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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/19/2001 4:35:48 AM EST
Okay guys, I have this Smith and Wesson model 67 - .38 Special +P. The manual states that +P ammo can be dangerous because of the extremly high pressures it generates. It further states that using +P ammo could cause excessive wear on the gun. But if the Model 67 is marketted as a 38 Special +P, why should using +P be a problem?
Link Posted: 10/19/2001 4:38:24 AM EST
It's not a problem, that's just a legal disclaimer. I doubt you'll be running hundreds of +P through it, unless you hate your hand. It will handle limited numbers of +P without any problems.
Link Posted: 10/19/2001 4:43:09 AM EST
Just means is is approved for +P loads. A constant diet of +P will cause accelerated throat erosion and other stresses on frame and cylinder. Mike
Link Posted: 10/19/2001 4:43:28 AM EST
Depends on the age of the gun. The metallurgy has improved and some details of the same model have changed. Give S&W a ringy-dingy, read them the serial number & model number from inside the crane & see what they have to say about your individual revolver. Just a guess from me, so treat it as if it's worth what you paid for it. It's probably safe for a few rounds of +P, but not a steady diet. Fire a few & you may discover you really don't want to fire lots & lots of +P. Practice with standard loads, fire some +P to see what it's like. Carry +P, but make standard your regular practice.
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