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Posted: 9/29/2018 9:31:30 AM EDT
Please keep in mind that this was only a drill / training scenario.

We had a 3 yo Pt who had fallen down the stairs. Pt appeared to be unresponsive. Where we majorly screwed up the scenario was that while we were putting on BSI, a friend of the family grabbed the Pt and tried to take off with him.

Me: "Sir, I need for you to put down the child and step back!"

Him: "No, he will be fine, we are going to be late for the game."

He then tries to get by me.

Me (on radio): "Dispatch, we need PD at our location now!"

PD shows up, but as soon as he heard the call for PD, the friend puts the child down and we proceed with our primary assessment.

PD showed up in less than 60 seconds. In reality, it would be 3 - 10 minutes.

Friend did not identify himself. We had no idea if he was a family member, random kidnapper, etc.

How would you handle this?

How would you prevent somebody leaving the scene with the (minor) Pt?
Link Posted: 10/1/2018 9:35:10 PM EDT
Pt is unresponsive during this scenario? If so, dude is not leaving with him.
If patient is not having an obvious medical emergency, then we are still going to try to keep him from leaving with the patient, but the line is a little fuzzier.

I'm blessed in that I work in a city that any time a call involves a child, PD is dispatched with us, so they are usually already there.
Link Posted: 10/1/2018 10:19:49 PM EDT
We actually failed the exercise because the dude picked up the child in the first place.

It was completely unexpected, one moment he was saying EMS wasn't needed, and the next he swooped in and grabbed the kid.

It was a good exercise and was something I will definitely keep in mind in the future.
Link Posted: 10/2/2018 9:08:39 AM EDT
That’s a good scenario. I might of failed as well if there wasn’t much time to get a layout of the situation presented. I always make sure to ask in those situations whom am I talking to in relation to the patient. Of course someone could always lie. I’ve had some strange looks when I’ve asked this question before. I think people should automatically think we should know their relation. Thank you for sharing.
Link Posted: 10/2/2018 10:11:34 AM EDT
Your patient. Your rules. Get PD there to sort things out. Sometimes you have to stick your neck out if you think something is hinkey.

Someone hauling ass with a minor patient that might not be his falls into that.

Go hands on if you value the welfare of the patient above your career, which you should.

Some things are worth risking $46k a year.
Link Posted: 10/2/2018 8:28:45 PM EDT
lol friend of the family

implied consent man, if its a minor, its implied the adult would want you to work them if they aren't there
if its a serious injury, they are getting worked on regardless and le will back it
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