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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/24/2005 4:52:44 PM EDT
I have some 5 gallon plastic military water cans. I want to use them to store water for the SHTF day. How long can water be stored??
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 4:54:45 PM EDT
How old is the ocean. Ive got some 4 years old still tastes fine.
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 4:59:22 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/24/2005 5:01:48 PM EDT by palmer]
If you add bleach to the water, it should be good up to two years.


Once you properly clean containers, fill them with potable, or safe, drinking water. All public water supplies are already treated and should be free of harmful bacteria. However, as an additional precaution, it is recommended that you add 5-7 drops, about 1/8 teaspoon, of chlorine bleach per gallon of water stored. This precaution protects you against any lingering organisms in storage containers that may have been inadvertently missed during the cleaning process.
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 5:02:48 PM EDT
till it dries out......
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 5:03:15 PM EDT
Depends on the kind of container and what you do to treat the water.
We've got (2) 55 gallon food grade water barrels (blue kind) and I treat the water w/ Purogen about ever 6 months and about once a year dump the water and fill with new just for good measure. This is part of our proverbial "defication hitting the bladed oscillating machine" supply. Bleach will also work but tastes like ass. There are several other options.
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 5:21:28 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 5:47:04 PM EDT
If you put too much bleach in the water, it will taste like, well, bleach. If you use the proper amount of bleach, you won't taste the bleach. I have used the bleach method for a LONG time.

You can also use food grade hydrogen peroxide, it is excellent for treating water. Use four drops of hydrogen peroxide to a quart of clean water. Water treated with hydrogen peroxide will last several years longer than any other treatment method.

Link Posted: 9/24/2005 6:02:16 PM EDT
Water will last indefinatly, stored properly with bleach. But why not just replace it once a year? Thats exactly what I do.
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 6:09:34 PM EDT
Isn't bleach bad for you.. Granted we're not talking about hitting the bottle itself, but still.
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 6:16:03 PM EDT
Bleach will off gas rapidly. If you have too much bleach all you have to do is let it set and the taste will go away.
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 6:27:03 PM EDT
If you're wanting very long term storage with minimal caretaking, I can sell you some dehydrated water. It's extremely concentrated and has an indefinite shelf life.
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