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Posted: 1/2/2004 9:41:41 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/2/2004 9:51:01 AM EST by bigjuice]
I am going to be getting a gun as a gift in a few months from the guys I grew up with. The budget is somewhere around $800. I would like to get something "nice" (aka wood instead of plastic). I am well-covered in the semi-auto pistols, utility shotguns and semi-auto rifles.  

I don't have any bolt rifles but can borrow a 270 any time for deer. I also do not have a nice over-under or side-side shotgun.

Rifle:If the rifle is close to $800, I will scope it. If the gun is $500-600 they will scope it. Here is the wish list:

Remington 700 VS .22-250 (varmints)
Kimber 84M .243 (deer/varmints)
Remington Mountain Rifle 7mm-08 (deer)
Remington 700 VS .308 Win (longer distances)
DSA SA58 (Man-eating Zombies)

The most practical calibers (that I would use more) would be the .243 and then the 7mm-08.

The Kimber 84M .243 is my #1 pick right now for this gift. Nice wood, good caliber for coyotes and deer, sounds like a damn nice gun from what I have heard.

I have good pump hunting shotguns but have been wanting a nice side-by-side or over-under.

What would you get? Any opinions on guns listed?

I have looked at a lot of rifles (Tikka, Sako, Remington, Marlin, Winchester, Kimber, Savage, etc.) but any suggestions of other rifles to look at would be much appreciated.

I am leaning heavily towards the Kimber 84M.
Link Posted: 1/2/2004 9:56:05 AM EST
How about a Benelli autoloader? Also, how about a Romak-3 for looks? (shoots well also).


Link Posted: 1/2/2004 10:02:45 AM EST
for the bolt gun you might consider a nice savage.
Link Posted: 1/2/2004 10:15:24 AM EST
Second the Savage.  Take a look at the 110 FP Tactical.  I loved mine.
Link Posted: 1/2/2004 4:40:28 PM EST
The Kimber is a keeper, I would choose the .308 myself, but I like the 84M the best out of all the ones you listed.
Link Posted: 1/2/2004 6:38:28 PM EST
Thanks for the advice guys. I have looked at the Savages and couldn't find a .243 I really liked. I do like their varmint rifle and their tactical rifles a lot though. I may get the left-handed tactical .308 this year.

Thedave, I was wondering what the recoil would be like on the Kimber 84M in .308 Win. That is a very light rifle and a .308 would probably put out a pretty good kick. I was thinking .243 just so I can shoot it more and use it on smaller game, but I may have to think long and hard about which one ot get. The 7mm-08 may be a good compromise? I am not familiar with the 7mm-08 (besides reading Chuck Hawkes opinion on it) but my father-in-law keeps telling me that I would really like it.
Link Posted: 1/2/2004 6:41:29 PM EST

Think about a preban Chicom AK.

Just a thought. It is what I'd buy with that amount.
Link Posted: 1/2/2004 6:59:01 PM EST
My vote is for a Kimber, but in 7mm-08. What a honey of a crtridge. Great boolit selection, and it shoots pretty flat.
Link Posted: 1/2/2004 8:22:23 PM EST
The 7mm-08 would be great, and the .243 would be too, as long as you know what it will cover the game you will go after.

No matter what caliber you choose, the Kimber is a nice package to put it in.

One other thought, have you looked at the CZ's?
They are real nice too.
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