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Posted: 5/23/2001 1:02:01 AM EDT
I just don’t understand it. Since I got married seven weeks ago, I’ve been a virtual p*ssy magnet. Wherever I go, for instance my usual goatee-head hangout, Starbucks, or the store, or work, restaurants, etc., all of a sudden young women are striking up conversations with me, making eye contact, smiling, etc. This was a rare occurrence when I was single. Look, I’m a 39 year-old, balding, goatee-head, computer chair shaped butt, desk job working load. I dress fairly well, but nothing special. I haven’t changed my look at all except for one thing: now I wear a big, shiny platinum wedding band. Could it be women view me as non-threatening now that I’m married? I just don’t understand it. What gives? I was totally invisible to womenz before!
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Link Posted: 5/23/2001 1:10:34 AM EDT
hmmmm... I wonder if it is the wedding band? I'll have to give this a try.
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Common phenomenon. Women are more attracted to guys accompanied by other women, or married men. Their reasoning is, if other women are interested in this guy, there must be something good about him. Just as I ignore women accompanied by men or have wedding rings, women flock to guys who are with women or sport rings. Just their way of making it harder to hookup than it has to be. Sometimes I think it must be nice to be gay...except for all the gay sex [puke]
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 1:23:48 AM EDT
Its not your imagination. Same damn thing happened to me when I got married back in 83'. Its the ring. See, your safe now. It pisses ya off, doesn't? If you had all this activity BEFORE your marriage, you might not have gotton married at all. Expect to get hit on a lot in the next few years. I would like to hear from some of the girls on the board about this. To see if they confirm.
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 1:43:23 AM EDT
Why didn't you married guys tell me this before? I thought we were all brothers in arms? I could have bought a ring years ago! Damn, I am bummed! You should have seen the hottie I had coffee with at work today! THIS IS UNFAIR! Actually, I love my wife so I'm not THAT bummed. :) In fact, she's telling all her friends I'm buying us his-and-hers matching short-barreled FALs. Just no pistol grip cuz we're in the PRK. How's that for a catch? he he raven, I knew a couple of (actually, more than a couple) of gay guys at college and I asked them how they pick-up each other at the fudge packer bar. They said they walk up to a guy, strike up a short conversation, and if it looks promising they simply ASK if they want to get laid. Yes or no. If no, just move on. Hmmm... There is something to be said for the clarity of purpose in that arrangement. Of course, their numbers are dwindling as the result of it.
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 5:11:33 AM EDT
Quote -
Could it be women view me as non-threatening now that I’m married?
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Now, that would be pretty silly of them wouldn't it?[}:D] Eric The Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 5:13:58 AM EDT
A couple of reasons: 1. They know you are married-and less likely to hit on them, so they fuck with ya... 2. They know you are married-and not getting any sex-so they fuck with ya 3. You know you are married-an you know you CAN'T fuck with them. 4. They are NOT actually looking at you and smiling-it is a common side-effect of being married. Its called I-love-my-wife-but-sure-want-to-slip-the-baloney-in-her-afobia.
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 5:36:57 AM EDT
I'm not sure the Ring Factor can completely explain the Phenomenon. A year and a half before I married old whatshername (now my ex), the moment I fell for her and decided I wanted to pursue a Serious Relationship with her, LONG DISTANCE, women I had dated years ago started calling me out of the blue. I also noticed that women seemed to be coming on to me everywhere I went. If I knew then what I know now, I could have had a great year or two of wild sex. But no, I opted for the Serious Relationship which culminated in 10+ years of marriage and, of course, divorce. I believe in the Ring Factor and experienced it myself for those 10 years. But I believe there must also be something else that happens when you start getting laid or get married: - Changes in MALE behavior (or maybe scent) that make you more attractive; perhaps the natural DROP in your testosterone level makes you less threatening, and - A disturbance in the Force.
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 9:16:20 AM EDT
What does the ring have to look like?
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 10:03:46 AM EDT
Womenz likes shiny thingies. oooOOOoohhh, jeewwweeelllrryyy. radioman
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 10:34:37 AM EDT
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A year and a half before I married old whatshername (now my ex), the moment I fell for her and decided I wanted to pursue a Serious Relationship with her, LONG DISTANCE, women I had dated years ago started calling me out of the blue. I also noticed that women seemed to be coming on to me everywhere I went.
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WOW! The exact thing happened to me when i was away for college. First semester, I was unattached and didn't get a lot of attention from girls. I went home for X-Mas break, and fell madly in love with a girl I had had a crush on for a long time. Then I begrudgingly went back to school, counting the days until I could return home. SOMEHOW the girls at college sensed this. They were walking right up to me and kissing me, showing up at my door and trying to seduce me, proposing menage a trois....it was so strange. And I turned them all down, because I was so in love with this girl. Then I come home, and this girl I loved dumps me after one month and I lose all my financial aid and can't go back to college. So whenever a friend is in a long-distance relationship and feels tempted, I always advise him to go for it. Don't make the mistake I made!!!
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 10:36:51 AM EDT
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You think it's bad now, wait until you have a kid and try going to the store without your wife. Hunter out... Oh yeah take your kid with you (for yuns out there that are a lil slow)
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 10:44:12 AM EDT
Actually it's a common phenomenon that cannot be adequately explained. You're married and you're fine. You're getting a divorce and they all run away like you have the plague or something.
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 11:04:10 AM EDT
your harmless in their eyes now.happens all the time to me too since i got married.garintee if you get seperated it will be like it used to be they wont look at you.if i were single again id ware a wedding ring>
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 11:33:26 AM EDT
I have had this happen to me also. I don't think it is just because women are attracted to married men, it's the attitude of the happy man being in love. When you are in love, your whole attitude changes. You smile more and are more friendly and charming. Your body language also changes with you being more sure of yourself. There might also be some chemical changes going on also. All this is very attractive to the opposite sex. When I got married last November, I had more advances by women ever before in my life. I was just giddy with happiness and women saw and reacted to this. All the times before when I broke up with someone or was lonely trying to get a date, my attitude was soured and it was very hard to make any headway with a woman. There are exceptions of course...like the occasional she-devil/homewrecker who goes after a married man. [pissed]
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 12:12:24 PM EDT
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Don't be a fool. Women are evil. [url]www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?id=24406#lastPost[/url]
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 12:54:56 PM EDT
But why would women view married men as non-threatening? I know a couple of married guys who are extremely threatening. I ran a little test this morning at work. I was standing in the lunch room with my hands in my pocket and made eye contact with a little hottie. She immediately looked the other way. So, I walked to the other side of the room, took my hands out of my pocket, made eye contact again and smiled. She immediately, looked away, but then looked down at where my left hand was located, looked me in the eye, smiled and said, "Hi, we haven't met before. My name is Heather". WOMENZ ARE EVIL CREATURES!
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 1:08:44 PM EDT
I'm going to a pawn shop today and look for a wedding band. Maybe I'll be able to add a testimonial soon.
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Maybe you married guys are getting all this attention from women because they simply are trying to figure a way to [b]steal[/b] your ring so they can sell it. It could go like this: The woman in question will smile at you, which temporarily makes you lose interest in everything else you are doing. Then she drawns your eyes to make constant eye contact and you lose even more awareness of your surroundings. Next she will strike a conversation with you while you mumble nonsensical dialogue. Maybe even rub against you and purr a little. Then before you know it, your ring is gone, gone, gone! Then you would have to explain, explain, explain to your wife what happened to the ring! Okay. Okay. Scratch that silly theory! Don't want to burst the bubble with you married members. mattja, you got me! I also would like to know why that happens to married men. Maybe I will try wearing a ring and see what happens. I wonder if I wear two rings, will I get double the attention! Ha ha Hmmm...just a thought. [:)] [b]-RoadDog[/b] [img]http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/Gif/scooby1.gif[/img]
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 6:35:15 PM EDT
Before I was married I used to put a rolled up sock and a large bannana down my pants....Oh wait, different topic all together. Sorry.
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 6:39:42 PM EDT
The way it should be...$3000..for the marriage license.....$3....for divorce.....or, that`s why we have "he-man women haters club"...[frag]
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 6:42:10 PM EDT
Besides, didn`t you ever have a hard time finding a decent buy on a vehicle, finally buy one, and as soon as you do, they`re coming at you like crazy?......same philosophy....[smoke]
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 6:54:34 PM EDT
All womenz is crazy and that will never change. Go on faith her bros....they will deny the whole thing as they don't even realize it but I say again.......All womenz is crazy. To put it simple.....they got it.......they know it and they know we want it and will do just about anything to get it. We are pathetic, wretched creatures with small brains.
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 6:57:51 PM EDT
AKA.......P.O.P. ................[chainsawkill]
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 7:32:26 PM EDT
CUUUUZZZZ..... Now your whole head smells like your finger used to [:D]
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 8:32:23 PM EDT
Originally Posted By X--Kill: We are pathetic, wretched creatures with small brains.
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Yes, but the fact we can pee standing up makes up for all our shortcomings.
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