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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/27/2002 6:08:17 PM EST
Ok here it goes. I live way out in the country of NC, in Gods country I call it. Its a good half hour to any real stores and I have few neighbors. I have 11 acres its not the most, but well secluded. The problem is I have one neighbor you is a liberal jerk! 2 times in the past few months he has called the law on me for shooting, but today was it for me. Today a few of my friends and myself was doing some shooting down in my bottom land near the creek, its a great spot with a hill from hell behind it to shield any traveling bullets. We as I thought from the dog barking 2 deputy Sherrifs showed up, while my wife was trying to take a shower, one went to theback sliding glass door and the other decided he would just help himself on down where we was at.Well I met him behind my house before he got any further. He asked what I was shooting and I showed him my AR, he looked at it very closely and said we heard automatic weapons fire, I said nope you didn't, I pointed to finger and said you heard a quick finger and he responded well do you have a 3 shot burst and I said NO! So we proceeded down the creek where he inspected everyone's weapons trying in all his might to find a illegal. He pointed to the SKS and told my friend son the only thing stopping you from going to jail is its a preban (because it had a folding stock). He then looked at my other friends AR and tried to break it down to look at the internals, and then he pointed to the Muzzle Break saying it was a flash hider, he was strongly corrected and was told it was a legal muzzle break. Now here is the funny one!!>> He then again picked up the SKS and pointed to the take down pin that holds the dust cover on over the bolt and spring and asked my fiend several times if it works>> while the whole time im thinking what in the hell is this guy up to, He acted as if he was trying to get somebody to admit to something false, finally I stepped in and said why what is wrong with it? He said it was a full auto selector, I then got a little heated and said Sir now you are wrong and we argued until we had to break the SKS and show him it was a take down pin. Plain and simple he was wanted to take someone to jail and couldn't. I then asked him who called and of course he wouldn't tell me. I asked him if he would visit that person and explain that it is supposed to be a free country, second amendment rights, how where I live is no noise ordnances and it out in the country and its in county not city limits. I pulled one Deputy to the side and he was a nice guy he apologized for his coworkers attitude and said as far as he is concerned Im ok and doing nothing wrong but the other was a in my Book overstepping his bounds! Now my question is what are my rights? Can they just help themselves down deep into my property and start picking up guns and do as they wish? What if I put a gate up at the end of my driveway (which is over 700 ft long) and put no trespassing signs up, so if they are called again , well at least they will halve all together a 3rd of a mile walk>LOL! I really need to no my rights, can they do what they did today? Don't I have rights of privacy? Listen Im a law binding,registered voter. Im not trying to start a Ruby Ridge (which I think was not right to have happen) but regardless I need to nip this now. im thinking of making a appointment with the Sherrif. Thanks Ahead
Link Posted: 1/27/2002 6:14:42 PM EST
I have several assholes like that around me too. My solution is to call the caops BEFORE I shoot and invite them to join me. I DO have FA, legal ones, and sometimes they like to shoot those. Beyond that, the cops are likely to be called by the AH every time and must respond -unless you have called first. If the above fails to calm things down, your only recourse is contact an attorney (not an anti, if possible) and look into the laws on harrassment. Good luck!
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 4:08:14 AM EST
Haven't you ever watched TV. They play good cop bad cop. Next time the other guy gets to play the hardass. Go out and get a registered M16 so when they ask again if you were shooting full auto you can say hell yes
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 3:46:53 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 3:04:32 AM EST
seems like the man shouldn't have to invite anyone, cops or anyone else, on his property to avoid getting hassled.
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 7:19:58 PM EST
Put up a gate, lock it, put up yer sign. In WA they would need exigent circumstances to put one foot on yer property. Just make sure none of your buds are yelling for help, then you'll be toast.
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