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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/4/2002 1:47:04 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/4/2002 1:51:17 PM EST by Waverunner]
but I didn't and won't. It was supposed to be about my trip to the PMA(Photo Marketing Association) if Florida, but then I decided that all of that was boring compared to the pictures I got while there. Therefore, there is now only one legitimate purpose for this post, and it is to show off this picture. You read it right-pure vanity and bragging rights[;D] [img]www.mallninja.com/images/fujifilmsmall.jpg[/img] I can't believe the company actually paid me to go to the PMA this year...[:D] Juggernaut
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 1:49:47 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/4/2002 1:52:28 PM EST by TheRedGoat]
It's official, I'm jealous! TheRedGoat
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 1:51:52 PM EST
Lucky Bastard!
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 1:55:11 PM EST
Hey, is your finger under that girl's bra strap?
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 1:56:03 PM EST
Well at least you didn't hijack another thread to do it. BTW: is that a "MIO" on the backdrop behind you?
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 2:09:52 PM EST
Jesus Christ. Get your mug out of the picture and put mine there! This is better: [img]http://www.lorekeepers.org/Curtis/david/jpg/tempfun.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 2:10:51 PM EST
Originally Posted By Green_Furniture: Well at least you didn't hijack another thread to do it. BTW: is that a "MIO" on the backdrop behind you?
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Heh-the first attempt topost this was in the worng place, Green-and it's some camera by Fujifilm behind me-not sure which one, I wasn't paying very close attention to the camera... Juggernaut
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 2:19:08 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 2:21:13 PM EST
That lil blonde on the right is cute!!! Lucky bastid!! DeerSlayer: hahahaha!!!!
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 2:31:31 PM EST
You look a little young!
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 2:44:54 PM EST
Holy Cow, I think the one on the far left has had her head in my lap![sex] Either that's a cheshire cat grin on your face, or you're seconds away from passing out.
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 2:46:49 PM EST
Originally Posted By LotBoy: You look a little young!
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I swear, if one more person tells me I look like a kid, I'm going to completely lose it, and paint a mustache on my face...[:)>] Juggernaut
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 2:48:19 PM EST
Hey, how did you get all of my girlfreinds/ex-wives in the same pic, ha-ha.
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 3:09:08 PM EST
No offense, but you still look like Jeff Dahmer to me. NI!
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 3:12:56 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 3:16:25 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 8:29:40 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 10:23:26 PM EST
Someone said something about the blonde on the right. I call dibbs on the brunette on the far left. Damned you guys are slow. Oh yea... Those babes are wayyy to old for you. [:D]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 10:25:32 PM EST
Deerslayer cracks me up. I wish I would've thought of that.
Link Posted: 3/5/2002 2:38:41 AM EST
Nice!....Very nice! [beer] ImbrogIio, Lordtrader, eat your heart out!
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