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Posted: 10/13/2008 2:32:07 AM EDT
If you read my last item about the contrasts between Legitimate Conservatism Rightist Anti-Statism and Neo-Conservatism Rightist Statism, you may remember a passing reference to Rightist Statist love of government power and authority.  In this item, that theme will be further explored along with the possible implications and consequences of it.

The most troubling thing about people who love power is how they wield it.  In American government, any time these people wield power in the service of or to the benefit of liberty is happenstance and coincidental.  People who love power will instead use it to settle scores, impose their will and make their will official government policy, and ultimately oppress the public at large.

We are now going into an election where the Rightist Statist controlled Republican Party stands a very real chance of being routed.  If that were to happen, the winners would be the Leftist Statists of the Democratic Party-as if they are any worse than the Rightist Statists often fielded by the Republican Party.  These people will wield government power and authority with enthusiasm, zeal, vigor, and unmitigated reckless abandon-just like the Rightist Statists.  If this happens, an amazing transformative thought shift will occur within Rightist Statism.

Disempowered Rightist Statists will seemingly rediscover their Conservative (Anti-Statist) roots, suddenly figure out limited government, and take up positions highly critical of newfound Democratic powers in particular and government powers in general.  This epiphany won’t happen for the right reasons and because of that it is problematic.

The aforementioned epiphany will take place not because the Rightist Statists really care about limited government but because they are out of power and want back in.  The public will correctly see this duplicity for what it is but will incorrectly paint everyone saying these things-Rightist Anti-Statists included-with the same broad brush, lumping together and rejecting as duplicitous Rightist Statists anyone who happens to be talking about liberty, limited-government, Federalism, and the Constitution.  Rightist Anti-Statists will again be struck a blow because spoiled brat imposters are mistaken for the real deal, taking down with them the real deal.  Liberty will again suffer because of the Rightist Statist hijacking of the definition of “Conservatism”.

These warnings I give would have been useful had they been issued 5, 6, 7 years ago when the situation could be helped and Rightist Statist thinking hadn’t yet solidified in the Republican Party, a time when even I warily dabbled in Rightist Statism.  Since waking up to and rejecting outright this thinking, I’ve also realized that the ship has long since sailed on this issue and the only way to repair the damage at this point may be to tear the whole thing down and rebuild from the ground up.  If not, we only continue to add on to and remodel a rickety, slipshod structure of poor quality.
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I guess no comments is what I gety when I post early Monday morning as opposed to Sunday night.
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Tomorrow I have a new one going on the GD
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Does nobody find this to be interesting, or just reluctant to comment on it?
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Originally Posted By GrandForks:
Does nobody find this to be interesting, or just reluctant to comment on it?

You need to simplify your language to get a better response.

Yes, it's possible to discern what you're trying to say, but it takes a lot of effort.  You used too many "ists", too many hyphens, and the structure you have used to frame your argument makes it difficult to read.

Boil down what you're trying to say and say it in a way that people can understand.


If what you are saying is that the Left winning will drive the Republicans further Right, then that is a theory that has been bandied around a lot.  Unfortunately, 8 years of Leftist Clinton got us 8 years of neocon President Bush.  In that case the theory failed.

What appears to happen is that the Republican party moves left, and the Democrats move further left to accommodate them.

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