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Posted: 12/5/2007 4:17:30 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/5/2007 4:29:26 AM EDT by BlueCord]
I think any place that has over 15 Million posts about guns, gear, and shooting makes me wonder what are people shooting at? I suggest we have a Sub-Forum for targets and the shooting of said targets .

A place where some tacked threads about regulation targets and the pertinent info about them IE NRA High Power, ISPC, IDPA, Bulls Eye, Small bore, Cowboy Action, and Silhouettes where to buy, how to score, their rules and regulations.

Shooting Steel:
A discussion of target construction, steel plates and what makes the best materials for training with steel, or just getting that gratifying CLANG. Listing some known good standing venders of steel for the shooting community.

Target Reduction:
Urban sprawl is making lots of long distance shooting difficult. Some one posted a while back that they wanted to replicate an IPSC targer at 1000 yards but at a distance of 300 so I shared a little cross multiplication algorithm and he was set!

Home Made:
There could be a .PDF sharing link of known printable targets that are "open source"
in nature (read FREE). Or the best PVC portable designs that ARFCOMERS have come up with for typical paper target stands.

Discussion of new and inexpensive targets, Charcoal Briquettes, balloons, pie plates, chicken eggs, fruits and veggies, clays and other odd reactive targets.

Postal Leagues:
Links to Postal competitions, STS, Grapefruit offhand postal, I know there are others out there I and oblivious to them.

Range safety for shooting steel targets; don’t expect to be hammering double taps at 3 yards with and M1 Garand and not get splatter. What calibers at what distances are known to damage T1, 500 Brinell, and nominal life expectancy, etcetera.

Just a place all encompassing for what is on the other end of the muzzle; be it serious competition, life and death training, plinking, zeroing for hunting or just having fun!

Link to poll in General Forum here.
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