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Posted: 6/5/2002 1:44:00 AM EST
Funny thing happend the other day. My neighbor's house got burglarized. In broad daylight. I live in a really nice neighborhood. The wife of the Dr. accross the street came over and said that they had been robbed. Well Sunday afternoon I was @ the range practicing for the State IDPA match. My wife and youngest daughter was home. Of course the garage door was open and all the doors unlocked. You get the pic. Wife hears someone cough and footsteps. She gets a Glock 30 (45acp) outta the Gunvault under the bed. Calls my dad. My folks live down the road about a mile. I keep a .38 revolver in there too which she has shot. About 5 years ago when we were dating. Any way dad gets to the house and is greeted by the wife armed with said pistol. At least she kept it pointed in a safe direction. They look through the house and of course find nothing. My dad asked her if she had ever fired the 45. Well no. She asked why. He laughed and said that if she did she would be in for a big suprise. Now she wants to go to the range. That's good. She wants to shoot more than the revolver. That's good. Since the neighbor was burglarized she's been a little jumpy. Her reaction is like all the people who ran out after Sept. 11 and bought guns. I guess that's what a lot of people feel like after something threatens them. At least she is finally going go out and get some practice. The only thing I gave her a hard time about, is that she didn't call the police. Everything else was cool. I am a little perplexed as to why the pistol over the revolver though. sorry about length.
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