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Posted: 2/25/2001 7:01:06 AM EST
I'm new to this site and have spent quite a bit of time reading postings.  Lots of info, but the majority seem to favor Colt or Bushmaster.  Several years ago my wife (now ex) said "the guns go or I do".  Sometimes I miss her cooking [:)].  Unfortunately I had to sell most of my collection to pay for the divorce.  The two that I wish I could have kept were a Detonics Combat Master and a Colt AR-15.  Now I'm looking to replace my AR15 with a basic 20" heavy bbl. iron sights no collapsing stock, and would appreciate input.  Thanks ahead of time.
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 9:46:20 AM EST
If you wanta good basic rifle at a good price, Bushmaster is hard to beat. their service people are responsive ( in my limited experience )and the seem pretty responsive to the market. Armalite is also a quality rifle and has many options available. It`s a little more expensive than Bushmaster.HTH
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 9:49:14 AM EST
Well, I'm a Colt fan, but you can probably find better value in a Bushmaster right now. They are both fine rifles with a loyal customer base. Choose whatever gets you the best deal.
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 9:56:32 AM EST

Well honestly, that being said, you can't go wrong if you buy Armalite, Bushmaster or Colt.

All have first rate quality. Bushmaster is usually less $$$$, then Armalite with Colt the most expensive. Bushmaster and Armalite have outstanding customer service while Colt has very little idea what that phrase means. In Colts defense, you rarely have problems that need customer service.

Now the DPMS guys are going to jump my stuff here. I didn't mention them because I have no experience with DPMS. They are reputed to be in the same league, and I'm sure they are. It's just I have no experience with them.

Link Posted: 2/25/2001 10:12:34 AM EST
Bushmaster, Bushmaster, Bushmaster, Bushmaster!

hehehe... I think a big factor in determining which to buy is the experience level of the purchaser.  When I bought my Bushmaster ar, It had been a long while since I had had any technical experience with ar-15s.  As everybody has stated, their customer service is top notch.  Friendly, responsive, and eager to help.  I have had no major or abnormal problems with my bushmaster and almost always choose to take it to the range.

It has truly been a pleasure to own!

p.s. I recall an old cadence from the Marine Corps about a Mississippi girl who one day said "its me or the corps"... the next line was... "I dont go to Mississippi no more!"

Your tale of divorce reminded me of that tune...Never surrender arms for a woman...never!!! hehe
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 10:53:05 AM EST
One company y'all should consider is Olympic Arms. I use Olympic Receivers and build the rifles with Bushmaster and Colt parts. I guess I like Oly receivers because a stripped lower is only $99, they are mil-spec, and I can get custom serial numbers done. Maybe I just like the lion on them better than the snake, but I have never had a problem.

Also I like mil-spec parts. 5 non-colt rifles, all interchangeable parts. Should I throw a colt in to the mix I'd probably have to get extra spare parts for trigger and pivot pins, or adapters to use different upper receivers. Also I might not could have any of my 2 stage match triggers in them. No colts means I have no sear blocks, and with Olympic I don't even have hammers with that silly little notch in them. All Bushy and most Colt's I've seen both have them.

Now I'm not knocking colts, just their attempts to create a "you should only be able to get parts from us at our price" situation. I will buy the mil-spec parts, carry handle sights, M4 handguards, barrels etc. from Colt, but only when I find good deals on them. Some folks see the word colt on a product and think they can charge you twice as much for it, and that's wrong too.

4 of my 5 are Oly's (at least the lowers are). Anybody bought a complete rifle from them? IMHO they should be included in the "affordable yet quality" category if the rest is as good as the lowers.
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 11:03:17 AM EST
I have a a post ban OLY rifle. Great finish on their parts, color and all. Only thing is that their barrel chambers are not mil-spec. Makes them slightly more accurate but the tighter chamber is not quite as reliable as the others mil-spec chambers. But you can swap in a Bushy barrel.
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 11:03:56 AM EST
I have one bush, two colts, and one american spirit arms. All are great rifles and it is hard for me to say which one is better. I think you will be satisfied with almost any brand if you are looking for a standard 20" rifle, which brings me to cost. I would go for whatever fits best for your wallet.

Of course Colt is the god father of the Ar but I think you are also paying a little extra for the name. I do have to say I don't like all the extra effort Colt goes into to make their lowers "extra" post ban I like to call it. What I mean is they put blocks in thier lowers to ensure you don't do anything silly. Bushmaster doesn't have the block but it still has plenty aluminum to prevent silliness. [:)] Anyway what I'm getting at is I like the more "open" Bushmaster lower, because I find it less congested, easier to clean. "I'm a cleaning freak" Or maybe it's because the Colts were given too me and my Bushy and ASA I built so I have a special love for them.

One last thing, ASA has great prices on their gun kits if you want to go that route. $499.95 for your basic post-ban 20" A2 rifle. This has everything except one thing. All you would need to purchase is a stripped lower receiver, which the ASA is $149.95 and mil-spec, but you can find them for cheaper than that. Hell you could put a bushy or an oly under that upper even. I know right now fully assembled ASA rifles cost more then Bushmaster but their kits are quite a bit cheaper. Go figure...

All in all you'll be happy with what ever you get, I think. Also you should spend an extra $50 for fluting. It helps cooling quite a bit and it looks so gosh darn cool! [:D]
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 11:07:17 AM EST
The only thing I have against Colts is that stupid 2-piece srew at the pivot point. Or did they wise up and change that?
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 11:08:07 AM EST
*screw    (damnit)
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 1:10:21 PM EST
I've had excellent results with my Colt AR, it feeds a lot of reloads that my Bushmaster will not.  But besides that I think the Bushmaster is just as good in quality when using good factory ammo - and less expensive..
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 3:34:30 PM EST
Thanks everyone for your input!  I will appreciate any more opinions out there.  My next question is......
"Another topic"
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 4:05:18 PM EST
Love my Bushy,  Even if it is purple.
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 4:18:22 PM EST
Colt or Bushy ?   There's only 1 answer .... SEVERAL OF EACH !  [8D]
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 4:25:04 PM EST
Okay, I'll ask.....Purple?
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 8:35:49 PM EST
Armalite  AR15A4 and don't look back.
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 9:30:45 PM EST
Bushmaster DCM for you, man!  Whole Chimichanga at once!  You could use the initials for "DIVORCE COURT MACHINE"!!!
Link Posted: 2/25/2001 9:59:12 PM EST
Ah...the never ending question [and the never ending argument too!].

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