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Posted: 9/11/2013 12:54:28 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/11/2013 1:03:03 AM EDT by SIRIUS1]
I was just trying to find a recent comment by Romney regardiing Syria and found this type of stuff instead, I assume that his position is the same. For the record I didn't agree with his ideas either, arming the rebels, but I find it amusing watching Zero now pulling it all out to embroil us in Syria when he painted Romney as the Syria Warmonger.

Fox News Insider

Joe Biden warning that Romney is Ready for War with Syria

Michele Malkin - Dueling Headlines - Romney wants War with Syria

40 Mainstream Media Headlines You'd See if Romney was a Democrat and Obama was a Republican
1) Mr. Fixit vs. Mr. Broke-It: The Successful CEO vs. the President Who Never Had a Real Job

2) Black Leaders on Obama: We're Still Waiting for the First Real Black President

3) Can Mitt Romney Do for Mormons What JFK Did for Catholics?

4) Experts Say Obama's Bizarre, Disconnected Behavior May Have Been Caused By His Strange Upbringing

5) The Presidency is Just the Next Logical Step in Mitt Romney's Lifetime of Service

6) Why is Barack Obama So Angry?

7) Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: The Best Looking Combination Ever to Run for President?

8) More Deaths in Afghanistan; New Grim Milestone Reached

9) Is Mitt Romney the Only Man Who Can Fix the Damage Done to America’s Economy Over the Last Four Years?

10) Solyndra Nation: How the Taxpayers are Being Pilfered to Pay Off Obama's Political Cronies

11) Mitt Romney: Is He the Smartest Man Ever to Run for President?

12) Barack Obama: Setting Black Americans Back Fifty Years?

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