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Posted: 12/24/2003 5:02:18 PM EDT
The following condensed story is from the Virginia Citizens Defense League's e-mail update.  Anyone else seen such a "check all guns" sign at a Bass Pro Shop?  Hard to fathom - an anti-gun Sportsman's shop.  What an oxymoron.


Member and VCDL Activist Ray Haring sent the following letter to Bass Pro regarding their Hampton, VA store:

"I visited your store in Hampton, VA yesterday and upon entering the store I noticed a sign stating that all guns must be checked at the service desk. I asked to speak with the manager, as I was hoping the sign referred to those persons bringing guns in for repair or service. To my disappointment the manager informed me that ALL GUNS must be declared and a trigger lock placed on gun. With numerous crimes in the news, especially during the holiday season, I must question the 'no weapons' policy (even by those holding court issued permits) at the Hampton Bass Pro Shop..."

Link Posted: 12/24/2003 5:06:36 PM EDT
While I share your amazement of such signs and policies.  The unfortunate part is they are well with-in their right to make such a request.  Of course you know the person desiring to rob the store will also check their weapon at the door.
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 5:26:52 PM EDT
I got the same e-mail as you, DrMark.  I'd say we wait for the response from the store owner before making a widespread proclamation.  It appears this policy is inconsistent with National policy, so it may be a bad apple or two in the bunch.  

While I agree with koisanke that it's within their rights to post, it's also within our rights to boycott or even picket their establishments (with the proper permits, of course).  I think a few of us picketing their businesses accompanied by a flood of e-mails would open their eyes to the foolishness of their ways.  

Let's wait for a response.  Otherwise, I think we have some big potential knocking these local situations into shape....

    Black Fox
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 5:28:18 PM EDT
If you’re CCW’ing then concealed means CONCEALED.

Link Posted: 12/24/2003 5:30:41 PM EDT
They don't like ARs or AKs at the one over here.
Oh, well.
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 5:41:24 PM EDT
HHHHMMMMMMM. I went there last Saturday. I don't remember seeing a sign.[;)]
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 6:12:46 PM EDT
[smartass]well theyre not exactly gun pro shop are they???[smartass]

Anyways we dont have any of those around here.
Although here in oregon we have sportsmans warehouse. And you can go thier and buy your own AR or CX4 Storm.
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 6:15:40 PM EDT
I don't think they are anti-gun, but they are definately biased about certain types of guns.

I went to the Bass Pro here in Memphis, and asked if they had a weaver rail mount that would fit on top of my AR-15 carry handle, and the teenaged clerk replied "Oh, no, we don't have parts for THOSE kinds of guns."
They way he screwed up his face when I asked him, you would have thought I had asked where the child porn section of the store was.

It is also my experience with the clerks at Bass Pro that they are very ignorant of the
products they stock. Most are teenagers, and they don't seem to be trained very well about the firearms they are trying to sell. I normally will shop online before I go to Bass Pro.
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 9:02:13 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/24/2003 9:08:37 PM EDT by Stronghorn]
Our Gander Mountain is posted 'check guns at service counter', so I asked them what if you are carrying with a CCW. She said you don't have to and just walk on buy. The notice is  just for when you bring in to trade, sell or have work done etc.  Cool....

But then right across the road, the big Mall is posted no guns allowed. It does seem to be lightening up here in Minnesota though. The first statistics after 7 months of CCw are, 12,500 permits issued and 5 have been revoked. Not bad, infact the county sheriffs are even starting to lighten up on the issue. I guess they are finding more important things to worry about. Oh, and buy the way, no one has been shot by a CCW person yet.
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