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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/7/2002 5:28:32 AM EST
From talking with some folks at dif boards and making a call to one of the mag makers recently it is hopeful that if the ban sunsets even for a short time they will all go into production and turn out millions of mags in a very short period of time. If they are geared up and ready to go on midnight of the sunset then this will be posible. Your comments please.
Link Posted: 7/7/2002 5:31:02 AM EST
Not going to sunset, even thought hey are now considering putting a cop in every one of our homes for pre-leaving-the-house-screening purposes. Guns are bad, only the government gets guns. (cause the government is so good it nullifies the badness...)
Link Posted: 7/7/2002 5:35:17 AM EST
In it's current form it will sunset. It's written into the legislation. I believe it will be replaced with something as bad or worse. As far as making Hi Cap mags. If they have time to get some made legally before another ban takes effect (doubtful), they will be making huge profits once the new ban does take effect. Another boon for the opportunists out there.
Link Posted: 7/7/2002 5:42:33 AM EST
Originally Posted By hielo: Not going to sunset...
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Don't you mean that the current AW ban WILL sunset but be immediately replaced by a new and more restrictive "Anti-Crime/Anti-Terrorism Bill". AFAIK, the '94 AW ban MUST sunset. The sunset provision can't be ignored or stopped, it's part of the law itself. I think many folks (and the mag makers mentioned above) may be hoping for a small "window" between the sunset of the '94 bill and the effective date of the new laws that are surely going to follow it.
Link Posted: 7/7/2002 6:02:02 AM EST
Originally Posted By jrzy: From talking with some folks at dif boards and making a call to one of the mag makers recently it is hopeful that if the ban sunsets even for a short time they will all go into production and turn out millions of mags in a very short period of time. If they are geared up and ready to go on midnight of the sunset then this will be posible. Your comments please.
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Today the current law would never pass. The future is a guess. My best guess is that the ban will increase for imported parts/guns and completely disappear/be reduced to 20 round mags for US guns/parts made in USA. Politics is usually compromise. Gun control wackos will then say they won because of more restrictions on imported guns/parts and the NRA/GOA will say they/we won, and most important to the most powerful man in the US: President Bush will not lose the support of gun owners he must have to be reelected AND he will not be labeled as a radical because he will have actually increased restrictions for foriegn made guns/parts. My 2 cents.
Link Posted: 7/7/2002 6:16:12 AM EST
Do you want the assault weapons ban to sunset? If the answer is yes, then keep reading. If the answer is no, then do nothing? You will get your wish, along with even more restrictive gun laws (Do you want Hawaii style gun laws to go national?) Oh in Hawaii ? no Ars, NO high capacity magazines, NO Semi auto. Still want to do nothing? And you can stop reading here. The key to the political process is working at the local level to elect politicians that reflect our views. This means getting off your backsides and getting out there and working for the candidates, talking to your neighbors, letting them know where you stand. The democrats have taken to lying again, saying they were never against the 2nd amendment and many will believe them, The time is NOW to show them for the corrupt mealy mouthed two faced lying scumbags they truly are. We will need to educate the shotgunners, Hunters, that yea their guns are on the list too. The other part of this process is that at each local precinct there are party meetings where our views can be heard. These meetings elect a state Rep. and these state representatives are where we get the second part of push. We must start now to insure that the Congress will allow the assault weapons ban to sunset. We must start working now. Elections are very close and it will take more than one election to put the people that we need in Congress. Some of our senators need to be replaced with senators who will fight for our views. We campaign against anybody who does not share our views. To make this happen we need to volunteer our time, and our efforts. If you are a member of a gun club then talk to your members. All of us are willing to pay 10 bucks to get into a gun show. We all spend more than five hundred dollars a year on ammunition. How about donating $50 to $100 to your favorite politician. And then getting on the phone for him. We all spend about 25 to 50 hours at the range. How about five or six hours to get on the phone and call your neighbors and talk to them about your candidate. How about just walking the precinct and giving people in your neighborhood information on your candidate and why he is better than the other guy. Are you assured of success? No, but you know what's coming if you don't try and stop it. In the last presidential election gun owners made the difference. YOUR vote counted!! YOUR vote made a difference!! YOUR vote kept Al Gore from becoming our worst nightmare!! And YOUR vote in Illinois may KEEP the BRC at a great facility. The system works when the people work it. We can have a very large impact on the next election. Are you willing to work for what you believe? Are you willing to put in the time you would take to go to a gunshow? It doesn't take a large effort, just a lot of small efforts. As a grandfather I look back and I see how it used to be. I know I want my grand kids to have the chances that I had. I want my grand kids to be able to enjoy the things like I did. Guns were not seen as evil except by very small minority. We all know that guns are tools, when guns are in the hands of good people good things happen. Crime goes down, public safety goes up. Accidents do occur, but we have reduced them significantly in the last ten years. Our record of safety is to be commended. Continued--
Link Posted: 7/7/2002 6:17:11 AM EST
I shot my 22 rifle in the high school gym with the coach watching. That was in Fresno, California. Try that today and you get arrested. Hate crimes were unthought of. There was no gun registration. There were a few gun laws on the books, but not many. There were fewer politicians calling for ridiculous gun laws. And there was little gun crime. What are you going to do?? For my part I am going to work for it. We have Congress woman here who voted for the incumbent protection act. I will work very hard to make sure she becomes history. Nevada has a democratic senator that passed the "son of CARA act" and he will become part of history. I will work very hard to see they will not be going back to Washington. The congress woman is first then the senator Now, what are you going to do??
Link Posted: 7/7/2002 6:28:25 AM EST
Lastly there can be no more compromise. Not if you want to keep your Ars, Aks, and other fun weapons. There has been too much of that already, and gun owners have gotten screwed in the name of controlling crime, which no legislation can do. All the legislation can do is to make more criminals. As an example I give you section 922r. The only way to control crime is to allow the people of this country to participate in the effort to combat crime. You can not relegate the task to someone else, the police are overworked and in some places in the country you cannot get a cop out unless there is a gun. For a minor traffic accident you can forget it. People participate in crime control by CCW. By aiding the police when they need it. And by keeping vigilant and aware of their surroundings. By doing these things you can have a major impact on crime. You will not eliminate it all together but you can dent the hell out of it.
Link Posted: 7/7/2002 6:34:49 AM EST
I'm still trying to get this tacked longun45-- check it out: [url]http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?id=130066[/url] It's about how to join/support the NRA and contact your elected officials. This is not a debate thread, however---only an info thread.
Link Posted: 7/7/2002 6:44:32 AM EST
That will not be enough. By depending on the NRA you put all the work on their backs and hope that their philosophy is yours. I can tell you right now it's not. They talk big but do not delever. They will not work to unmake any laws except those that impact them on a national level. We need to work in all of the states to elect politicians that believe the people of this country are what makes it great. That the people need to be unimpeded by useless regulations on the restrictions of any rights. I am a member of the NRA and GOA, but that is not enough and since more is required more must be done. Writting letters and emails if fine, but we have passed that mark. You must vote 3 ways, the first is the ballot box, the second is with your money, the third is with your time. If you are unwilling to do this then you will have nothing.
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