldn't be any liberals in Texas. There ought to be a bounty on them.

The only feeling I have toward this election (the 8th Presidential election I have participated in) is uneasiness. The Dems are obviously eager to break any law, spew any lie, and litigate any outcome in order to remain in power.

I cannot abide the thought of having a social relationship with someone who would support Kerry, abortion, gun-control, and socialism.
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