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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/26/2002 3:09:03 PM EST
Conspiracy theory? I was just thinking of how passengers flying lately have been harassed to some unreal limits…the airlines are beginning to experience financial problems that cannot be solved by government bail outs, they are even trying to run flights for $100 (Delta-“The third-biggest U.S. carrier cut the fee to $25 for most leisure travelers who show up after March 1 for a flight other than the one for which they're booked. In September, Delta said it would charge $100 for passengers wanting to fly stand-by”- 12/26 17:02 Delta Backs Off Plan to Charge $100 for Some Flights, By John Hughes). All of this leading to “travel exasperation”. I used to fly a lot, now I’d rather walk. Of course for most this isn’t an option. Millions and millions of people are reaching this point of “travel exasperation”. This is where the theory comes in. If I could fly without hassle and constant badgering like before, would I? Would you? If we had a national ID card that made it all easy would the masses agree to it now they have been badgered to death while enjoying their liberty? Could this be the softening blow?
Link Posted: 12/26/2002 8:52:43 PM EST
1. We do not need a national id card. If you want one it's called a passport. The national ID card would do what? take up space in your wallet? make it easier to buy a firearm? 2. There is not now nor has there been airport security. Airport inconvience, public stripping of 4th amendment rights. Unusuall and behavior done in public that would be a sex crime anywhere else. 3. IF the airlines all go belly up I wont care. That would not be a good thing, but since I will not fly due to the stupid questions and the massive invasion of privacy, and the omnipotent attitude of both airport screeners and airline crews. I would rather drive and save the aggravation. NOT be TAXED the $10 to have to endure it.
Link Posted: 12/27/2002 1:16:40 AM EST
I want to start a Airline company, we would make it mandatory that all passengers over 21 be required to carry Pistols. Also We would use Racial profiling to screen passengers. Lets face it when was the last time you heard about an airliner being hijacked by Red headed Irish guys.
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