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Posted: 5/1/2003 10:47:56 PM EDT
I am having a problem with the noise my duty belt makes most notably my A.S.P. baton .Everything else is completely silent (i.e. I can run / twist) with almost no sound except my A.S.P. is constantly rattling. Unfortunately I must carry it due to department regulation on non lethal force. Although any time I do a building search it stays in the car.  Has anyone else had this problem? I have tried several different holsters for it, short of welding  the damn thing shut I am at a loss. It is going to drive me nuts.

Thanks to anyone who can help!
Link Posted: 5/2/2003 2:26:54 AM EDT
Adjust the spring inside. It will make it harder to open but that will help.
Link Posted: 5/2/2003 3:02:39 AM EDT
This has been a constant problem for me, too. I stole a solution from another officer.

They started issuing the plastic ASP scabbards a few years back. They work okay for about 6 months, then the ASP death rattle starts up again. Use black zipties (the small kind you can get at hardware stores) to cinch it up, and trim the ends. You lose the ability to use the "sidebreak" feature for an axtended ASP, but that was a pretty much useless feature, anyway. Actually, the ASP is a pretty much useless tool, and I only carry it because I have to.
Link Posted: 5/2/2003 3:03:01 AM EDT
If it is like mine, it is the tip that rattles.  Try taking a very skinny rubber band and wrap it around the shaft just below the tip, where it meets the shaft, several times until it is tight.  It will kind of bunch up below the tip.  It won't look pretty, but it should allow the baton to seat in the closed position and form a kind of buffer, eliminating the rattle.  Hope this helps.

Sorry to hijack your thread Mr10 but....
Natez...your absolutely right...I agree the ASP scabbard is pretty much crap.  The sidebreak is useless.  If your dept. is like mine, it is a cost issue and they buy the ASP scabbards to go with the ASP baton.  I use a Monadnock holder that is much better, swivels, and allows a cross draw setup.  Monadnock also has a Autolock baton that is outstanding and far superior to the ASP, but at a significant cost.  We are working on getting them approved for use.  Until then, I have a 26" ASP with a Hindi baton cap added.  I have had the opportunity to utilize it and it is a very effective tool for stopping a threat.  A well placed strike to a major muscle group has proven very effective.  It is not a PR-24, but when used correctly, is effective none the less.  
Link Posted: 5/2/2003 5:48:42 AM EDT
I have a leather ASP holder and I have found that it doesn't rattle nearly as much as the plastic ones.  I have already used some of the tips above though so maybe that's why.  I don't have the rubber band around the tip but I have adjusted the spring so it will lock out better when I have to use it.
I work on a 285-officer dep't and I think I'm about the only one that still regularly carries a nightstick.  I keep an ASP on my belt but consider it only a "backup".  I have had to use it several times but it doesn't deliver the same impact as a wood baton and it usually starts to collapse itself after several good strikes.  
If I used it more, I would probably consider the Monadnock with the locking feature.
As Clint said in one of his movies, Pale Rider, "Nothing beats a good piece of hickory". [;)]
Link Posted: 5/3/2003 2:57:05 PM EDT
The asp sidebreak has a allen wrench to remove the back so a tension spring can be adjusted to keep them from rattling. I dont feel asp are useless but merely another tool. When I first started out I worked in a big city walking a foot beat. After 8 hours of a stramlight and pr-24 beating you in the legs
I really appreciate the new stingers and asps.
Yes i like my pr-24 better but my asp is always with me.
  If you are carrying a leather asp  holder
have you tried soaking in water and putting you
asp inside letting it dry? They are kind of generic to fit different brands of batons and
flashlights. I have carried many different asp
carriers over the years. I am very happy with my current carrier a safariland, it dont rattle. Of course I also carry a mondock 24"
detective series. I like it the best. It is not as end heavy as the 26" asp has a neutral balance and are extrmrly well made. I have quite a few different friction lock batons
(I am an Asp instructor/Monadock instructor trainer) and I carry the 24".
Link Posted: 5/3/2003 6:18:53 PM EDT
Thanks for all the info , I'll give some things a try , to see what works best

Link Posted: 5/6/2003 11:45:33 PM EDT
Find out which end of the ASP is rattling.  Mine was rattling in the end with the screw on end cap.

I unscrewed the end cap and put a rubber washer in it around the base of the spring.  

A small square of folded napkin in the bottom of your holder will work for the expanding end, but it's not a permanent fix.
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