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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/3/2001 8:24:31 PM EST
When I was newly married (13 years ago), my wife came to me and announced that she wanted a dog. I said 'you ain't getting no stinking dog'. 'We live in an apartment, we both work, it'll ruin the carpet, and they won't let us have a real dog anyway - It 'd be one of those stupid foo-foo dogs'. Every month she would bring it up again. Every month I would win the argument. Drip… drip… drip… the water versus the stone. In about 10 months, we had a dog. A foo-foo dog that would insure jokes from all our friends in the complex every time I had to walk the damn thing. She used this technique on me very successfully many times on issues I was sure would gain her no compromise. But, fellow gun nuts, I've since learned to use the technique on her. It works for everyone. Now I have more guns than she ever thought she'd let me have. I'm a Florida resident, and I worry that our political trends may follow California. I think we can all agree the anti-gun crowd has been extremely successful there. If any of us would think back twenty years and imagine that the situation would be the way it is now, none of us would have believed it. The anti-gun conspirators long ago adapted the 'water and the stone' technique for creating change. Drip… drip… drip. Patience, persistence, and time eventually wear down the stone - Being wrong doesn't guarantee failure, especially among the determined. In California, they're virtually victorious. It doesn't matter that their cause is insane, anyone with an objective view has to appreciate their skill and tenacity. No matter what we want, we must accept that the anti-gun virus is incurable and will fester on our freedoms like an open wound that will never completely heal. Some incurable viruses can be controlled, however. With a proper and continuous treatment, a nearly normal life can sometimes be regained. If we can demonstrate a willingness to fight, and continue to fight, for our gun rights in California, even small victories will establish trends throughout the rest of America. I no longer hide behind the benign terms of 'competitive shooter', or even 'gun enthusiast' to describe my main hobby. When asked, 'what do you like to do for fun'? I now openly answer 'I'm a gun nut'. This catches anyone who doesn't know me a little off guard. Many folks have a pre-conceived stereo type of gun nuts - unwashed kooks wearing camouflage, running around in monster trucks painted camouflage, hiding out in trailers or cabins waiting for the 's**t to hit the fan'. I don't fit their mental image (I'm a CPA). People squint a little and ask 'You got lots a' guns'? 'Yep - more than I need', I reply with a childish grin. It's a genuine passion. Maybe it's time us 'gun nuts' join the fight for social change in California, no matter where we may reside. I do believe you must keep the issue open in the minds of the people. Respond about your California pro-gun organization, especially those buying pro gun-rights advertisements. I'm also curious if others share my thoughts. Maybe we can help, a little. Drip… drip… drip.
Link Posted: 7/3/2001 8:45:03 PM EST
I thought this was going to be a thread about how to cure a STD. [:O][:O][:O] ColtShorty GOA KABA COA JPFO SAF NRA "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them."
Link Posted: 7/3/2001 8:52:22 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/3/2001 8:51:00 PM EST by LAgunman2K]
help kalif by sending donations or joining [url]www.crpa.org[/url] calif rifle & pistol assoc. another good site of kalif gun activities is [url]www.calnra.org[/url]
Link Posted: 7/3/2001 9:05:45 PM EST
If Bushnell can put "RainGuard" on their scopes, certainly there is an equivalent for other applications...
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