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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/13/2003 3:21:55 AM EST
Hey guys...I did a good one to my arm last night. Being as I've always been a pretty durable guy, my injuries have been few and far between. So this is a new one on me. Anyone know what might have happened? I was at my martial arts class and one guy was pulling me down. I was going to land on my head, so I put our my arm to land on my elbow and roll off it that way. Well, I guess I wasn't lined up properly when I hit the ground because I screwed up my shoulder. Last night I still could move my shoulder in all directions and it hurt a little bit but this morning...holy shit! If I try to raise my arm up over my head I get a bad ass pain right where my deltoid attaches to my humerous. So I'm hoping it's just swelled up. I just popped a couple advil and let's hope that helps. Meantime anyone know what may have happened?? Another guy in my martial arts class had a similar injury, but he had actually torn his tendon right off the bone. They had to cut his shoulder open and put a couple screws in his arm and tie the tendon to those screws for the tendon to reattach itself. Nasty stuff. Play safe!! -Nick Viejo.
Link Posted: 5/13/2003 7:54:18 AM EST
Had a similar injury myself (from similar training) about a year ago, turned out to be a mild (thankfully) rotator cuff injury. Lay off of it for a a few days, remember that Advil is your friend and see a doctor ASAP if it continues after that. Real easy to reinjure if it's the r.c. - trust me.
Link Posted: 5/13/2003 5:28:46 PM EST
Yup...I have been eating Advil all day...1 every 4 or 5 hours and now I have the full range of motion back with only a little pain, so it appears that it's not a permanent injury. I'm going to go easy on it for a few days and let it heal up. No sense in aggravating it. Most of the people I know who have been doing this sort of thing longer than I all say the same thing: "If you get injured let it heal [b]completely[/b] before stressing your body again, or you will just have the injury that much longer." I hope to be back to 100% within a week or so. We'll see. -Nick Viejo.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 9:59:48 PM EST
See a doctor. If you won't, for some bizarre reason: RICE Maintain that range of motion. IMHO
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