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Posted: 2/14/2001 3:59:17 PM EDT
Saw this on the local news and grabbed it off their website.  www.wifr.com
Haven't found any other info yet.  We CANNOT let this happen!!

New Gun Laws Wanted  
Illinois Senate Democratic leader Emil Jones is proposing new laws to keep guns off the street and out of the hands of felons.

Jones announced a series of proposals today to overhaul state gun laws.

They include a ban on carrying guns in fanny packs and registration of all guns sold in Illinois.

Jones also wants firearms owners to list all their guns when they renew their identification cards.

That's in response to the shootings this month at the Navistar plant in the Chicago suburb of Melrose Park that killed five.

Link Posted: 2/14/2001 4:09:20 PM EDT
Worse than I thought...

Senate Democrats seek to close gun loopholes

By Lisa B. Song
Tribune Staff Writer
February 14, 2001
One week after the shooting rampage at the Navistar diesel engine plant in Melrose Park, Democrats in the Illinois Senate today said they would introduce a new package of measures designed to close loopholes in state gun laws.

The proposals include a ban on sales of many assault weapons and stricter gun registration procedures.

"We want to stop the sale of guns and identify the guns," Senate Minority Leader Emil Jones Jr. (D-Chicago) said at a news conference at the James R. Thompson Center in the Loop. "Each and every point in this package is important to curtailing gun crimes," he said.

The latest proposals include a ban on sales of 17 types of assault weapons, semi-automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns; limiting handgun sales to one per month; and requiring gun vendors to provide information about buyers to the Illinois State Police and the secretary of state's office. Currently, sellers do not have to send information about buyers to the two state agencies.

"It's hard to find a rationale as to why anyone would want an AK-47 or need more than 12 handguns in a year, unless the intent was to distribute," Sen. Barack Obama (D-Chicago) said at the news conference.

The legislative package also includes new requirements for people wanting firearm ownership identification, or FOID, cards. The bills would require people to appear in person, with identification, when applying for or renewing a card. They would also be required to be fingerprinted. In addition, FOID card renewals would list all guns owned by the cardholder.

The proposals come after the Feb. 5 shooting spree by William Baker, a former Navistar worker who killed four employees and wounded four others before taking his own life. Baker was armed with an assault rifle, shotgun, revolver and hunting rifle.

Though he was convicted of felonies in 1998 and 2000, no attempt was made to force Baker to relinquish ownership of his guns, authorities said. Currently, felons are required to give up their firearms, but not their FOID cards, which still could allow them to purchase weapons, Jones said.

Jones said he also is sponsoring legislation that would explicitly prohibit the carrying of an unloaded gun in a fanny pack. "Let's make that crystal clear; we want to close the loophole on carrying guns in fanny packs," he said. "Illinois is not a concealed (weapon) state."

Obama acknowledged that the proposed measures may not be supported by some downstate Democrats, but he said the bills "still need a fair and proper hearing" in Springfield. Last year, a package of gun-control measures did not make it out of committee and died in the legislature.

The latest proposals are expected to be introduced in the Illinois Senate next week.

Link Posted: 2/14/2001 4:35:43 PM EDT
That SOB Emil Jones makes me want to puke! The state of Illinois sucks in a major way too! We are surrounded by anti-gun Demoncrats & an anti-gun Republican Governer that the rest of Republicans don't have the balls to stand up to. With all of the insider fighting going on at the ISRA, they are'nt spending enough time (if any at all) fighting these anti-Constitution anti-freedom polititions.

 I have one idea that I think would really help out about 98% of the gun owners in Illinois. I think that Chicago should break off from the rest of the state & become a state of it's own!! Let Ryan & Daley play their Mafia style corrupted political games in their own backyards, not mine.

 Of course I know that won't happen as that about 75% of all tax dollars collected from the entire state is spent in Chicago. They sure as hell won't let that $$ slip out of their greedy hands.

Any idea's on how to fight that dirty SOB???



"I won't be wronged,  I won't be insulted
and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do
these things to other people and I require
the same from them."
Link Posted: 2/14/2001 5:18:48 PM EDT
Does this mean these guys don't support the  concealed carry bill?
Link Posted: 2/14/2001 5:48:40 PM EDT
Wow can things get really get worse ?

It seems every time some dumb ass nut job gose nuts , and kills a bunch of people they try to ban as many guns as they can , and don't look at the rally problem (that the guy was , most likely waked in the head any way) , and that they should focus more on the people that there letting buy gun , that the guns they let people buy !

If someone wants to kill a bunch of people they probably don't care what kind of gun they do it with !

You can ban every gun out there , and a person that wants to kill someone will just get a knife or buy a gun illegaly !

Why is that so hard to understand ?

BTW - I am all for the concealed carry bill , its just all the other stuff that will ride in on the coat tails !

Do I have to move already ? I liked IL so much .
But I can't live in a state that dose not give a shit about my 2nt ameandment rights !

Regards : a pissed off AR15wanabe

Link Posted: 2/14/2001 6:30:51 PM EDT
Interesting point...I just wrote my State Senator about the new propossed Md. Ammo Tax. At the end of my letter, I assurred him that I was in a position to move to Va. and will do so if this passes, just as a matter of principal. I've lived in Md. for 38 years, it's a great place here in the south, but the whole state id an anti.
Link Posted: 2/14/2001 7:14:08 PM EDT
So what is New in IL? A Govenor who want to be a Democrat and a State destroyed by the Liberals who control the most populated area of that State. The only reason I came back to IL was for the college benefits that they give a Veteran. I spent a some time in North Dakota and loved it. Somewhat cold, but the people are great and leave you alone. Common Sense goes far there, not here. The Community College has many idiots and people are getting to be sheep. I have fun talking about many issues and all I get from people is the Liberal slat and emotional response. What happen to Common Sense and Facts? I almost gave up here but continue to fight for what I believe in. I can't wait for the Day when I finish my degree and can leave this Peoples Republic. I will continue to say what I believe but I think that I am fighting a losing battle. Many of my fellow Veteran and I agree, WTF has happen IL? Lots of luck for those of you who stay and fight the fight. I don't feel at home here anymore and look forward to the day of my departure, but where can you run too. They may eventually pass these Fuckeed up Laws and destroy what was our Rights. I just get disgusted at times. I pray for us All!
Link Posted: 2/14/2001 8:22:59 PM EDT
Well maybe this means that we gun owners need to do something more then just talk and post on these forums about how bad the laws are and how we are loosing our rights. The way things are going we are not only going to loose the right to Bear Arms but we are going to end up living in a police state. What we need to do is stand up and fight for our rights, and I do not mean to fight just by  using words and voting. I mean we need to start thinking about fighting the same way that the people did in 1775. We need to tell the politicians and those people who are trying to take away our rights that we will not give in to tyranny and we will not obey any more unconstitutional laws. And if force is used against us to try to force compliance with the law then we will use equal force to defend ourselves. And we need to ask the people one question, and tell them that we will fight and give up everything we have to defend our rights and that they need to ask themselves this, what are they willing to sacrifice to try to take our rights from us. Are they willing to sacrifice everything including their children in a war to take our guns and our rights from us.

This is no joke we are in a war for the survival of not only our second amendment rights but for all of our rights under the Bill of Rights. There is in reality only one question, and that is are we going to permit our rights to be lost or are we going to do whatever is necessary and at whatever the cost including the personal cost to us to defend our rights and our way of life. I know this will be a very hard decision to make and that some of us will give their lives and will leave their families alone. But this is what the people who gave us this great country did, they sacrificed everything including their families and died in poverty in order for us to enjoy the life we have today. So are there any real men and woman left in this country who will not hide behind their families and do what is necessary. Only you can answer that question about yourself. And if no one is willing to sacrifice anything then we are surly lost and this great nation will perish from the earth.        
  Sniper of Justice
Link Posted: 2/14/2001 8:26:39 PM EDT
Time to feed the hogs ain't it?  Thid shit has to stop!!
Link Posted: 2/15/2001 3:02:55 AM EDT
Like Jagermeister said; I used to like this state but it's really gone downhill thanks to Daley and Ryan.  I'm gonna move if this happens.
Notice how NO provision is made for the core isuue; getting guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS.  The perpetrator of the crime is a non issue to the antis, just another victim of gun violence.
The hogs are getting real hungry.  [:(!]
Link Posted: 2/15/2001 3:24:07 AM EDT
Actually, this is nothing more than another media event by gang of liberal pricks. The sh*t flows downstate from Chicago. The money flows north to Chicago from downstate. We need to get control of the money and starve the a**holes out. The first step would be to throw the dummycrats out of the Republican party.
Link Posted: 2/15/2001 6:39:30 AM EDT
i agree with you guys !

this place is starting to suck badly, and its all the fault of chicago. the gangs and the n******, and a s s h o l e daley, that guy is really sucking up to get votes.
and i hate ! ryan.
directly because of him giving drives licences to people who didn't earn them, there are children who are dead. burn in hell ryan !!!

anyway, i am ready to move if i have to.
Link Posted: 2/15/2001 7:54:18 AM EDT
They don't understand why a person could want an AK47 or more than 12 guns in a year?
I don't understand this viciuos, hypocrit, liar, short minded, people.
There is people that bought (they have the budget) three jet fighter bomber dismissed by RAF. Or people that collect Ferrari or Porsche, and they can own as much as they can and want. There are other that collect military tanks, even in the sh*tful Great Britain.
Because they get a lot of fun having them.
Folks... nobody can tell me that jet fighters, Ferrari, Porsche and military tanks are NOT dangerous. Think only of a single man, even with a small airplane, that decides to kamikaze on the factory plant of his former workmates...

But nobody, on the media and among politicians, is likely to say nothing that has a sense about those toys... seems to be that only firearms are the dangerous ones...

In my conutry, when something like this happens, means that they want to divert attention from other real problems...

let me know what you think...

see ya!
Link Posted: 2/15/2001 9:01:28 AM EDT

In my conutry, when something like this happens, means that they want to divert attention from other real problems...
View Quote

[green]In this particular instance, we have a bunch of liberals that got elected to public office by lying, cheating and paying off the right people. They take an oath to serve and protect the Constitution of the United States and the State of Illinois but that means nothing to them because they are all a bunch of lying crooks to begin with. When some nut-bar felon shoots several former co-workers, they all say "Oh good, another excuse to throw out some more ridiculous gun laws so we can look like we are concerned about the citizens of the state and lock up the criminal vote and the stupid liberal vote for the next election.”

You can’t get rid of these people because they hide in the sewers of the cities like rats.  The only way to get to them is to send some poison legislation their way or cut off their food supply, public money.[/green]
Link Posted: 2/15/2001 10:38:14 AM EDT
The laws the rats are proposing are the same laws that are in place in maryland (the free state).

Those laws did not stop the maryland killings.

Why do these rats believe that these laws will prevent further killings in illinois?
Link Posted: 2/15/2001 1:49:15 PM EDT
I've said this before and I know I'll say it again:
When the hell is there going to be a decision on the Emerson Case by the Federal 5th District U.S. Court of Appeals?

A Pro 2nd Amendment Decision would work wonders to put a Screeching Halt to All Anti Civil Rights Political Hacks who want more Unconstitutional "Gun Control Laws".

Such a decision would cut the legs out from under these Political Scum not only in Illinois but in California and all the other States.

Attorney General John Ashcroft was on Larry King Live last week and he said It: The Constitution guarantees Americans the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Just today Ashcroft installed 2 top attornies in the Justice Department, thereby getting rid of 2 of Reno's Hacks. The news reports describe these Top Honchos as being "Strict Constitutionalists", meaning they adhere to what the Constitution & Bill of Rights states about what Rights we have as Citizens. If the 5th Circuit Appeals Court decides in Favor of the 2nd, these guys won't fight it, unlike Reno's Justice Department would have.

The NRA Convention is in May and I'm hoping we will all have some Good News to Celebrate by then.
Link Posted: 2/15/2001 2:53:30 PM EDT
You mentioned in your post that there is insider fighting going on in the ISRA.
I have been unaware of this. Could you please post more info on this subject.
Link Posted: 2/15/2001 3:44:15 PM EDT
You mentioned in your post that there is insider fighting going on in the ISRA.
I have been unaware of this. Could you please post more info on this subject.
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This is the website of the Champaign County Rifle Association. Read the newsletter (and all the other stuff).


Quote from CCRA newsletter:

"As the VISION TEAM 2001 candidates, we will work with other Vision Team members and other like-minded Board members to transform the ISRA into a gun rights organization that supports all law-abiding shooters in Illinois.
Vision Team 2001 will seek to spend less on attorneys and more on matters that will benefit members. Vision Team 2001 will restore common sense budgeting with more emphasis on proactive endeavors. Vision Team 2001 will make sure the membership has oversight of the organization, insuring that control of the state’s largest and strongest firearms’ rights organization isn’t operated by a tiny, exclusive clique or run in secrecy. Vision Team 2001 will make sure the ISRA has a vision of where it needs to be headed in this new millenium to insure our children and  grandchildren enjoy shooting sports as we have.

Why is vision important? Those opposed to freedom and firearms rights in Illinois have a plan. The Vision Team believes that the ISRA also needs a plan for success in insuring a safer Illinois for our families and our neighbors. We need a vision of where we should be headed instead of drifting aimlessly waiting for the next salvo of legislation brought forward by Mayor Daley and others opposed to safer families and firearms rights."

ISRA [url]http://www.isra.org/[/url]

Tell me who's on top of things.
Link Posted: 2/15/2001 3:53:20 PM EDT
Look guys, don't get excited.  I go throught this BS every year in MD, and it always passes.  No big deal.  We all just jump throught the hoops, and the newly placed hoops, anyway.  

Sure, it is the certain destruction of this great Republic.  My rights....are getting flushed down the shitter as I speak.  But get used to it.  I give us 10-15 years before this is either federal law, or all states have it this bad.  Makes me sick to my stomach, but I fear it might be true.
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