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Posted: 1/6/2012 2:15:04 AM EDT
I am used to the apple Ipod touch and love them. my issued phone was turned in last week and now I am without comms. Gotta fix that. Is there a way to get a old generation (and cheaper for it) apple I phone since i am basically familiar with the ipod? is there another you'd recommend over the i phone?
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 3:33:30 AM EDT
I have a Pantech "smart" phone from Verizon, looks similar to the apple products I have seen, it is new to Horizon and their tech's have to get the manual out to help
on the few times I had operator issues..

I AM NOT a tech guy, my last phone was a simple flip phone that did far more than I needed BUT>>
i needed a smart phone to do my SUN Oven business to take credit cards.I have had it about 90 days and it's a laptop for your shirt pocket.

does every thing I need it to do on the road from processing Credit cards to surfing arfcom if its a slow show morning and checking email.
truly an office in your pocket,
cost me IIRC $200 with my 2 year extension on my ending 2 year previous commitment.
WHILE I have had issues with Verizon, theyve been minor fhe most part in the scheme of things,,and problems usualy 1/2 my problem in not paying attentinon to begin with.

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