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Posted: 4/27/2001 11:31:21 AM EDT
Well, I've been trying for about the past year to get on with another LEO agency.  I went wednesday for the polygraph and they told me I passed, which I already knew, and wanted me to come in thursday for the review board.  I came in for that and it was 3 detectives who drilled me for 5 and a 1/2 hours.  They were in my face, cussing, treating me like a frigging felon.  It just went on and on and on.  Although, it was fun to catch them in several lies.  They were telling me I was a thief, invloved in burlgaries(where they got that crap I have no clue) and a liar over and over again.  They kept saying "just admit to something you're lying on well let it slide."  They didn't like it when I stuck by my story since the beginning.  They told me I failed the polygraph.  I know that is bs why would they waste my time and their's on another day if I failed the poly.  To make a long story short they said I failed because I was such a liar but I could apply again next year.  I was like my life story isn't gonna change a year from now and I sure the hell will not take this crap again.  I know they were trying to push my buttons but come on.  Does any of the other LEO's around here ever had to sit in a review board long and intense???
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 12:17:07 PM EDT
You say they were swearing at you?  This is not professional.  I would complain to the Chief of Police, and then write an open letter to that City's newspaper.  You do realize that all PD background investigators all collaborate and black list people don't you?

You are already on the shit list, might as well make their lives a little tougher.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 12:22:27 PM EDT
Well, I am not one to make a big fuss.  If they are stupid enough to think I'm not good enough for their agency then they can kiss my a$$. I would have to drive 45 minutes one way to get there and take almost a $500.00/month pay cut. I know several guys who work for that agency and they told me it was going to be that way so I was already expecting it.  I have a gut feeling they will probably call me back and were just playing their game when they said I failed.  But on the other hand I also have a small thought that they had their minds made up as to what they wanted and just used their made up excuses to get rid of me.  But we all know if I had truly failed that stupid polygraph they would have never told me to come back the next day.  
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 12:26:50 PM EDT
Don't burn any bridges. You may be up for a job.
It sounds like a test to me.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 12:27:04 PM EDT
I've never heard of anything quite like that.  You're trying to get on "another LEO agency?" So does that mean you're already an LEO?  I wouldn't work for an agency that treated me like that.  If thats the way they treat their applicants I sure as hell wouldn't want to have to rely on them to back me up in a sticky situation where I made a judgement call.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 12:32:57 PM EDT
Yes, I've been working for another agency for the past 3 years.  The first thing these guys said to me when I walked in and sat down was, "We know you are an officer and we don't give a shit."  But towards the end they were saying the only reason we are giving you all these chances to "redeem" yourself is because I was an officer.  I asked them, "Well, at the start you said you didn't care."  I'm like make up your mind.  
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 12:41:10 PM EDT
Sounds like they want to see how you handle pressure; whether you'll keep your cool or not. Still, you're not some 18 year-old kid at Paris Island. My $0.02 and your call.  
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 12:49:31 PM EDT
I got drilled like that over the phone for a state constable commission.  I made the mistake of admitting I smoked pot in high school.  They asked me if I knew any of my friends that smoked and I admitted some do.  They wanted me to give them names and other info!  Now, I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I know when to keep my mouth shut.  I'd no more tell them that than to shoot my own mother. I thought it was just a test also, NOT!  Needless to say, I didn't get the commission.  It was a volentary  no-pay gig anyway.  Screw'em.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 1:25:51 PM EDT
So,  what did you steal?  [:D]
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 1:45:24 PM EDT
I think you were being tested.  They were looking for you to crack, and confess to something bad you did.  I'm reading the part of "you're lying and we'll let it slide", which is to see if you are corrupted, or corruptable.  Having experience in a different field, but one for even more upstanding "citizenship", I can tell you that I have had a similar "interrogation", without the cursing, that resulted in a positive ending.

There also is a possibility that the polygraph test is a failure.  They may have spotted something in a polygraph that didn't quite match up, some hesitation or something.

A complaint to the Chief of Police for their level of harrassment would be appropriate in a week.  Do not send a letter to the newspaper, as the Chief and other descision makers will look at this as a sign that if hired, you would not respect the uniform or the city.  If they are holding tight for a a few days, you may burn your bridges.  Keep the exchange with the Chief as professional as possible.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 1:48:51 PM EDT
yah and what do you like to steal [:D]

remember that fat@ss FBI agent that would steal candy bars, dip$hit.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 1:57:02 PM EDT
I am dying to know which agency this was.  I want to know so that I never apply for a job with them in case I ever decide to make a career move.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 1:57:24 PM EDT
I would NOT complain. BAD move. What would that prove except that you're a whiner?  Try to picture yourself getting some respect in your field after word gets around to your co-workers about that.  Get my point?  If they don't hire you fuck 'em.  Sound like a dip-dunk operation anyway. Never admit to anything, never complain, and never squeal.  Thats true on both sides.  
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 2:01:04 PM EDT
Where can I sign up?

I get yelled at and accused of things all of the time and would like to at least get paid for it.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 2:20:56 PM EDT
A question--

In the new job, will you be testifying in court?

It is entirely possible that they are looking for people who can stand up under pressure on the witness stand and not throw away cases because of an overly agressive defense attorney.

Link Posted: 4/27/2001 2:22:15 PM EDT
Sounds like business as usual.
Could be training for how to treat civilians or villans.
Was the good cop, bad cop being employed?
Do like us civilians and mentally picture yourself raising your middle finger right in his face, close and personal. You might even smile.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 2:52:27 PM EDT

Isn't being in law enforcement fun.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 3:08:27 PM EDT
If they do this to you now, what will they do when you have to have an FTO again. Look some place else unless you love stress.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 3:22:54 PM EDT
Must be the feads.  You must know how to lie to be a Fed, or I mean a legal thug.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 3:46:55 PM EDT
Forget all the crap about being tested. If they want officers that can spout junk  like that they can keep their job. We need officers with sense of duty and respect for the people that they serve. Find a way to rain sh## on them. They deserve it.  fullclip
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 4:33:43 PM EDT
why would you even consider it when you had to take a 500/month pay cut?

I would have walked out of the interview.  Better to say screw this then them saying screw you. [sex]
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 5:33:55 PM EDT
Well, I've never smoked weed or done any drugs before at all.  They couldn't believe that.  I haven't stolen anything since I was like 19 years old.  We used to steal drinks, food, and cigarettes.  Oh yeah those damn car hood ornaments came up too.  Yikes, the crap I did when I was in 7th grade.  They weren't able to make me crack.  I knew what they were doing so I remained calm with them throughout.  There's no way I'm going to waste my time by complaining.  That seems awful pu$$y to me.  If I don't get it then I don't.  Someone asked if I would be testifying in court.  Absolutely...but I've been doing that for the past three years too.  That's no problem.  Also, it's not a fed job.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 7:52:05 PM EDT
was this for a job working with"SteyrAug" [}:D]
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 9:28:40 PM EDT
First time I ever heard of a post poly interveiw being done that way. But then it is Texas, which is still in the dark ages of law Enforcement.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 9:35:15 PM EDT
I think you are all wrong. My guess is they were not smart enough to boot up the CVSA and got pissed LMAO...

Hunter out...
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 9:38:29 PM EDT

Sorry to see that happen. When I went for my FBI interview they had several other applicants waiting also in a sitting room. Alot of talking began and I stayed out of it not making any comments. Too make a long story short some of the applicants were FBI plants to see who they could get to talk/complain.....

WHat may have happened to you may be similiar. It may have been a test. Still sorry it happened and I understand the need sometimes for desiring to change departments...in the midst of the same thing now myself...maybe...

Hang in there you may be recieving a call next week that you were hired.....that's when they will explain what and why they did what they did. If you don't recieve the call...drop them and apply elsewhere. Keep us advised though.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 10:16:29 PM EDT
Must be the feads.  You must know how to lie to be a Fed, or I mean a legal thug.
View Quote

Just a thought. I'm not Anti or Pro LEO.

I could be a possibility that their particular agency wants to see how well you can cover for yourself. Has or does this agency have a reputation for the need to CYA???

If you were consistent with your stance and your statements then this may be a plus in their opinion.

Hopefully this was a test and not a sign of the prevailing attitude within that agency.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 10:18:43 PM EDT
Don't give up there are plenty of other Mall Security jobs for you to transfer into other then the mall you work at now.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 4:58:38 AM EDT
Geez, if they'll do this to a cop, imagine what they will do to a gun owner. [:(]
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:52:18 AM EDT
As far as I know...they have a good reputation and don't have a big need for CYA.  
Link Posted: 5/2/2001 4:48:53 PM EDT
Well, it is official they sent me a letter today saying I was out of the running but I could apply again next time.  Here is my response to them
Link Posted: 5/2/2001 4:56:10 PM EDT
Well, it is official they sent me a letter today saying I was out of the running but I could apply again next time.  Here is my response to them [-!-!-][-!-!-][-!-!-]
Link Posted: 5/2/2001 5:32:19 PM EDT

This tactic is very common, unfortunatly.  Usually, it is employed during the polygraph exam itself.

The triggers for this line of questioning are pretty simple.  First it is assummed that all aplicants will lie to some degree.  If your application showed you to be far more "straight and narrow" than the average applicant, you were judged to be hiding some very serious things.  They were trying to break you and make you admit something.

The problem for those of us that have lived an extremely moral and 'straight' life, is that we have nothing to confess.  There is no way we can convice them that we really haven't committed such horrible acts, as they have convinced themselves that the applicant is a liar.

Don't worry, your not the first this has happened to, and you won't be the last.

What really sucks is that you must now disclose on any other application those agencies that have turned you down.  Those agencies, as part of their due dilligence, will contact this agency that did this to you, and you can be in for the same ride all over again.
Link Posted: 5/3/2001 4:26:04 AM EDT
Well, this agency didn't even contact any of my supervisors in the LE agency I work for now.  Luckily for me I've already got a job, even though it doesn't have all the different divisions, it actually is a larger agency and pays better.  I'll be damned if I ever sit through that crap again for any agency.
Link Posted: 5/3/2001 5:34:00 PM EDT
Dear Chief *******,
    Recently I had the opportunity to go through your hiring process up to the review board.  First let me give you a bit of background.  I've been in law enforcement for a short time,a bit over three years, working for ****** County.  About a year ago I made up my mind that I wanted to work for a municipal agency with more job security  and different divisions and stuff like that.  Well, after much research in the LE agencies in the area and considering my personal reasons I decided that ******* PD was who I wanted to work for even though I would have to drive about 45 minutes to work(one way) and take almost a $500 per month pay cut.   So I wait around for almost a year and took the civil service and went through the hiring process up to your review board.  My comments are not intended to be rude but to express to you my personal opinions about the way your agency conducts it's hiring practices.  Everything was going good up to the minute I stepped into the review board.  The first words out of thier mouth was, "We know you are an officer and we don't give a shit, we are not going to treat you like one."  I thought to myself well this is going to be interesting.  Anyway I was in the review board for about 5 1/2 hours.  They proceed to treat me during that whole time like a frigging felon being interrogated.  Now I keep in mind that they are probably trying to just rattle my chain and get me worked up to see how I keep my cool.  So I kept my cool during this board even though I was told by them that they could, "see me getting rattled."  During this board also having to listen to their yelling and cussing at me.  Also, the main detective doing all the talking telling me I was a backwoods hick boy from *******, TX.  The detectives continously telling me I can walk out anytime and trying to get me to admit to things that never happened.  During this board they accused me of failing the polygraph, being a burglar, lying to my background investigator.  On that note my background investigator when I met with him asked me numerous questions.  The question was asked to me, "Had I ever driven while intoxicated?"  I answered no because I could not ever think of a time that I had.  At the end of meeting with the background detective he told me that if I remember anything after I leave then to contact him ASAP and let him know.  
Link Posted: 5/3/2001 5:35:07 PM EDT
Which later on I did remember I had in fact one time for sure been DWI and let the background detective know that.  The board accused me of lying to him trying to make myself look good.  The board worked alot like defense attorneys asking questions that you can't answer yes or no too but you have to explain.  When I would try to explain they just yelled more at me and told me I was trying to beat around the bush.  They accused me of letting my ex girlfriend who I lived with for a bit over a year smoke dope in my presence while I was an officer.  They accused me of being a slacker for my LE agency and not earning my paycheck.  Obviously something else that was not looked into my background.  Not once were my supervisors contacted about my work performance.  If that had been done then your officers would have in fact discovered that I am a damn good worker and definetely earn my paycheck.  This review board was one of the most interesting things I've had to go through since starting in law enforcement.  I had my morals questioned, my decisions to think questioned, and the thing that bothers me most is having my work performance questioned.  I take a great deal of pride in what a good job I do.  It was obvious that some of the things the detectives brought up were lies and in fact I caught them in a few.  To make a long story short, your agency probably had a good idea who they already wanted for the open positions.  I'm sure that your agency can justify it's actions behind closed doors in a review board.  My problem with the whole thing is that it simply doesn't take that long of time of treating someone like crap to see if they can hold their cool.  The actions, accusations,  and insults I had to listen from your detectives is totally uncalled for.  The detectives told me I could apply again later on but this time I failed.  Well, my thinking is simple.  My stories aren't going to change from now to then and I'm sure as hell not going to sit through that total display of unprofessionalism.  To put it simply, in my experience from the review board with your agency, I'm glad I didn't get the job now.  If you all treat other officers like that then it shows the type of mentality shown by your agency.  


Deputy, ****** County
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