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Posted: 10/21/2016 1:56:58 PM EDT
What is more important to you? We've all seen ugly stuff that works, and gorgeous stuff that wont.

In general, which is it?
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 1:58:30 PM EDT
Get both?

Link Posted: 10/21/2016 1:59:17 PM EDT
When I can't get both, I go for function over form. Don't care if it's ugly if it works.
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 2:00:02 PM EDT
IF I can't get both, FUNCTION

When I can get both, FORM
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 2:01:00 PM EDT
Function. But I have weird preferences about form.
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 2:02:06 PM EDT
Function over form, but form follows function.
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 2:04:25 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By Imissed:
IF I can't get both, FUNCTION

When I can get both, FORM
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Link Posted: 10/21/2016 5:30:13 PM EDT
5 people say form. Crazy.
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 5:31:17 PM EDT
Most of my guns fall into the "Ugly, but work great" category.
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 5:33:37 PM EDT
It's better to look good than to feel good. You look mahvelous!
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 5:34:11 PM EDT
uhh both.

In before the Colt apologists.
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 5:34:11 PM EDT
Function over form, when it comes to a piece that is necessary. I'll take something that's reliable over something pretty any day.

But, if it's not a necessity (ie. a toy) than by all means look at form. Nothing wrong with looking pretty, after all.
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 5:38:30 PM EDT
a pretty vag works the same as an ugly vag, but I'll take the pretty vag every time.
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 5:40:02 PM EDT
If you cant look cool doing something why do it? Really though function is what its all about.
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 5:51:08 PM EDT
Form follows function: this isn't an ordering or prioritizing the way some people think. It means things that work well generally end up looking good. In essence, good form comes from good function.

The X-32 is an indirect proof.
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