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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 4/20/2016 9:10:09 AM EST
I am looking to have new carpet installed. Has anyone used Empire Today? I got a quote from them, and it doesn't seem too bad, just wondering about the quality of their carpet and wood. I went with one of the best carpets and woods they offered, but can't find much info about it online. Any feedback is appreciated.

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[Last Edit: 4/20/2016 10:18:30 AM EST by HDLS]
I had wood laminate flooring installed by them in 2009 and am a satisfied customer.

We had a narrow window to be out of our old house and into this one and we wanted the downstairs carpet completely removed and laminate installed prior to moving in. Empire was about the only option I could find to get it done in the 4 day window we had from picking up the house keys until our furniture was going to be moved in.

The initial quote was OUTRAGEOUS, but after using some Marine Recruiter Jedi tricks we ended up paying less then half in the end. We payed more then if we would have waited a few weeks to have a contractor come in, but it was worth the extra based on our timeline to have it finished before furniture move-in day and the convenience of not having to move all our furniture for installation if we had waited

The next day 2 dudes from El Salvador showed up in a beat up old Toyota pick up. I think they had Empire uniform shirts. If I had just seen them out and about on the street driving around in that pick-up I probably would have made some incorrect judgements about them, but after spending about 18 hours watching them work and bs'ing with them they turned out to be solid guys.

They had all the carpet out in like 15 minutes and overloaded that old Toyota with it. Next a giant chisel looking thing to smash the tack strip into bits to be swept up and then vacuumed the concrete. Within about an hour they were laying vapor barrier/padding and installing flooring.

I watched them like a hawk. A few places I made them remove and replace pieces that left too big of a gap for the baseboard to cover. I had a short piece of it to check it. It took them all day into the evening and about half the next. One mistake they made was missing 1 stagger on 1 strip of flooring so 2 seams aligned at that spot. I didn't catch it until months later when we got a rug to put In the formal living room. It's close to the middle of the room and not noticeable unless you know where it is and specifically looking for it. Covered by area rug and couch now anyway.

Material has a 30 year guarantee. They left me several boxes of flooring and some quarter round and fireplace trim for repairs. I haven't had to do anything. The flooring is great and when cleaned looks just like it did at installation almost 7 years ago.
Link Posted: 4/20/2016 10:25:38 AM EST


(As a Chicagoan I couldn't resist)
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Ok, so far, so good...anyone else?
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