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Posted: 10/6/2001 1:28:13 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 1:37:21 PM EST
Glock 19. My wife loves to shoot mine. Very controllable and concelable. [pistol]
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 1:57:38 PM EST
glock, definitely. full size, maybe not. of course, i'm partial to 1911's lately, but there's that full size issue again. although kimber has smaller frames. and i've always thought revolvers were fun to shoot. oh hell. i like 'em all. lot of good i am, huh?
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 2:01:40 PM EST
well seeing ive spent some time behind the counter and sold many a gun to the women folk. its been my observation women tend to like sigs especialy the 228 ,229 and 210 also medium frame smith autos and revolvers(pre deal of corse). but my personal recomendation is somthing in a 1911 style in whatever caliber you like.
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 3:16:07 PM EST
Personally, I think revolvers are more fun at the range, but....How about a Glock 36? It's lightweight and slim. Mag only holds 6 rounds, but for a CCW I think it would be a good choice.
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 3:30:22 PM EST
Glock 19. small 10 rounder, unless you can find some preban 15round mags. good choice I would think. [beer]
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 4:54:00 PM EST
[b]HS2000![/b] 'Nuf Said.
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 5:32:49 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 5:41:40 PM EST
My wife loves our Hi Power, fits her better than the 1911, ammo is cheap
Link Posted: 10/9/2001 6:15:58 PM EST
I enjoy a 12 gauge shotgun myself- I love the chuh chuh then boom sound that it makes [:)], but is seems that you are looking for something a little less explosive. As for handguns I have not shot many, but I like my husands 40 caliber ruger. Glocks are also not bad. Azaria [shotgun]
Link Posted: 10/9/2001 7:23:13 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/10/2001 1:45:18 AM EST
Czech out the CZ pistols. (Czech out, geddit?) Anyway, they are usually very easy for smaller hands to fit. Far more so than the Glocks. My wife uses a CZ100 .40 and does not mind the DAO a bit. Her friend has a CZ75 compact 9mm which she carries condition 1 without difficulty. Both are reliable and accurate guns. Neither liked the feel of my Glock 23, and I don't either.
Link Posted: 10/10/2001 6:32:35 PM EST
my mom loves shooting my glock 17
Link Posted: 10/11/2001 9:27:56 AM EST
Our cashier, she doesn't like the blast of an AR. I think the AR intimidated my wife at first too. I bought her a 9mm conversion and she loves it. I just have to give her more exposure to the .223
Link Posted: 10/11/2001 1:15:20 PM EST
Originally Posted By frpcmanager: Our cashier, she doesn't like the blast of an AR. I think the AR intimidated my wife at first too. I bought her a 9mm conversion and she loves it. I just have to give her more exposure to the .223
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have her shoot a mauser or an '03A3. she'll think the AR is a 'wimpy' gun (as far as bang and recoil go). [:D]
Link Posted: 10/11/2001 1:37:42 PM EST
First, are you SURE she wants a gun for Christmas? I don't mean, does she want a gun --I mean, does she want it for Christmas? I ask this because I got a pistol for Christmas (or was it birthday) very early in my introduction to shooting, and I was NOT pleased. Two years later, my most recent birthday present was a ParaOrdnance P-14 and I was thrilled with that. Just be careful you don't totally bomb with this gift idea... That said, there's nothing I like better than a .45. The first thing ever put in my hand to shoot was a 1911, and that's still my favorite, although I enjoy all handguns. You said your wife had enjoyed shooting some handguns -- did she seem to be particularly excited about any one over the others? My husband took notice of my enthusiasm with the big guns, so he knew what to get me. Good luck, and you might want a backup present if she opens the box and is less than thrilled.
Link Posted: 10/11/2001 5:37:57 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/14/2001 5:51:49 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 7:03:59 PM EST
My girlfriend is 5' 3" about 120 # with small hands (no snide comments please). She has shot a 9mm glock medium frame, a colt woodsman .22, a 9mm berretta, a ruger super redhawk .44 mag, and a colt 1911. The only guns she likes shooting is the 1911 and the woodsman, the woodsman because she can plink away without hearing about the cost of ammo, and the 1911 because it fits her hands better than the 9's, the recoil is manageable and she hits what she aims at. Just my personal experience. I'm sure you'll find the right gun for her and the trial and error might net one or two for yourself
Link Posted: 10/16/2001 8:23:08 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 10:26:55 AM EST
It depends on goatboy's wife, she way be the kind of woman who would want to flaunt a new pistol to friends and family.
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 11:58:38 AM EST
I offer these comments as mere suggestions. I've recently been through this with my wife who is very inexperienced with firearms. YMMV. After much consideration and discussion with my wife and her "instructor" we all decided that a revolver would be a better choice for a novice. Fewer things to have to manipulate. No slides or safety to worry about. Just point it and pull the trigger. I ended up buying her a J-frame smith, stainless, 5-shot, 3" bbl. with full-length underlug, 38 Cal. This is a really nice little revolver with adjustable sights (I know, not the best for carry, but they give a very good site picture which is helpful to learn on.) A .38 spl with the old 125 gr. FBI load should meet her needs nicely. She likes the pistol. The 3" barrel adds a bit more weight and cuts down on the muzzle-flip due to recoil and it's very accurate. They don't make this gun anymore, though you MIGHT be able to find one a used one somewhere. I was lucky to find the one I did because it's a limited production gun and this one was like new. Good luck in your quest.
Link Posted: 10/20/2001 12:43:11 PM EST
[B]If you really want to be a GOD, you could break down and buy her a Bernina sewing machine. [/B] If my husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas I think I would shoot him with one of the guns he's bought me that I love. And he knows not to waste his time with jewelry, either. You can't say all women want sewing machines or diamonds, and you can't say all women will be happy to see a firearm under the Christmas tree. You have to know your spouse. If you don't, you're in real trouble and you might as well ask someone else what to get her. Or better yet, start paying attention and you'll know what she'll like. GoatBoy, now that you have explained yourself further, I say go for it. "Extra" presents are always wonderful, even if they are nontraditional ones. Unfortunately, it's about impossible to predict what gun will strike her fancy, if any. That's why I asked if she'd shown any particular interest in anything she's shot so far. Don't be afraid to go big. That's the most common mistake men make. We like big things! Good luck.
Link Posted: 10/24/2001 11:27:21 AM EST
Make sure SHE picks it out, or has at least told you she wants it. As good as Avalon is a getting me gifts, sometimes he just needs to listen to me. [;)] *cough*Chrismas is almost here...*cough* Aysa
Link Posted: 10/24/2001 5:28:47 PM EST
A diamond studded, Gold plated, Titanium Desert Eagle!!! - YEAH!! [50]
Link Posted: 10/25/2001 4:16:56 AM EST
Last xmas I got my wife some very nice jewelry (there, the good for nothing bs present is out of the way), a G26, and a KelTec P32. Lemme tell ya - the P32 is sweet. She can (and does) carry it when she doesn't have a purse or a larger weapon would be inconvenient. This weapon is cheap and you might have a problem with jams or light primer strikes from the get-go, but the remedies are easy and beautifully outlined at the KelTec owners group website - [url]www.ktog.org[/url]. Always carrying a combat caliber pistol rocks, but remember, a .32 on you beats a .45 on the nightstand everytime. If you get the P32, also get the IWB "clip" - does away with the need for a holster completely - can you say concealable? Tate
Link Posted: 10/27/2001 6:33:44 PM EST
I'll second the idea of letting her pick out her own gun. If it's going to be something that she'll want to use and be comfortable with, it's got to fit her hand. Perhaps, instead of giving her a gun, give her a "gift certificate" for one. Then the two of you can spend a few weekends at gun shows or stores "trying them on" and get something she really likes. Also, if she ends up being with the "sewing machine" crowd, you haven't made a costly mistake. Of course, you can also go the "loser" route and buy something you like and hope she won't want it. :) As far as suggestions go, the first gun we got for my wife was a S&W Model 60 in .357 with a 3" barrel. She's got fairly small hands, and really liked the way it felt. She's also fallen in love with her Colt Government .380, and is currently working on a Browning Hi-Power in 9mm (had to get a reduced-power spring kit for it - the hammer was impossible to cock with the factory springs). For pin shooting, she uses a Browning BuckMark Challenge. I think the most important thing is getting a gun that fits her well, and that she can operate with little difficulty (can she rack the slide and lock it open? Does the gun balance OK for her, etc.). Especially since this will be *her* first gun. Even if it's not 100% practical for CCW, it might be better to get her something the she'll love to shoot (often) to really get her turned on to shooting. Once that happens, it will not be a problem to find out what she likes.
Link Posted: 10/27/2001 7:16:10 PM EST
Originally Posted By Tate: Last xmas I got my wife some very nice jewelry (there, the good for nothing bs present is out of the way)
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If my hubby got me a good for nothing bs present, I think I might kick him. I'm not the jewelry/flowers type! :-)
If you get the P32, also get the IWB "clip" - does away with the need for a holster completely - can you say concealable?
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Do you have a link to this? I love my P32, and I just usually slip it in a back pocket, but this really sounds interesting.
Link Posted: 10/27/2001 7:17:59 PM EST
Originally Posted By KarlJ: Czech out the CZ pistols.
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I hated my cz100. Talk about pain. It nearly gave me blisters on my trigger finger. Sold that thing as soon as I got it, practically.
Link Posted: 10/27/2001 7:21:05 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/27/2001 7:15:11 PM EST by bjg]
If you get the P32, also get the IWB "clip" - does away with the need for a holster completely - can you say concealable?
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Do you have a link to this? I love my P32, and I just usually slip it in a back pocket, but this really sounds interesting.
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Here's Kel-Tec's P-32 accessory web page with a drawing of the clip: [url]http://www.kel-tec.com/new_page_7.htm[/url]
Link Posted: 10/29/2001 12:49:39 PM EST
Huskies4all - good for you! Check out bjg's link. You'll like the clip. Tate
Link Posted: 11/6/2001 11:52:14 AM EST
Why not a .22? You said she needs something to learn with right? A browning Buckmark Target is nice. Or a High standard Tournament. My wife has a Taurus 942 4" bbl in .22 magnum she likes to target practice with.
Link Posted: 11/19/2001 12:36:15 PM EST
You know your wife better than any of us do, so if it's a pistol for Christmas, I assume you're positive she won't shoot you with it for getting her a pistol for Christmas. I would have to second Jewbroni on the HS2000. My wife and I were looking at the Glock 19 and the HS2000 for home defense, and she had a hard time gripping the G19. She likes the HS2K and it costs a lot less than a Glock (especiallly since you said it would be to learn on). You can still find some around for $300 or less. Otherwise you'll have to get the Springfield Armory Xtreme Duty (the exact same gun, but with SA markings stamped on the slide) for $410 or more. The advantage of the SA is it comes in .40 and .357Sig as well as 9mm.
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 9:32:23 AM EST
I always suggest a 1911 for multiple reasons, especially if you can afford a custom shop like Les Baer, Ed Brown, etc. who'll make it in a .40S&W. First, single stack magazine guns have smaller grips...great for smaller hands like most women's. Second, BUY A PAIR OF THIN GRIPS which reduces grip size considerably (I personally do this for myself as well). Thirdly, 1911 is an awesome defensive design with multiple safeties...and can be carried cocked and locked for instant response in a fight. .45 ACP is a kick-ass defensive round, meant to KNOCK DOWN the aggressor, hopefully whereever he/she/it is hit. Last, the multiple safeties can thwart a bad-guy if he is unfamiliar with the operation of the 1911 and takes it away from the owner...it has been proven many times by policing organizations. The average time it takes the unitiated is about 12 seconds...doesn't sound like much, but can be the difference between life and death (hey, I can run a hell of a long way in 12 seconds with all that adrenaline pumping). Boy, I feel the NEED to buy my wife a 1911 in .40S&W now ("honey, look at what I bought for YOU!!!"). he he he
Link Posted: 11/22/2001 10:10:10 PM EST
If you can find one , try a Walther P22. I got the 5inch bbl it looks racy and has a smallish grip. It was 250 locally, a deal at that price.
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