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Posted: 4/22/2002 7:28:40 PM EDT
Yikes... I cant get into frugals.. Main board comes up.. But then when I pick a category of discussion I get.. Actually there a lot more.. but I wont bore you... I have AOL.. yeah I know!!! Anybody know what's going on? Thanks realist out // > // Whoops! If you see this text in your browser, // your web hosting provider has not installed PHP. // // You will be unable to use the UBB Accelerator. // // You may wish to ask your web hosting provider to install PHP. // Both Windows and Unix versions are available on the PHP website, // http://www.php.net/ // // // // UBB Accelerator, originally by Philipp Esselbach // // Modifications by Infopop Corporation, Copyright 2002. // // You may not distribute this program in any manner, modified or // otherwise, without the express, written written consent from // Infopop Corporation. // // You may make modifications, but only for your own use and // within the confines of the UBB License Agreement (see our website for that). // // You may not distribute "hacks" for the UBB without approval // from Infopop. // // Note: if you modify ANY code within the UBB, we at Infopop // Corporation cannot offer you support-- thus modify at your own peril :) error_reporting(1); // Only show critical warnings. 0 == off, 2047 == everything // The previous author thought phpversion() returned an array... oops. $php_version_stringified = phpversion(); $php_version_array = explode(".", $php_version_stringified); $php_version_string = sprintf("%1d.%02d%02d", $php_version_array[0], $php_version_array[1], $php_version_array[2]); if($php_version_string < 4.0000) { echo "Your PHP version, $php_version_stringified, is too old to run the UBB Accelerator. Please use the Accelerator Test for more information."; exit; } // end if $qs = ""; $qs = find_environmental("QUERY_STRING"); // PHP won't let you define ; and & as query string seperators // without either tinkering with php.ini or using ini_set, which // is often extremely restricted. This kludge was introduced // by qasic, but has been made a little more safe. global $ubb, $f, $t, $p, $DaysPrune, $hardset, $start_point, $category; $ubb = ""; $f = ""; $t = ""; $p = ""; $DaysPrune = ""; $hardset = ""; $start_point = ""; $category = ""; $query_string = split('[;&]', trim($qs)); while (list (, $key_value) = each($query_string)) { if (preg_match('/=/', $key_value)) { $key_value = trim($key_value); list($key, $value) = explode("=", $key_value);
Link Posted: 4/22/2002 7:54:09 PM EDT
Thanks for the email captain... FYI On Mon. April 22, we will be down for several hours while we upgrade to a new, dedicated server. This move gives us a number of be nefits including better security, increased storage capacity, more features, and, most notably, a faster website! Change does not always come easily, though - as we move from our current location to the new server the message board and forums will be temporarily unavailable. For most people this outage should only last a few hours at most, though for some it may be as much as a day or two - it all depends on the ISP you use to connect to the Internet with. Thanks for your patience while we improve the forums!! 1730hrs Update The board has been successfully moved and is being tested. It will be going on/offline intermittently during this time. Some members are reporting intermittent connections with problems posting/reading - THIS IS NORMAL until the new server is recognized by global ISPs and will clear up in several hours to a day or so.
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