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Posted: 1/4/2003 10:27:55 PM EDT
So I give my computer and VCR/DVD to the wife to keep with her at her sisters, I say goodbye, clean and pack my weapons, store my civilian "militia" gear, shave my head, and practice being completely non-plussed whilst people are berating me and throwing my stuff around (as well as running and working out, something not natural to me) and the Army decided to send me back home for four days because they didnt have enough plain tickets for me and my compadre's to ship out to Ft.Knox on the day they said they would.

So I finaly purloin a computer able to access the web on this, the night of the third day, to check my favourit website...Sgt.Coco will be down to pick me up at 2:30 AGAIN tommorow to take me to MEPS via my hotel to try shipping again on Monday.

This Basic Training stuff is beginning to feel very anti-climactic.

Furthermore I meet a couple of DIs who just got done with a rotation and they tell me they dont realy even scream or bust heads for minor things anymore, and the most I'll get is yelled at and my bunk torn appart because my hospital corners arnt crisp enough. To top it all off, its a general rule to give pushups in sets of 20 (even I can do that) and most burn sessions consist of crunchies and leg-lifts.

Whats this world coming to? Should have signed up for the Corps. I was hoping for R.Lee.Ermy...

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You should have joined the Navy, they have LOTS of money to throw around.
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Thanks TJ, but by the last week I expect to be squared away for the most part and able to handle it. :) Smooth transition....bah. Kinder, gentler Army, bah. I want to be born again hard, not gently sculpted into a work of art. Oh well, I take what I get. ^_^

Headed BACK to the hotel in an hour here. This aught to be fun. More coddeling.

As for burn sessions? Look, I can only do so many excercises before my muscles cease to function. Its not that difficult for me to reach that point, so I dont see what the big deal behind getting smoked is. If the Drill Sgt. wants me to do more pushups, whats he going to do? Come over and lift and drop me by my pack on his own? He's welcome to, its not going to realy be all that awful. Running is about the only thing I truely dread, I did half a mile at the pace I need to pass the PFT and it was nearly curtains for me. So even if getting smoked means running us, its only going to make me feel better (and puke less) come the real PFT. Or combat.

So far Army Basic seems to hold only a few unpleasantries for me, and mostly be designed at culling the mentally weak and untidy from the pack. Nine weeks away from the in-laws and the family sounds more and more like a vacation to some kind of spartan health-spa than anything.
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 1:15:46 PM EDT
I was in the Mt. Everest mountain climbing club in boot.  Almost made it to the top.
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 1:50:22 PM EDT
O goodie, you already shaved your head......

They are going to love you! (that is if they ever get you shipped)..and when you get there, Be ready to sit in a Reception Bat. for at least a Week...
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