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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/3/2002 7:11:13 AM EST
Sorry. I don't post much here, but this must be seen to be believed. I know liberals generally and the DUh in particular are the enemy. I didn't realize to what extent. I'm not sure which is more puke-inducing, the post itself or the number of replies backing up Sparticusboys' little rant. I've been banned from the DU so many times I've run out of names to register under, but feel free to give it a whirl. I'm sure they'd like to hear from us, being all about free speech as they are. Cpt. Redleg Link left cold intentionally. http://www.democraticunderground.com/duforum/DCForumID60/20409.html "i am here to rub salt in the eyes of republican conservatives and i blame america for its own current woes. i know they hate to hear a liberal socialist blame america for everything bad, but thats what i am now doing, blaming arrogant, materialistic america. we deserve to be attacked by terrorists, because we are, have been, and always will be, the number one terrorists of the world. as great as our country is, lets face it, we have been responsible for mass megadeaths around the world. they didn't attack us for our freedoms, as w always chants, they attacked us because we deserved it. we meddle in the governments of other nations, we try to control the planet ala rome, and if the occassional slave rebellion breaks out, we act surprised and outraged. i blame america, the dark aspects and the evil components of america, not its good people. its power mad monarchs and despots and pampered politicians, they take the blame for the world's hatreds against us. its not our people so much that 'they' hate, but our imperialism, materialism, narcissism, arrogance, our self important superiority complex. i love it when a conservative rush parrot says, 'stop blaming america for the 9-11 attacks'. who could possibly blame america for that? we have enemies. but why? why do they hate us? its because we have so much luxury and material wealth and because we grow fat an lazy and dumb, while most of the peoples of the world go hungry, are oppressed, war weary, poor, desperate, and angry. i blame america for the impending world war. it doesn't have to be. we could enrich the whole world with our wealth, our ideals, our principles of democracy and liberty, but no, we horde, and waste, and ignore the plight of the rest of the worlds populace. we are self centered and numbed with luxury. we are fattened calves, ready for slaughter. i blame america for slavery. the slavery of minimum wages. the slavery of migrant workers breaking their backs for our evening meals. the slavery of chinese workers making expensive american tennis shoes for 13 cents an hour or less so c.e.o.'s can retire in baronial splendor. the slavery that shieks, sultans and dictators inflict on their people for oil money. the slavery of the american consumer and taxpayer. we outlawed slavery, but we still practice it. i blame america's right wing zealots and christian conservative morons for hijacking our government and pissing off the planet. i blame america for the anger it receives from all other nations. i blame america for not repairing its damage, and not trying to improve itself. i blame america for laying down and rolling over without a fight while megalomaniacs rape the constitution. i blame america for growing fat and slothful and stupid, instead of striving for perfection and idealism. so if you hate to hear liberals blame america and you think we should never try to look inward and be objective about ourselves, and you think we are headed in the right direction and there is nothing wrong at all with america and nothing that needs improved, tough shit. i blame america. it needs fixed. it has committed sins and atrocities, and it is not perfect. america is in serious need of adjustment and repair. america has to accept some of the blame it refuses to. we deserved to be attacked. and we will be attacked again. and until we stop murdering people and oppressing people and enslaving people all around the world, we will always have enemies. so don't tell me not to blame america ass holes. if i get drunk and drive into another car, i blame myself, not the bartender or liquor distributor. put the blame where it belongs."
Link Posted: 12/3/2002 7:29:38 AM EST
Yeah, this post was in another thread about hating America, Id say he can go somewhere else if he doesnt like it here.
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