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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/11/2001 2:11:06 AM EST
I know, I know. Safes are the best way to go. But that's honestly not an option, at the moment. I live with a roommate, and there's no way he could afford half of it, as his guns would go in it, as well. Also, beyond that, we rent, so if we ever have to move, then moving the damned safe becomes a factor. Third problem is that we live in a mobile home park, so that means we'd have problems both a) fitting the safe in here, and b) convincing the landlord to install a couple-three extra floor support blocks under the house in a certain area. We recently actually stepped back and realized how many new toys we've acquired in the past few months, and even beyond the problem of not being in a position to get a safe, we'd have to get one of the larger ones, as we have about ten long guns between us, and are damned sure looking at more. As it is now, we store our guns in our respective closets, with cable locks in each, usually with either the bolt removed or the gun similarly disabled in some visible manner. Everything except our chosen home-defense weapons are kept this way, and those leave the house with us when we go, also. None of this, however, helps against possible theft. Since we work opposite, overlapping schedules, one of us is here 90% of the time. But we know it's that 10% that's gonna get us, if it ever does. So what would you guys suggest? We don't flash our firearms often. Usually only seen as we load them in the car for the range, and most are in cases, then. So few people know we have them. We want to find something secure enough / problematic enough to hopefully prevent some kind of impulse grab, should someone bust in looking for money / electronics. As I said. I know the safe is best, and given this were my house, i'd spring for it myself. But it's not, so we need some kind of low-cost solution to keep our toys from walking off.
Link Posted: 11/11/2001 2:16:08 AM EST
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Rent a climate controlled storage space, put a safe in there. I always thought of buying a coffin, put a gun rack in the bottom and a fake skeleton on top. Don't think anyone would look there. [;)]
Link Posted: 11/11/2001 2:23:27 AM EST
Storage space isn't a bad idea, except for coming up with the rent every month. And also the fact that I don't like being away from my toys. [;)] But that's one we might look into. And a coffin? We could bury them in the yard. [:D]
Link Posted: 11/11/2001 3:14:03 AM EST
Originally Posted By mattimeo: ..., so we need some kind of low-cost solution to keep our toys from walking off.
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Better than nothing at all, here's what I've been doing that last 13 years(because the job moves me every 2-3 years, so I end up in rental houses or Gov't quarters). I'm currently storing 19 rifles (stacked like cordwood) in a Homak 12 gun cabinet, and actually have room for a few more. Lay the cabinet on it's back in the bottom of a closet (assuming your closets are long enough!) The foot print of the cabinet will distribute the weight across a greater area. You will want to add a handle to the door. Get a gun sock for each rifle, etc. that you are storing. It will prevent dings and scratches. The silicon impregnated ones are a good choice for corrosion prevention. Also place a goldenrod dehumidifier in the cabinet. If your landlord will let you drill bolt holes into the floor, great! Otherwise, weigh the cabinet down with; (a) as many new toys as you can find or afford! and/or (b) fill any empty space with bags of lead shot or dive weights. Enough to make it very difficult to lift or manuever out of the closet. This should be enough to preclude an opportunist from carrying out the "toybox". You may also consider wiring the box into the monitored alarm system for rest of the house.
Link Posted: 11/11/2001 4:39:23 AM EST
Get one of those take down safes. Zanatti or something like that. You might not be able to bolt it to the floor, but it would make it more difficult to get at your guns.
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