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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/14/2001 8:18:27 AM EST
for not going directly to the White House and getting killed... This was supposedly said on the ABS News broadcast last night. Can anybody help with confirmation? If it is true, we need to show Mr. Jennings the door - at the border..
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 9:57:29 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 9:58:47 AM EST
I kinda doubt he would have come out and said this. He certainly seemed fixated on Bush's whereabouts on the day of the attack. You could say that he was implying that Bush was a coward, or at least wasn't doing his job.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 10:04:10 AM EST
He would know what a coward was. F*uck him and all who follow his candy approach. The first priority is to protect our Commander and Chief. It is war for God sakes............ Piss on him..... [frag] jennings
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 10:12:29 AM EST
There are people that are responsible for POTUS' welfare, he's following their lead- Secret Service, FBI, Cabinet, Armed Services, ect... . I wonder if Jennings implied that Clinton was a coward when he suddenly changed his plans to visit Pakistan when it was learned that Laden/Taliban were threatening to shoot him out of the air when he was visiting South Asian countries a few years back. I bet not...
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 10:15:14 AM EST
I think Bush did exactly what he was supposed to do, deal with the situation and stay out of the line of fire.....that is his job, not to hang out in Washington so the media can see him.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 10:16:26 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 11:14:34 AM EST
Isn't Jennings here on a GREEN card? Heard that on a talk show. If not him then one of the other biggies is. Don't remember.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 11:26:51 AM EST
What this Jennings rat did want? Maybe a dead President?
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 11:36:39 AM EST
On Tuesday he was making those types of comments a few hours into the attack; although he never used the "c" word that I heard. Yes, Jennings is Canadian. WP
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 12:10:00 PM EST
Revoke his green card and deport his sorry ass. I've been fed up with him for years. God Bless Texas
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 12:16:32 PM EST
Jennings obviously, like most of his sorry cabal of oh-so-liberal journos, has realised, that, since he can't convince anybody anymore that GW is stupid (how do stupid people get degrees from Yale and Harvard, big lefty paradises?), he now just wants him dead. To them, a death by one of the "oppressed minorities" is justifiable. Green card, huh? I wonder how many complaints to the INS will it take to get his ticket punched back to Canada, eh?
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 12:28:08 PM EST
Jennings is a Canadian Highschool dropout. Badmouthing our president in time of crisis on national television. What an ass. Shawn
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 12:33:48 PM EST
I'd have never heard it, since I couldn't watch him in any event... But Congressman Martin Meehan as much as did. Quoting the Boston Herald, Sept. 14: U.S. Rep. Martin T. Meehan (D-Lowell) scoffed at reports Air Force One was targeted by terrorists - the reason Bush aides have put forth to explain why the president delayed his return to Washington after Tuesday's attack on the Pentagon. "I don't buy the notion Air Force One was a target," said Meehan. "That's just PR. That's just spin."
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 12:41:51 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/14/2001 12:42:33 PM EST by Watch-Six]
I guess that Jennings and those other fools wanted the President to stand out on the Whitehouse lawn daring someone to take a shot at him. What idiots. Oh, by the way, I don't see any "manly men" claiming credit for this whole operation. Do you think that they are the real cowards?? I do. Watch-Six
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