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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/5/2002 1:21:50 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/5/2002 1:27:35 PM EST by JoeMike98]
I was very impressed with the History Channel and the show they gave on the middle east. It gave an account of how the British and the French have bastardized that region for hundreds of years. It also gave a very realistic look at the Islamic religion and its popular splinter groups both in the Arab world and America. I must admit, the closer it came to 9-11 the more angry I became. I wanted more pain and misery to come to those nations. I wanted us to annihilate the entire region if need-be. But after seeing last nights' recap it made me realize that we can no more hold Islam responsible for 9-11, than the man in the moon. I am a Christian man that believes in an eye for an eye as well as forgiveness for those who have truly repented of their transgressions. After seeing this last night I realized that I need to control my anger and fear, as well as focus the blame on those who deserve it. I truly need to stop generalizing and point the finger, or the tip of my rifle if need-be, at those who are the real enemy....Radicals from all walks of life. Weather it is a Tim Mcvey,or a Irish radical,or some crazy militant group in the U.S. This is terrorism folks, plain and simple. The radicals that committed the terrorist acts on 9-11 where no more representative of Islam than Tim Mcvey represented the thoughts of disgruntled military veterans or the radical Irish truly represent the protestant or catholic faiths. We have to hold those accountable who did this, not an entire organization or belief. I hated Islam because I felt like it was the originator of this. I also felt like anyone that worshiped a Rock was a damn moron and surely could not have a rational thought in their head, much less be reasoned with. That was exactly what the terrorist wanted me and everyone else to believe. They wanted me to get sucked into the belief that this is a "holly War". They want us all to sink to their level and get into a frenzy in the name of Religion or our Country vs. another. Bullcrap, I will not do it. They are not the representation of Islam or one country, they are fakes, and frauds. They are wicked evil-doers that must be hunted down as criminals, nothing more, not as martyrs for a fraudulent cause. That's my thought and I believe many more of us need to separate the truth from what the enemy wants us believe to be able to truly deal with this in a proper vengeful manner. God Bless All, and our Country!
Link Posted: 9/6/2002 6:17:55 AM EST
Well, Guess not?
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