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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/20/2005 10:40:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/24/2005 7:26:47 AM EST by richardh247]
I know many of you do not visit the GD area because of all the trolls, but you also know I am not one of them.

I am trying to help a member out and really need some help. Can you please stop by the GD or the Team forum and take a peep? Both threads are the same, but I really do understand your desire to stay out of the GD.

Thank you folks!


ETA: LOL, I suppose a link would help, eh? Here ya go - this is for the team forum:

link to the help JB69 move thread in the team forum

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 10:43:42 PM EST
Here is the link to the GD thread:

Help JB69 move thread in general discussion
Link Posted: 9/21/2005 3:34:41 PM EST
I would like to help but my last post was rather graphic and to the point. I advised under no uncertain terms would I re-visit GD. Otherwise I would.

Good luck.
Link Posted: 9/21/2005 5:07:28 PM EST

Originally Posted By cmoth:
I would like to help but my last post was rather graphic and to the point. I advised under no uncertain terms would I re-visit GD. Otherwise I would.

Good luck.

o go to the Team forum. Or PM me and I will handle it myself. I don't blame you for not wanting to put your name out there, though. But if you PM me I can give you an anoymous way to help - there is a 270 Weatherby with scope up for grabs!

Link Posted: 9/21/2005 6:55:06 PM EST

Originally Posted By cmoth:
I would like to help but my last post was rather graphic and to the point. I advised under no uncertain terms would I re-visit GD. Otherwise I would.

Good luck.

IF you really truly want to help someone in need, this is a great opportunity. I avoid the GD mostly but do frequent the team forum. just follow the link to the GD but don't browse the forum. Great cause, and this guy needs our help.
Link Posted: 9/22/2005 5:20:26 AM EST
Guys, it is so cool of y'all to say if you win you'll give me back the rifle. But think about it...

The rifle is my financial donation to John. What have I sacrificed if not for the rifle? And if I am beyond sacrifice for a cause I believe in, I am a hypocrite to ask anyone else for donations.

The rifle can simply no longer be mine if I am to donate, too. I originated this idea, knowing full well what I was doing, and giving is something I actually LIKE to do. I don't have much, but I give of what I have. If the need is beyond my capabilities, I announce the defecit - but that does not in any way alleviate me from my responsibilities to the cause. I simply don't have cash to give towards this move...

So I give a portion of my home to John, and my rifle goes to one person who decided it was more important to see John have a home than it is to buy their weekly ammunition. While your intentions are honorable and appreciated, they detract from what I want to offer. I want to offer this, not have to. I give with a glad heart, and nothing would make me happier than to see John comfortable in his new, if only temporary home; and to see the Weatherby in some successful hunting pictures.

If you do not want to be included in the raffle, I will respect your wishes. But I will not keep her. If you win the drawing, I will give you the option:

1. Keep her and send me some fresh meat after she drops an animal as she was designed for;

2. Deny her and I will give her to the next name out of the hat;

Or, 3. Sell her and donate 100% of the money to the charity of your choice.

Ok folks?

Again, thank you so much for the kindness, but I want to pass along kindness of my own. The very LEAST I can do is thank a member by giving my rifle a new home where she is appreciated, donated in the name of John. He is the real hero, here. It takes a bigger man to deny getting in the system - he's fighting for the right thing to do, to get back up on his feet and go back to work. I want to be a part of that. Honor like that is rare these days.
Link Posted: 9/23/2005 4:22:12 AM EST

C'mon, we know how rich you cops are! Ya know, turn in all those microwaves as prizes you got for exceeding your ticket quotias! We pay your salary, so according to my tax rate you should be making butt loads of money!

And for those of you who don't know me, the above is sarcsm, of course.
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 7:26:09 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/24/2005 7:49:38 AM EST by richardh247]
OK, folks, looks like we have a tally!

As of this moment, we have reached $2,400 in cash donations through pay pal from both ARFCOM and Glock Talk! There are still checks coming in, and near as I can tell, they will equal about $500 more. Can’t say for certain, of course, until they actually get here.

So almost $3,000 from the kindness and generosity of these families. Absolutely, simply amazing!

John and I and our friend Paenutz have been getting some moving quotes, and here is what they look like:

U-Haul: $3,200 not including gas

Moving company, extreme low end: $2,200

Moving company, extreme high end: $3,000

So if we take the logical assumption and meet half way, the move will cost about $2,500 for the truck. Many of you gave directly to John, which was enough for him to get his car prepped for the trip and will pay for his gas and hotel stays on the way here.

Still, I’d like to have some fall back money in the event his car breaks down or something like that. So I am not going to close this quite yet.

Now, that does raise a question, though: what to do with any excess funds if no emergencies happen? I have been giving this a lot of thought, and I feel the best thing to do is create a poll at both sites and let the contributing members vote – this will be done AFTER he gets here, of course (either the weekend of the 2nd or the weekend of the 9th). Here are the five suggestions for the poll I came up with, and I’d like to hear y’alls suggestions to remove or add other options.

1. Donate the excess funds to the most voted on charity.

2. Donate the excess funds equally between GT and ARFCOM for being the wonderful sites that this came together on.


4. Pay off John’s back rent owed in CT.

5. Buy hookers, blow, and ammunition; create a troll account and petition for more funds to feed the new habits.

What are your thoughts on this my friends?

Again, I am not closing it just yet until we get exact amounts from the moving company, calculate gas and hotel and food costs, receive all the checks as promised, and he is actually here.
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