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Posted: 6/23/2002 12:47:06 PM EDT
It's happening..... When will the Anti-Christ take the throne? (tounge in cheek). These are selected tidbits of the entire news story. So does this mean that whoever is in control of the EU "Border Guards" controls Europe? Or does this mean a creation of a new country along the lines of the USA (ie separate states within a union). And the last one, European leaders fearing the "Right Wing", well fuck them, those leftist commie-socialistic bastards, what the fuck is wrong with the rise of the Right? If the people are disgusted with the current form of governement then they should have the right to change it. What do I see? A land with very few personal freedoms, no private firearms ownership, "GATSO camaras" everywhere, banning of any type of high performance vehicles, the list will go on and on. And of course the sheeple of Europe will allow themselves to be lead down the chute to the killing floor..... [url]http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml? xml=/news/2002/06/23/wsumm23.xml&sSheet=/portal/2002/06/23/ixport.html[/url] European Union leaders yesterday moved to establish an EU border police force to patrol shores, ports and crossing points against illegal immigrants. The dramatic attempt to strengthen "fortress Europe" could mean foreign guards wearing an EU uniform patrolling in Britain. The heads of government said that the moves were a stepping stone to the creation of a fully fledged European-wide force which would act in tandem with each nation's police. European leaders have been rattled by the growing controversy over illegal immigration and the rise of Right-wing parties in recent elections.
Link Posted: 6/23/2002 12:54:47 PM EDT
could mean foreign guards wearing an EU uniform patrolling in Britain.
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I thought the UK chose not to be a part of the EU.
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