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Posted: 3/3/2001 6:14:14 PM EST
My dad bought me when I was 12 a very nice Browning bottom eject .22 semi-auto. All the memories and scars that gun bear! I have rebuilt it once, but I would never refinish it. I took it out just last week, while it is not as reliable as I remember it, it is still great fun.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 6:27:21 PM EST
Yep, still got it the ole' Ruger 10/22.  It's had at one time or another just about every accessory made for the 10/22 put on it.  Right now though it's back to the original plain jane configuration, kinda nice that way too.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 6:28:12 PM EST
My first rifle was a Ithaca 49 single shot. I still have it. It was my dads when he was growing up [:D] milldude
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 6:38:32 PM EST
Yep..A .303 Sporterized British Enfield.  12th birthday, 1961  (cost $20 at Martin Retting, Culver City, Ca..Still my favorite gun shop)
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 6:49:52 PM EST
First firearm? LLama .32 auto, naw, dont have it anymore but I do have the Colt Mkiv series 80 govt. model .45 stainless that I upgraded it to. I'll have that one forever. (didnt take long to figure out I needed to trade the Llama) still have a few sentimental pieces you know the ones you just can't bring yourself to get rid of.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 7:05:20 PM EST
My first gun was a German Gewehr 1888 rifle I bought through the mail for I think $45.  This was in 1975 I believe.  Its long gone now.

I noticed that a company (SOG or something similar) has an almost identical add in a gun mag selling the exact same weapon now.  Its up to $99 now.    
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 7:08:03 PM EST
The first gun i purchased was a ruger 10/22 when i was 18.I still own that gun and will not sell it for anything as with the others i own.the first gun i got was a win 30-30 that my dad bought when i was about 6 and i still own that gun today 22 years later it was also my dads first gun hope to pass them on when i have kids.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 7:12:55 PM EST
My first firearm was a Ruger .44 cal carbine (the old Deerslayer model), which I got on my 18th Birthday, from a K-Mart in Bossier City,
Louisiana.  I put a Williams peep sight on it and it still remains in my collection.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 7:14:16 PM EST
Sure do, a Winchester mod 250 lever action 22.
Probably worth about $30 but I wouldn't take 1000 for it, I remember when I was 11 going to the  gun store with my dad to buy it.

Link Posted: 3/3/2001 7:17:31 PM EST
My first gun is a Winchester 190 .22 semi auto rifle. I still have it and take it out every once in a while and it still shoots great.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 7:23:08 PM EST
First firearm was a marlin 995 22lr.  Still have it and still shoot it.  Has to be 16 years old.  I think I paid $62 for it and it has been well worth that for all the hours of enjoyed plinking it has given me and my brother.  

Link Posted: 3/3/2001 7:30:33 PM EST
Savage revelation .410 single shot. Got it when I was about 7 . My dad shortened the stock in my grandpa's shop. I still remember watching them saw it off with a coping saw. I killed my first squirrel with it. Still have it .
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 7:44:51 PM EST
My first was a Remington 870 youth model 20 guage that I got in November 1986 for my 7th birthday. My frist pistol was a Remington Rand 1911A1 that I got when I was 10. My first rifle was a ruger 10/22 that I got when I was 12.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 7:57:11 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 8:00:46 PM EST
My first, and still favorite, gun was an Eagle Arms pre-ban AR. I bought it 20 months ago, don't plan on ever selling it.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 8:17:13 PM EST
Still have my Ruger 10/22. I went to my local Gemco when I was in the 6th grade and bought it cash and carry. Those were the days. California is a bit different today. I got to get out of this place!
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 8:36:00 PM EST
Still have my Ruger 10/22. I went to my local Gemco when I was in the 6th grade and bought it cash and carry. Those were the days. California is a bit different today. I got to get out of this place!
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When was that the fifties?[:)]
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 8:41:03 PM EST
I've always loved guns but I didn't buy my first one till I was 26 (18 months ago).  It was a WUM-2, a postban AK in 5.45mm.  I love that thing.  I have bought 3 more rifles since (still need some handguns and a shotgun, but I love rifles so much).
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 8:47:56 PM EST
The first one that was actually mine and not my big brothers; yes I still have my good old Winchester 190 .22 and I will never get rid of it, I wouldn’t trade it for any gun in the world.

Link Posted: 3/3/2001 8:57:50 PM EST
My first rifle was a Ithaca 49 single shot. I still have it. It was my dads when he was growing up [:D] milldude
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Same for me.  Winchester wannabe.  Dad gave it to me when I was 4 years old.  (It was new, but the extractor broke quickly.)  At the time Cowboys ruled, and this was a Cowboy rifle for a kid.

It's in the next room now, just waiting to make a kids day...
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 10:34:27 PM EST
My first firearm was a Winchester model 94 .30-.30 @ age 13.  I paid for half from working in strawberry fields all Summer.  

oops, almost forgot the question.... Yea, of course I still have it.

Link Posted: 3/3/2001 10:49:10 PM EST
Yep!! An old beatup (and I mean beatup) Remington Model 12 pump. .22S,L and LR.

First new gun was a FIE/Brazilian 12ga. single shot.

First new one I bought was a 10/22 in '78. Standard carbine with a walnut stock.

Still have them all.  [:)]
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 11:27:24 PM EST
A Remington Apache Black Nylon 66 bought new in 1966 in Las Vegas. I was 13yo. Still have it.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 11:39:07 PM EST
The first one that was "mine" is a takedown Browning .22 auto bottom eject with the nice scroll work Dad bought it and a refield 4x rimfire scope along with a Bob Allen soft case for me when I was six years old. I still cherish that gun. It is in pristine condition too.

My Dad was a coal miner all his life, and never had much time with me because of work. He was a partner in a coal company at the time he bought the gun and it kinda was his way of saying how much he thought of me. As far as I know the only new guns my Dad ever bought were gifts, one for his Mother back in the seventies (a High Standard Sentinel in my collection now) and a few for me. Guns are a way of life in my family always have been always will be.

Writing this makes me realize what a great man my father really is.....

Link Posted: 3/3/2001 11:51:35 PM EST
My first rifle was a Marlin mod. 60 .22LR, my first shotgun was a Winchester mod. 1912 20 ga., and my first pistol was a Bernardelli (sp?) mod. 60 .22LR. I still have all of them.

Link Posted: 3/4/2001 3:09:32 AM EST
"Can't F*** with my father..."
Where's THAT coming from?

I was into guns since I was 12 years old. My parents had a lake cabin in Wisconsin and no one thought anything of a young kid walking through the woods shooting at chipmunks. I shot hand-me-downs from my brothers including an old Winchester 5 shot .22 bolt action rifle and a Marlin Model 60. Both of those have ended up in the hands of my cousins kids so that's pretty cool. Both those rifles are over 40 years old now.

But the first gun I bought for myself was the day I turned 21. I bought a brand new S&W model 19 with a 6" barrel. That was in 1971 and I bought it at a Montgomery Wards gun counter. I pity anyone who can remember when Monkey Wards had gun counters.

I still have the 19 in it's original "anti-rust" paper wrap and the original box. It still looks new. I don't shoot it any more but only because I've now got others that are more fun.

Link Posted: 3/4/2001 3:30:38 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 4:34:01 AM EST
Ruger Mark I Target .22, when I was about 15.  Foolishly sold it a few years later.

Too this day I am still wondering how I didn't yield to its siren song that Feinstein et al. are always talking about . . . "Go to the schoolyard . . . shoot people . . . rob the store . . . kill yer mom . . ." but somehow I did.  Damn those evil guns anyway, making people do those terrible things.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 5:52:18 AM EST
Browning semi auto .22, great little gun and still have it.[flag][beer]
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 6:10:17 AM EST
A Remington Scoremaster .22LR bolt action passed down from my grandfather. I later got a Jap 7.7 bolt action that was converted in to a .30-06 (still has the mum!)
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 6:14:42 AM EST
My first was a Tarus .357 about 10 years ago. It suck and I will never buy a Tarus product again. The damn thing would have splitters of lead and copper fling back as you shot it. Everytime I went out shooting, I would come home with about 5-6 lines of blood dripping from my face. I traded it in for $100 and placed the money towards my next purchase which was a Glock 21.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 6:43:47 AM EST
Charter Arms AR7..Bought in 1975 & still have it/shoot it.   [sniper]
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 9:25:06 AM EST
Yes, a Remington 41P at age 7 that my dad had when he was a kid. The .22 single shot was made in the late 1930s.  MWT
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 9:54:45 AM EST
Ruger 10/22. Yep still have,still shoot it.

My dad bought for me in 1965 at Angevines(not for sure of the spelling,it's been a while back.) near Orlando FL. I was 11yrs old.

Bought my oldest son a Remington Viper 22 & my youngest son a Ruger 10/22 (in January)

Both of them on their 11th B-Day.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 10:13:54 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 10:43:13 AM EST
First Gun?  Super Blackhawk .44 mag, sure was a blast but sadly I traded it on a Python.  Will never sell/trade another gun again.  Boy, that sure was a fun pistol to shoot.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 11:06:15 AM EST
Remington model 870.  Got it for Xmas in 1974 when I was 16.  Still very popular pump gun as you all know.

Acworth GA
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 11:12:15 AM EST
Yes, a Remington model 33, single shot .22.
My Father had the stock and barrel cut down
when I was five years old and we would go
shooting at a gravel pit that was created
when they built the runways at Elmendorf A.F.B.,
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 11:16:39 AM EST
First gun, a Stevens #311 16 guage SxS passed down from my Great-Great-Aunt when I was about six, and I took my first deer that fall with it in Grey, GA.  Cracked the stock on it at a dove hunt 10 years ago, then last year I decided to refinish after a gunsmith told me there was plenty of life in her.  Betty now sports a Hard-chromed receiver, black chromed barrels, and a new Boyd's stock that was cut down, and finished to match the original.  Spent $$$ on it, but since I had just got my grandfathers Thompson Machinegun 12 guage, figured I would make it like new.  It is the only shotgun I have ever killed a dove with, and at forty years old, it still shoots wherever I am looking.  Betty's better than wearing prescription glasses, and she still outshoots all the relatives at our annual dove hunt!

I know she is not original anymore, but she is one fine looking mama, now!  I would have put twice the amount of money I did to restore / rebuild her!

I still have my Marlin model 60, too, from Christmas, 1971.  Even have the POS Kmart scope that came with it!  It's now my 9 YO's plinker!

Link Posted: 3/4/2001 11:32:30 AM EST
Well, my first gun was a Maverick 88 12 ga. pump when I was 16. Yep, still have it.

Unlike most all you other turkeys out here on the AR-15.com forums, my first rifle WAS an AR-15. It was an EA lower with a Colt SP1 upper. Fun gun, but I traded it for a Springfield M1 Garand. I have loved my garand every day since and don't regret the trade one bit. Besides, I still have three other AR's to play with. [:D]
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 11:36:01 AM EST
My VERY first gun was a Daisy lever action.  I was in the first grade.  I can still remember sitting on my front porch shooting countless rounds at a single dove who had lit on the power line. It was as if he was mocking me, and I didn't like it one bit!  After about 30 shots, that ignorant bird came flapping to the ground.  30 minutes later, I had his butt (actually his breast) on a stick over a fire in the fireplace.  Out of the hundreds of dove I have taken since then, that one definitely tasted the best.

My first gun that actually implemented gunpowder in lieu of air was a Harrington Richardson 20ga Junior Model.  I was in 3rd grade at the time.  I was SOO proud to carry my own shotgun alongside my Grandfather, Dad, and Uncle on one of our many family rabbit hunting outtings.

Next was a tube fed Marlin 22 semi auto.  The 20 gauge became unchallenging in taking squirrels, so I had to go with the 22 in the 5th grade. I remember several years in a row, on the first day of squirrel season, jumping off the school bus and running up the driveway to put on my camo. I NEVER took a body shot on a squirrel with that rifle.  It was a clean head shot, or nothing. (Those hollow points would play hell a squirrel.)

Yes, I still have them all. :^)


Link Posted: 3/4/2001 11:37:23 AM EST
I still have it. My dad bought me a new ruger single six (3 screw)back in 1971 and at the same time bought himself a super blackhawk in 44 magnum. My dad passed away 10 years ago but I still have the memories and both of those guns.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 11:46:00 AM EST
Still have my Springfield Model 67H 12ga pump shotgun, made by Stevens for Sears.  Parents gave it to me for Christmas about 1967.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 11:58:48 AM EST
My first was a Marlin Bolt. I still have it & it will still shoot very well. I will never let that one go.   :)
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 12:04:06 PM EST
My first gun was a Winchester 1300 12ga. Ive still got it and it goes dove hunting with me every year. Makes it out on an occasional duck hunt as well. Has had 1000s of shells through it and looks like hell, but Ive never had one problem with it. Just keep em oiled and they will last forever.

Link Posted: 3/4/2001 2:57:01 PM EST
My first gun was an Iver Johnston 22.Carbine lookes like the M1 carbine. First pistol Bernardelli 22. looked like a Walther. [sniper]
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 4:33:45 PM EST
Great topic.  My first purchase out of college was a Marlin lever action 22.  Just like my Dad's.  His is over 43 years old, mine now 16 years old.  Hope he gives his to me as it is a goodie.

Most loved and cherished is my 2nd purchase soon after.  It was a Colt, 1911 Gov't model Blued 45 auto.  It is 16 years old now and is seeing slight wear on the surfaces.  Oh, neat gun and had some fun with 6000 rounds thru it.  Special place in my collection.

Link Posted: 3/4/2001 5:40:44 PM EST
i gave away my 1st it was a remington 22 single shot bolt action that my pop gave me back in 62.
yeah i know now that i was stupid. still have my 2nd one though a mossberg model 144ls in 22 cal that pop got for me in 64 . he used up some of my moms s&h green stamps to buy it. remember them? the good old days.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 6:11:40 PM EST
First firearm is hard to pin down if you include inheritted stuff. But, of what I purchased:
First Shotgun= Mossberg 500 "marinecote"
First Rifle= Ruger Mini-30
First Pistol= Taurus 92
First "Class III"= H&K Sp-89 SBR
First MG= M-11

I still have them all, and have plenty of others to keep them company [}:D]
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 6:12:11 PM EST
First "real" gun my dad got me was a high standard Victor .22 target gun in 1978. (He did give me a chipmunk-like .22 when I was around 7 but he sold it some years later). The Victor sill looks like new.

My son turns 8 this summer and I'll be shopping for a .22 rifle for him.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 8:32:53 PM EST
Mossberg 151M(b)is the first real gun I ever shot.My cousin took me to shoot one day about 22-23 yrs ago.Been hooked on it ever since.About 3-4 years ago my uncle gave me the rifle when I was over at his house.I had a Colt Police Positive cut down for him to 2 in.He had one years before and someone had stolen it.When he saw it he said wait I have something for you.I usually declined gifts from this survivor of Battan which he always offered if you did something for him,but this time I gladly accepted.After retiring he became a caretaker of a gun club and had one this rifle on a tip board for a grand total of .25 cents.A lot of joy has came from that quarter.
  I truly miss him now that he is gone.He was one great person,both for his family and his country.
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