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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/2/2006 6:01:47 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/2/2006 6:02:04 AM EST by ShortMikeB]
Just got this in an email

made me laugh


Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has already started her 2008 presidential campaign by aligning herself with the military and pretending to be tough on terror. Fortunately, the ultra-liberal Hillary has yet to brainwash all of the voting public in to believing that her symbolism is really substance. Many have never forgotten that when she was co-president for eight years she was quoted as saying : " I loathe the military."
(read the message below the photo)

The picture shows that this soldier has been thru Survival School and learned his lessons well. He's giving the sign of "coercion" with his left hand. These hand signs are taught in survival school to be used by POW's as a method of posing messages back to our intelligence services who may view the photo or video. This guy was obviously being coerced into shaking hands with Hillary Clinton. It's ironic how little she knew that he would so inform us about the photo---perhaps because she's never understood our military to begin with.

Link Posted: 3/2/2006 6:02:53 AM EST
Stand by for the Dupe Police....
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 6:09:31 AM EST

Originally Posted By junebug68:
Stand by for the Dupe Police....

Regardless, its a GREAT pic! Fuck Hillery!
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 6:12:38 AM EST

Originally Posted By junebug68:
Stand by for the Dupe Police....

Rock Out1!!!!1111!!!

My first doop evar
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 6:12:40 AM EST
This demonstrates what sucks about the Internet.
Some dumbass saw that picture and made up a story about Hillary campaigning for 2008.
That picture has been floating around for about 2-3 years.
Bottom line... if it came in an email mass mailing, it is no doubt fake.
Even if it claims Bush lied about something.
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 6:14:26 AM EST
Isnt' that from '02 or '03
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 6:30:33 AM EST
snopes has the low down on it..

Link Posted: 3/2/2006 6:33:44 AM EST
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