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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/20/2005 6:56:34 PM EDT
I just saw this movie, and from what I can gather it's about these two dudes who invent a time machine of sorts, but it seemed very complex and it lost me after a while. Has anyone ever seen this movie, and if so, can you give me a brief, layman's synopsis of what happened?
Link Posted: 9/22/2005 2:56:27 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 9/22/2005 3:07:32 PM EDT
Primer? Never heard of it. Linkie?
Link Posted: 9/22/2005 3:12:45 PM EDT
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Funny thing is, a friend of mine told me to get it, watch it, and explain it to him...

Really funny thing is that I live in Richardson (where it was filmed), worked a startup out of my kitchen table while working a 9-5 like the main characters, and my garage looks exactly like the one in the movie ( the lamp, electronic gear, and windows covered up in the garage door). They didn't build AK's in their garage, but that's their loss.

It's a great movie, I'll tag this and put up a 'splaination in a little bit...unless someone beats me to it.

Ok I'll take a stab at it...
The guys are working on a circuit that they were trying to improve the performance of by bombarding with magnetig fields...or similar stuff. The box they made ended up making the sample they had loose weight, and had some other strange effects inside the "field" that was generated. That's the scene where they turned it on and the number readout (measuring weight) went lower...

So then they were freaking out about how to appy the technology, publish papers, get funding, apply it to transportation, etc. Then the effect with the fungus (the fungus grew WAY faster than it should when inside the box, meaning that the fungus experienced a lot more time when affected by the box). Then Abe put his watch inside to really see the difference in time inside the box as opposed to outside the box. He explains the effect as having an A and B point. Inside the box, things went from A to B and back again. If they exited after several trips at A, then they return to where they started, but if they exited at B then they exit with the time dilation effects...or the thing goes back in time...(this is my interpretation, I'm sure there are others).

Next, of course they decided to make a box big enough for a person to be inside. The point in the move when Abe looks down from the top of a building into the courtyard where Aron is sitting is the pivotal point. Aron is shown with his earpiece for the first time, meaning he has time traveled and is listening to his cues on what to say. It is further evidence that when asked about the sports game he said "I don't know" and changes the subject...obviously he's not listening to a game on the radio.

The effect of time travel creates a double of them which then goes on and continues their timeline. They then take precautions not to be in contact with the timelines of the other. This gets messed up when a "failsafe" box is made that is portable and is transported to another timeline by taking into the box with the traveler. So there is then a time machine within a time machine...

Then another issue further complicates things. The party where a guy comes in with a shotgun and threatens the chic. They go back to the event to change it, but it seems that it's not that easy...so they have to keep trying to manipulate the situation by return trips, each time making sure to not change anything, but to try to stop the guy with the shotgun...and it turns into a mess..

So it really starts to crash when the doubles start using more than one box to affect more than one timeline. This is where Aron drugs himself and puts the double in the attic, and when Abe also drugs his double.

Despite the fact that they scored some money by trading securities with the knowledge from time travel, the issues with multiple time lines eventually messes everything up.

Very well shot movie, great acting, and they sure didn't water down the content.

My favorite line: "You hungry? I haven't eaten since later this afternoon."
Link Posted: 9/22/2005 3:19:45 PM EDT
I've seen it and thought it was good. Very different. Not the usual hollywood mindless crap that appeals to the masses, so maybe that is why I liked it so much.
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