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Posted: 9/29/2001 3:31:50 PM EDT
I called this last week in a thread on arming pilots. The "compromise" is going to be stun guns. The pilot's union is backing off its call for guns in the cockpit. I am starting to get pissed that all the politicians are doing, are putting in place worthless feel good measures. I still don't see what the National Guard at the airport does, except secure against truck bombs maybe? Lets see. You are in Vegas betting on these two scenarios. 5 knife/boxcutter wielding terrorists against a pilot with a 38 caliber 6 shot revolver. or 5 knife/boxcutter wielding terrorists against a pilot with a stun gun. I would rather have a bat, than a stun gun. At least I would have to sacrafice an arm, reaching in to TOUCH the guy with a knife. And by the way, how many shots do you get with a stun gun until you are stuck standing around getting yourself sliced to death, waiting in the orange light to go out on the back so you can stun yourself another bad guy. I really don't think I will be flying again. They now disarm you as you board, and will not take any logical steps to ensure your safety. By the way, they are thinking of making a stungun available to the flight attendants, as well. Oh great. So the terrorists will have their own stun guns when they attack the flight deck. If you can't beat up a flight attendant and take her/her stun gun, you shouldn't be a terrorist.
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