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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/29/2001 3:25:17 AM EST
I'm going to the gunshow today, with the intent of purchasing a Glock 22. What can I expect to pay? Bottom end top end? Thanks.
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They never wear out, I'd look for a used one. maybe $375-$425
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 5:28:19 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 7:00:44 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 7:28:32 AM EST
I've asked this before - was it a reload Waldo? Please explain your KB incident, it would certainly give me more merit to all of your anti-Glock posts you make.
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 7:58:33 AM EST
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[Last Edit: 9/29/2001 9:12:45 AM EST by Kevin]
Well Waldo, I've been shooting handloads in my G23 (both mild and full strength) and mine doesn't look like yours. My Glock has performed flawlessy as well as my friends & family members so I think they're worth recommending. If Glocks were blowing up left and right I don't think they'd be one of the top choices of civilians, the FBI & law enforcement agencies accross the nation. You know as well as I that there are dangers with reloading. Your KB may have been from an accidental and unknown double charge, something that stuck in the hull even after cleaning, weak brass or a many other reloading incidents. Early .40 Federal cases are a notorious cause of many kaboom incidents.
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 8:58:56 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/29/2001 9:00:27 AM EST by gun_nut2]
I would be very interested in the details of how this KB happened too. What model? Lead bullets? I went through quite a bit of research on the KB issue a few years back. My conclusion was that no gun is perfect, and that the reason we are hearing more about Glock KB problems is due to the high volume of Glock pistols in circulation. A good price would be in the $430 to $475 for a new Model 22.
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 9:04:33 AM EST
Glock 22 NIB, bought mine for $510 out the door. I have seen them $495-$550 NIB. The higher prices will(or should) have nite sights already installed. Glock kB's are few but are always highly publicized. Stick with factory loads, and no reloads like the manual says, you'll be just fine.
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 1:01:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 1:14:56 PM EST
Originally Posted By Kevin: I've asked this before - was it a reload Waldo? Please explain your KB incident, it would certainly give me more merit to all of your anti-Glock posts you make.
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I understand that reloads are not recommended under any conditions... suites me fine to buy factory ammo for my Glocks if it keeps them as reliable as they've been. Glock KB's are well known for reloader's, if it turns off some from Glock, so be it but I'll sure stand by mine over the Kimber and Ruger semi-auto pistols I've owned since the Glock just seems to fit my hand better and thus gives me better accuracy.
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Link Posted: 9/29/2001 2:25:44 PM EST
Waldo, All I want to know is... Did you really paste your target? [:E]
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 4:46:22 PM EST
Originally Posted By Waldo: Well Kevin it's nice to know you're one of the narrow minded Flat Earth Glock cultists. "If it didn't happen to you then it didn't and can't happen". I'll bet they'd have a hard time slipping a .001" feeler guage between most of the flat earthers ears. I don't know what it is that makes you want to defend the Glock Co. in such a fanatical way. What other brand of firearms do you own? I'd like to see if you jump to their defense if anybody says they've had a problem with them. I've personally know of three others that have grenaded like that one. Two of them were mod 22s and one was a .45 that I don't recall the mod # of.
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Because I like Glocks I'm a cultist? Well, apparently you hate them even more than I like them so what does that make you? I've never said nor would I say a KB can't happen but certainly just won't and hasn't only happened to Glocks. What about the picture of the KB'd AR a while back? Are you going say all AR's suck? There have been instances of KB's with 1911s too what about those? Apparently you're still ticked about the flip off icon on an older 'I hate Glock' thread so for that I apologize. I get just as sick of hearing 'all Glocks suck, all Glocks KB, all Glocks are ugly, etc.' as you apparently hate the thought of anyone buying one. I've seen you post that pick numerous times but in the instances I've seen never with an explanation. I legitimately wanted to know the cause because I both have a Glock & I reload for mine, I don't just blow everything off because I like Glocks. I also don't think everything else sucks because it's not a Glock. Reasons why I chose Glock (and for your information I was this >< close to choosing a USP) - • The factory refurb' deals were an incredible value when I got mine. • Hi-caps were readily available, cheaper and were higher capacity than guns of similar type & size. • Very simple, dependable, tough, etc. • Comfortable. • Proven design, tens of thousands out there, parts & mags were prevalent. • Parts and mags interchangeability. • Glocks were $200+ cheaper than a Sig and $150 cheaper than a HK and were ever bit as dependable or more so. As for my other guns I'll defend them in the same fashion. I've always considered myself as being pretty fair and always honest in my opinions of firearms with any advice given or questions answered here or elsewhere.
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 5:39:04 PM EST
Damn dude, that's frightening. I have a G23 and shoot reloads out of it but only jacketed reloads. I read somewhere the lead ones don't do so well because of the polyagonal rifling or something. I love my Glock and I'd buy other ones but one thing that ticks me off about them is the ol' shooting reloads voids the warranty. I understand that lawyers got us all by the balls but I don't think I could afford to shoot if I didn't shoot some reloads. At ten bucks a box I can blow through $$$$ pretty fast. I always thought that Glock saying shooting reloads voids the warranty was sort of admiting to an inherent weakness or something. ( I know LOTs of manufacturers make the same warning but we're talking about glocks here) Oh, anyone else noticed that spent cases from a glock frequently have a slight bulge around the case head near the bottom? I heard that the case head isn't supported as well in glocks as in some other guns. YMMV Crash
Originally Posted By Waldo:
Originally Posted By Derek45: They never wear out
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[img]albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=183095&a=1591939&p=14692920[/img] [img]albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=183095&a=1591939&p=14677410[/img] That's right, they can't.
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Link Posted: 9/29/2001 5:48:37 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/29/2001 6:00:24 PM EST by Waldo]
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 6:00:48 PM EST
No where in my responses is a Waldo sucks attitude and my apology stands on the old thread. If I post in defense of Glock it's based my experience not because I'm a cultist.
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