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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/30/2002 12:57:06 PM EST
The thread about making your own light got me thinking. I have access to lost of different types of tubing, and have wanted a tacticla light, but i can't justify the price-when i can just make it. Anyways, here's my question, what would happen if i hooked 9v or 1.5v(AA) (or someting else) power to a 12v light? Would it still work, just not as much output? Or blow up in my hand? I picked up a little 12v halogen in a projector for $1 today (i can never pass up a deal in the Hardware Dept.) to play with, just wanted some input/advice before i fried it. Thanks
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 1:32:36 PM EST
Any voltage less than or equal to 12 Volts will not hurt the bulb. Just stay away from voltages much over 12V. And yes, lower voltage means less light. In fact, you probably will not be able to see any light if you use a 1.5 volt battery (AAA, AA, C, or D).
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 1:35:45 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 1:46:20 PM EST
Originally Posted By Paul: The issue is that the bulb won't explode but the battery might.
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I agree with everything you said above, but the equivalent source resistance of most alkaline batteries is high enough to prevent the battery from exploding or melting, even if you short them (which I have done many times on accident [:)] )
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 1:53:48 PM EST
It's a GE halogen light, it says 50W 12V, can i soder a regulator or diode or something on the conection to change it? I really don't know much about electricity, except IT HURTS, and + in, - out = light, power
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 2:02:33 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 2:11:23 PM EST
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Link Posted: 1/30/2002 3:45:36 PM EST
Paul's got it right. Lamps have a voltage and wattage rating. The type used in projectors have a high wattage rating, much higher than a small dry cell battery can provide. I would have to look this up but I doubt an AA battery can put out more than about 0.5 amps for any period of time. Lets say you have 4xAA batteries in series. This setup can put out about 6volts x 0.5 amps = 3 watts. Thats it. That projector lamp probably needs 150 watts or so.
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:35:14 AM EST
DOH!! thanks all.
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 7:48:52 AM EST
Interesting thread ... Lets look at what it would cost to purchase the components used in a surefire. 15.00 Lamp 15.00 Batteries Cost of new 6P (basic, simple inexpensive tactical light) About 55.00 Piece of mind that it works everytime it's asked - even in the most stressful of situations.... Priceless. Ryan
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 9:07:28 AM EST
Use a maglight. Take it apart, mount bulb, parabolic reflector, and tube under barrel. Pad the mount. Make sure it is focused properly. Trim to desired length with HS/Dremel. Solder wires to the + and - terminals, and run the wires to the grip. Use a Radio Shack pressure switch, mounted on the grip, and two AA batteries mounted inside the hollow grip. Run and secure copper wire as necessary, and viola. Cost, anywhere from $Free-$20.00. Advantage, the light will work. Batteries are cheap and long lasting. Disadvantage, not high quality, not as bright as Tac-lights.
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 1:12:34 PM EST
Keep in mind the effects or recoil on your lights! Other than use on light recoiling guns, most bulbs will get beat up and burn out quickly. Even an AR can cause havoc. That's one of the main reasons I just shell out the bucks for Surefire products.
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