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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/14/2001 5:48:45 PM EST
I decided to start a thread on humorous things that has happened to you at work. It could be a practical joke you played, etc. Here's my story. I use to work maintanence at a diecast factory. One day as I was walking through the plant heading toward the tool crib, my boss comes flying around this corner then just runs right over the top of me. We both go tumbling to the floor. He's all tripping out screaming SKUNK, SKUNK!!!! I'm like "What's the deal." I go to peek around the corner and he grabs me and won't let me do it. After I calm him down, he explains to me a skunk ran inside of the building 10' in front of him then went inside one of the trailers. I look around the corner and don't see anything. I decide to check it out for myself and make the 100 yard walk to the trailer while my boss is standing there with his head peeking around the corner. I get there and shine my light inside the trailer, sure enough, between 2 pallets, or the only 2 pallets I see 2 beaty little headlights flashing at me. I look over and about that time my boss is standing about 75 yds away. He asks me, "Do you see him?" "Uh, no?" "ARE YOU LYING TO ME?" "No?" "YOU BETTER NOT BE LYING TO ME OR I'M GONNA WRITE YOU UP!" Then he walks away, the other way of course. A few minutes later the forklift driver pulls up with a load. Now me and this forklift driver go way back. It goes like this. He thinks it's funny to run people over on purpose, tries to run me over. I get mad and rip him off the lift, we exchange words, then get told if we keep it up, we both get wrote up. So after that, every time we see each other, we exchange words. Yea, waaaay back. I decide I want to see what it's like to get someone sprayed so after we do our usual exchange of words, I neglect to tell him about the skunk. He goes in, dumps off his load, doesn't get sprayed. I watch him until he finishes loading the truck, HE NEVER GETS FREAKING SPRAYED!!! Pissed, I walk away. Half hour later, I get a page from my boss. When I answered the phone, I had to pull the phone away from my ear because he was screaming something about a skunk spraying inside one of the trucks as it was being taken to another warehouse for storage. No one wanted to unload the truck. Hey, the bright side was, I never got wrote up. But then again on the not so bright side, I got every nasty job the boss could find for me to do for about 2 weeks...
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 6:17:24 PM EST
SHEEESH!!! Is it REALLY that grim around here? Come on laugh a little. I know we just had a trajety, but come on, lighten up a little. Tell us something funny. SMILE or something... [:D]
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