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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/26/2002 8:40:10 AM EST
see the thread I started in Politics & Activism [url]http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=1&f=112&t=145811[/url] Calif. gunners better get your guns because most like in the future it will be a lot tougher.
Link Posted: 9/26/2002 8:59:40 AM EST
Got this email from turners last night: GOVERNOR SIGNS ANTI-GUN LEGISLATION Davis signs legislation that opens door for suits against gun makers, sellers Outdoor New Service While the rest of the nation and the federal government are considering legislation to protect firearms makers and sellers from frivolous lawsuits, Governor Gray Davis signed legislation Wednesday that will open the door for lawsuits against anyone who is in the gun business. Davis signed AB496 (Koretz) and SB683 (Perata), bills that repeal protections given to gun makers and sellers from frivolous lawsuits back in 1983. Guns have been the targets of attorneys, even when the firearms have been manufactured to the highest standards and sold in the most responsible manner. Lawsuits have driven many small sellers and makers of firearms out of business and cost larger makers millions of dollars in attorney fees to defend their products. Recognizing the anti-gun lawsuits were more about a bias against guns than negligence by the gun industry -- one of the mostly highly regulated industries in the nation -- there are currently 23 states with laws that protect firearm makers and dealers from attorneys looking for a payday. There are 18 other states considering similar legislation. Even the federal government currently has a bill pending that would end the frivolous lawsuits against gun makers and dealers. But here in California, we're repealing this legislation, opening the door for more lawsuits. Oh, during the governor's signing telepress conference, he, Paul Koretz and Don Perata all mouthed platitudes that this legislation wasn't intended to open the door for lawsuits against gun makers. They said no manufacturer of any product deserves "immunity" from liability claims. The truth is that gun makers and retailers are were not given immunity in the past, they were given an additional measures of protection from legal predators and anti-gun zealots. They were not given any protection from manufacturing unsafe firearms or selling them in illegal ways. They were not given the go-ahead to advertise them in ways that catered to criminals -- in spite of what the politicians tell you. But are we so accustomed to politicians lying that we don't even question it any more? Doesn't it seem odd that 41 other states and the federal government recognize that lawsuits against gun makers and sellers are like an out-of-control train and are working to correct this wrong, but California legislators and our governor are going the other direction? Doesn't it seem odd that Gray Davis said that he would not sign any more gun legislation until legislation passed two years ago could be assessed? With very few exceptions, lawsuits against makers of legally manufactured products have either been thrown out of court or failed across the nation -- when the company involved could afford to protect itself. Virtually all of the legal challenges have been deemed unmerited or frivolous. The law is pretty simple: makers of legal products that function as designed can't be sued if the product is misused. Car makers can be sued for a vehicle that will go faster than the speed limit because someone exceeds the marked speed. Beer companies can't be sued because someone drives drunk. Knife makers can't be sued because someone stabs someone else instead of using the knife to cut a steak. Courts have unanimously ruled that legal firearm makers can't be sued because criminals misuse their products. This is common sense. Unfortunately our legislature and governor just don't seem to get this.
Link Posted: 9/26/2002 9:24:48 AM EST
Sheesh! Perata is the scumbag who never saw a gun law he didn't like and carries a Beretta 9mm concealed himself, justifying his hypocritical behavior by claiming that gun nuts are out to get him. NRA will sue, CA will LOSE and things will go back to their normally crazy self out there. Pisses me off anyway. THAT is just another validation of my decision to move out of that crazy place to a free state seven years ago.
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