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Posted: 10/11/2007 4:18:46 PM EDT
I'm bored with just about every game I have.
Insurgency is boring + hardly anyone is playing

Defcon was fun for about 30 minutes

Star Wars Galaxies is the same old crap it's been since 2005(yeah I reinstalled it today)

Space Empire V is just lame. The AI is just retarted. Stop sending 1 ship at a time into my sector. I have 4 Space stations and 4 fleets(about 40 ships) defending the jump point. Plus my ships have 5 times the firing range.

I even installed Transport Tycoon(talk about old school) and that's not doing it for me either.

I've been thinking about getting Battlefied 2142 but concerens of the spyware/adware apps it installs and the fact I got bored with Battlefield 2 arcade gheyness makes me not want to get it.

What happened to all the fun games?
Link Posted: 10/11/2007 5:25:01 PM EDT
A game that is out still that many people overlooked hell even I did until I saw it for under 20 bucks was advent rising.  The story was sort of ripped off from other places, but the gameplay was interesting.  They did a shit load of cool stuff in that game.  Can't really think of another game that had anything like it except maybe jedi academy.  The graphics are a bit dated, but I found the gameplay carried me through.  I am usually a graphics whore, but lately I have been playing sort of older games that people have said were good.  I am finding the new eye candy games lack depth and even game play.

I had a good time playing dawn of war with the dark crusade expansion for a bit.  

Just beat Deus Ex again.  Still one of the best games ever.  Too bad the sequel sucked, but apparently they are making a third one without any of the original developers.  Not so sure about that.

2142 is pretty good.  I liked it a lot better than battlefield 2.  Its still not realistic, but I think they get license there since it is not a modern setting.

Pick up a copy of Anachronox if you want a good old school game.  That and Deus Ex are up there on my list.  The game is hilarious.

Link Posted: 10/11/2007 5:54:51 PM EDT
You could try the Thing-Thing series of games. They are very fun to play. www.crazymonkeygames.com/Thing-Thing-Series.php
Link Posted: 10/11/2007 7:33:07 PM EDT
Orange Box, from Valve. HL2, HL2EP1, HL2EP2, TF2, Portal.

(Translation, HL2 = Half Life 2, EP = Episode, TF2 = Team Fortress 2)

I've been playing TF2 for a while now, since it went beta...it's awesome. I just recently started playing Portal now that it's out in release...

It's ...well, there's not many games out there where you can play it with your kid. So far, in my few hours of time with it...this one, you could. It's one big puzzle game, and it's a pretty mind-bending one at that...

Honestly, go hit up Youtube or something and look for the portal demos. Or, go to orange.half-life2.com and look at the demos there for it...
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