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Posted: 9/28/2005 5:45:45 PM EDT
Medal of Dishonor:
Awarded to the player possessing the most amount of friendly tread kills (i.e. idiot teammate runs around corner in front of your tank and then punishes you.)

Ribbon of Inanimate Objects (Anti-tanker award):
Awarded to the player racking up the highest amount of suicides due to shooting the wall in front of them rather than the enemy they aimed at.

Gold Star of Mutiny:
Awarded to the player who was successfully kicked out of commander position for a ridiculous reason, when the only reason you were commanding is because nobody wanted to do it in the first place.

Gold Star of Bunny-Hopper Ownage:
Awarded to the player who successfully defeats those ridiculous-looking hoppers in combat, followed by taunting in chat.

Bronze Star of Bunny-Hopping Death:
Awarded to the player beaten by previously mentioned hoppers.

Medal of Inattentiveness:
Awarded to the sniper hiding and constantly calling out enemy positions, only to realize the opposing team has captured all flags and is searching the whole map for you due to the fact that you are the only player on your team still alive

Medal of Sympathy:
Awarded to dune buggy driver killed in combat when his brilliant gunner decides to shoot his gun at the tank the driver was attempting to sneak around.

The Glowing Red Skull and Bones
They should mint these by the thousands and hand them out to everyone that runs over friendly mines.

Medal Of Lame
Awarded when player choses SpecOp kit.

Indistinguished Medal of Worthlessness
Awarded when player choses Sniper kit.

Silver Jackass w/ Gold Droppings
Awarded to the Engineer who lays mines so thickly around a flag that no one on either team can claim it.

The Brass Balls with Limp Dick Award
Awarded to the player who tries his damndest to take out a tank using only his knife, vehicle machine gun, or pistol, thinking that it will actually cause damage to 60 tons of infantry a-sploding goodness.

Medal Of Blissful Ignorance
Given to the moron who runs INTO the flashing artillery symbol and then punishes the commander for the teamkill.

Lawn Dart Ribbon
Awarded to the player that can't get kills in a jet unless they fly the it right into you.

Shit Magnet Award second class
An anate ability to bring misfortune upon yourself. When you spawn on the battlefield it is always infront of enemy armour or aircraft and always moments before meeting a violent and explosive end.

Golden Dune Buggy with Wings
For those who constantly attempt to fly accross the blown out bridge with a fully loaded dune buggy or APC, killing all passengers.

The Red Rocket Ranger Award
Given to the person whose corpse gets the most air from an arty strike or explosive device.

Aviator's Ribbon of Ghostly Wings
Awarded to the empty helicopter that continues flying for 20 minutes after the pilot leaps out.

Flag Chasers Medal of Honor
For those valiant troopers who run from flag to flag on foot, unable to get a pickup because of selfish assholes, who then reach the area and find it has just been taken after sprinting for ten minutes.
Repeat this till end of round.
Eventually you neutralize the flag, the stars n stripes is going up and a friendly apc rolls over you.

Medal of Grand Theft Auto:
Awarded to those who have hijacked team members' vehicles while they were being repaired by the driver.
Smacktard Proficiency: Skilled
Driver Rating: Skilled
Team Player Rating: Gangsta

Short-Term Iron WTF
Awarded to the Commander who, after ordering a squad to attack an enemy-controlled flag, drops an artillery barrage on their heads

The Meritorious Order of the Crater
Awarded to any player who doesn't know what the 9 key does.

The Gallant Order of the Giant Flashing Neon Sign
Awarded to any player who spends more then 2 minutes around an enemy uncappable flag.

The Military Women Driver Cross
Awarded to any player who crashes into a friendly vehicle causing the destruction of either or both parties.

The Dropped box of good Intentions Badge
Given to that faithful commander that accidentally drops a crate of supplies on a friendly killing them

Badge of Medical Uselessness
Awarded to those medics who selfishly run past your critically wounded body for no apparent reason.

The Cross of Compliments
Anyone that replies with the phrase "Thanks champ" more than 50 times in one round.

Car Pool of Shame Award
Gold: For driving a loaded APC or any other gear over a mine of your teams or off a cliff or anything else that gets your whole crew inside killed, due 100% to driver error only.
Silver: for stealing a ride, then killing everyone inside.
Bronze: for driving off in an empty apc/buggy as you can see people in the mini map running at you.

Junior Forestry Badge
Badge given to aviators who contribute to the environmental health of the battlefield by attempting to remove excess tree growth with the fuselage of their aircraft.

Nobel Prize in Physics
World renowned award presented to soldiers who make ground breaking discoveries in the field of battlefield physics. This includes firing 40mm grenades straight up and trying to catch them, driving FAV's over 100 meter wide gorges with varying results, and performing experiments to determine how far bodies fly when hit with different types of high exlosive ordnance.

Hazard County Service Badge
Trying to jump your buggy over the destroyed bridge.

Involuntary Mine Sweeper Badge.
Awarded when being a gunner in a Humvee as the driver runs over friendly Mines
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 5:59:57 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Bushrag:

Shit Magnet Award second class
An anate ability to bring misfortune upon yourself. When you spawn on the battlefield it is always infront of enemy armour or aircraft and always moments before meeting a violent and explosive end.

Was my contribution to the BF2 awards :)
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