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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/13/2001 8:41:22 PM EST
Just wondering how many people here suffer from insomnia. I've had it for years, but spent most of my time in th Corps on night crew. Now that I'm on days again, it's kiling me. Got up today at 0600 and am wide awake. Man this sucks. [smoke]
Link Posted: 12/13/2001 8:46:13 PM EST
I have it. I can't sleep worth a damn. I have too much on my mind to sleep. Finals, what classes do I need to take after Christmas, a woman giving me trouble, etc. I just can't close my eyes and go to sleep.
Link Posted: 12/13/2001 10:23:12 PM EST
I find that a hot shower before bed helps. So does getting well and thoroughly laid. [:D]
Link Posted: 12/13/2001 10:28:28 PM EST
What M15A2 said. Kyle
Link Posted: 12/13/2001 10:30:55 PM EST
Sleep? Wazzat? [%|] Tyler
Link Posted: 12/13/2001 10:33:29 PM EST
Yes, I used to get it alot. It was usually associated with excess worry and stress. Once I learned these things were outside of my control at bed time I was able to go to sleep. If it is just because you changed your work schedule then it will take weeks before your body adjust to the changes. Good Luck, and if nothing else try hard physical labor to wear your body out!! Sgtar15
Link Posted: 12/13/2001 10:33:54 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/13/2001 11:10:58 PM EST
I had insomnia for about a week back during Thanksgiving. What kept me up were my problems constantly racing through my mind. After about a week of no sleep, my body finally collapsed.
Originally Posted By 71-Hour_Achmed: I find that a hot shower before bed helps. So does getting well and thoroughly laid. [:D]
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I completely agree. GOD I miss that. [:D] USPC40 ------------------------------------------------- [b][blue]NRA Life Member[/blue][/b] - [url]www.nra.org[/url] [b][blue]GOA Life Member[/blue][/b] - [url]www.gunowners.org[/url] [b][blue]SAF Supporter[/blue][/b] - [url]www.saf.org[/url] [b][blue]SAS Supporter[/blue][/b] - [url]www.sas-aim.org[/url] [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/USPC40/alabamaflag.gif[/img]
Link Posted: 12/13/2001 11:46:28 PM EST
I have a problem sleeping also.I stay up for days at a time. Everyone here has posted some good ideas and reasons. STAY AWAY FROM CAFFIEN.And any other drugs wheather it be legal or not(not that I give a shit what you do)these PM drugs are not worth a shit these things dont help. Try to figure out why you having this problem. Try fresh lenens on your bed,is it dark in your sleeping area,dont do any work in your bed room.Try to get more exercise.As a last resort ask your DR.for Ambeim I dont get a hang over from these but I have heard of peaple who do.And when you take one lay down then, you wont feel sleepy youll just go to sleep.But like I said try to stay away from any drugs after awile they wont work eather. Good luck.
Link Posted: 12/14/2001 12:11:54 AM EST
Ask your doctor about a drug called Sonata. It's designed to help with people with insomnia. I work at a hospital pharmacy were many people have to do turn arounds. Work until 10pm and then have to come back at 6am the next morning. One of our pharmacists takes Sonata on turn around nights. She says it works great. She always feels well rested in the morning. USPC40 ------------------------------------------------- [b][blue]NRA Life Member[/blue][/b] - [url]www.nra.org[/url] [b][blue]GOA Life Member[/blue][/b] - [url]www.gunowners.org[/url] [b][blue]SAF Supporter[/blue][/b] - [url]www.saf.org[/url] [b][blue]SAS Supporter[/blue][/b] - [url]www.sas-aim.org[/url] [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/USPC40/alabamaflag.gif[/img]
Link Posted: 12/14/2001 12:34:00 AM EST
Well as a true member of the night shift I rarely ever get a good nights sleep. My supervisor just won't let me get a full 8 hours worth.[:D] But seriously, it is impossible for me to sleep during the day. I've gone as far as tinting the windows in my bed room, colored mini blinds and a blanket over them to keep the light out, and it's still to light. Also a fan or air filter to provide some "white noise" help me. If I ever get a day job I won't be able to sleep at night, it sucks.
Link Posted: 12/14/2001 1:01:19 AM EST
SUCKS .....up 19-20hrs,down 4-5hrs.
Link Posted: 12/14/2001 2:49:55 AM EST
yeh im still up
Link Posted: 12/14/2001 3:05:26 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/14/2001 3:00:04 AM EST by dsr611]
I have been on nights for the past 5 nights and have been getting about 3 hours of sleep during the day. But its not from insomnia...damn guy across the street has had trees cut down in his back yard and then his nest door neighbor decides to do the same. Damn chainsaws and chippers!!! Usually get to sleep around 6:30 then they get started on the trees around 9:30, so off to bed I go!!!
Link Posted: 12/14/2001 3:14:26 AM EST
Ambien rocks for that. I had a really stressful job a couple of years back, and the lack of sleep was destroying my performance... 5mg for regular insomnia, and 10mg for those really rough nights. Don't use it more than two or three nights in a row or you'll have a hell of a time going to sleep without it. No hangover, though, unlike Benadryl or other OTC remedies. QS
Link Posted: 12/14/2001 3:20:08 AM EST
try sleeping with earplugs. the small yellow foam ones. sounds bad but my dad works shifts and he uses them at my suggestion. it sounds uncomfortable but it's not. you'd be surprised how fast you go to sleep once you can't hear anything. really you would. OffRoad
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