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Posted: 3/23/2001 9:54:15 PM EDT
First off, make sure that your CCW is good at work.  Many states won't honor your CCW if your employer has a prohibition against weapons.  That's the way it is in Texas.  To get around this, as I'm not sure if my employer allows it or not, I just didn't sign the form that says that I have read the company manual.  I made sure NOT to read it and deposited it in the circular file.  I thougt for sure that they would come back asking for the letter (in which case I'd have to check the regs., but they never did).  SO, since I have not been prohibited from packing at work, I am.

Now, how do you get it in without anyone knowing?  I can pack my Glock 22 under a t-shirt or jacket in my "inside the pants" holster and no one knows.  But, wearing a tie and slacks, this presents a challenge.

What I did was take my gym bag and put a travel sized padlock on the zipper.  I take my bag to work every day and if anyone asks, I say it's for carrying my gear and workout clothes.  So far no one has seemed to notice.  Walking in to or out of work, I just diable the padlock.  The only reason for the padlock is in case I'm in the head I don't want anyone snooping in my bag.

In case of SHTF, I can grab both sides of the bag around the zipper, and if I give a good tug,  the zipper will open up enough to get my arm in.  I have practiced this a few times and can gain access pretty quickly.

How do you guys pack in to the jobsite?  Or do you even bother?
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 12:16:24 AM EDT
Action Direct.com

Defender (waist band type) holster- I wear a t-shirt under my dress shirt, and my Kahr P9- and extra mag- goes totally undetected under my dress shirt.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 12:25:29 AM EDT
Dillion Laptop Holster...looks like a High quality Laptop Bag...center compartment velour lined holster...even carries a laptop if you need to...
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 1:20:19 AM EDT
I had the same problem a while back when i decided to carry everyday. I tried alot of different ways and decided on thunderwear. It is the most comfortable and undetecable that i tried. I sometimes forget i have it on. You place it around yours waist on top of your dress shirt. Then pull your pants up over them. To get to your weapon you just use the left hand to pull your pants forward and reach in with the right hands forefingers and thumb and retrieve. It does not point towards your privates but rides ontop of them. Also acts as a shield for the jewels in case of accidents or trouble. It has wide elastic bands that wrap around the waist and lock with heavy duty velcro. Have never had a problem with it coming undone, Their is a pocket on the front to put the weapon and another for mags or whatever. Sounds kind of strange but works very well. You just cannot expect to hide any size gun in skin tight pants. works best with Docker type pants with pleats to break up the shape more.


Link Posted: 3/24/2001 1:22:35 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 1:24:57 AM EDT
Well, I carry a rifle in a soft case, and then leave it standing in a corner during my 3 week hitch.  I used to leave an STG-58 by my desk until I took it home a few months ago.  I usually bring something to work to keep me company.  

The site superintendant has a 12 gage by the front door, and the mechanic has his Savage 99 or whatever he brings to work to work on at the workbench.

A couple Russians left a 12 gage behind in an empty fish tote last summer - I see it around every now and then.

The fish and game guy, who we had not seen since last summer, came back a couple of days ago and expressed surprise that his 12 gage was still around (in my office behind the door).  He left it here again when he flew out. :(

The joys of working in remote Alaska.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 1:28:54 AM EDT
Several options here.  Thunderwear is the most secure, no one should ever be touching you there at work unless you are having an office romance.  Second best would be the Kramer Confidante, a mesh sleeveless T-shirt with an elastic holster built under each arm, it will hold up to a 5-shot 357 snub revolver or alloy frame Officer's size 1911 in either holster.
Third would be a belly band.  
If you choose offbody carry, be DAMNED paranoid about letting whatever it is you keep the gun in out of your sight.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 1:58:27 AM EDT
It would be crazy to work the drive through window on night crew and not be packing.

Link Posted: 3/24/2001 2:07:06 AM EDT
I didn't know that they kept Top Level Corporate Vice Presidents near the checkout window?
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 2:15:13 AM EDT
I thought of this often and for me if I had a full carry I could never carry at work. I am a professional house painter in NY and I have a restricted carry. But with all the twisting and bending I could never carry when working. Thank God I work for myself!! I hate my wallet in my pocket never mind a small snub. I really wish I had full carry when I go out with my family. That is when I really want my gun on me. F@#k NY.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 2:46:40 AM EDT
The only executive I will ever be is a CFMO. Chief Frying Machine Operator.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 5:36:59 AM EDT
Embryo:  Every time I wonder to myself how such a crazy person became so rich, I just think of Howard Hughes and then it all makes sense.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 6:39:03 AM EDT
Company logo'd executive bag.  Sig p228/nite sites in holster, tucked away in a zippered pouch.  Nobody ever questions, nobody ever gets into my bag... :)
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 6:50:43 AM EDT
Funny you should ask, I am the head volleyball coach at an all girl nudist colony. I dont really need to carry since I've always got a loaded weapon anyway.
No really, I live in Illinois, I guess that about explaines it. but when I absolutly must, It's a Glock 19 in a S.O.B. holster.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 8:24:42 AM EDT
Well I can't do it. Even though I live in Texas and have a state CCW, weapons are 100% prohibited on my job's company property whether you read the manual or not. There is a sign posted at every entrance and door.I have to go through a metal detector many times a day, and work in a "US Customs Foreign Trade Zone" which means I, my car, my briefcase, etc can be (legally) searched at any time.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 8:52:37 AM EDT
Thunderwear is a good product.  The guy who makes 'em is great to deal with.  I can't imaginge carrying around a 1911 like he claims to though.  About the only think I feel confortable carrying is my little .32 beretta and I'm 6'01" and a (slim) 200lbs.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 8:56:24 AM EDT
I work in management ( likely target ) in a large manufacturing facility. My job requires multi-tasking skills ( effective delegation [:D] ) so a day planner is at my side all day. Just so happens it's a .45 caliber DayRunner ... hehehe [BD]
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 9:22:34 AM EDT
If you walk in with a Benelli M1 Super 90 with a pistol grip stock, an 8 round tube and five in the side-saddle slung over your shoulder, they likely wouldn't even notice that slight bulge on your right hip.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 9:32:22 AM EDT
Mine's easy, I taught the boss how to shoot better with his 38, I bought and set him up with a S&W Sigma in 9mm.  I carry and keep near my desk a Colt CCO .45, My cousin keeps a Taurus PT-99 within 30 seconds access and has a Taurus 357 in the truck.  Everybody who's anybody knows who to yell for if it get hairy and we know where each other pieces are in case one of us is in a different part of the plant if anything happens.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 9:46:45 AM EDT
However, not everyone is as fortunate as I.  In that case, hiding in the open is usually better than long drawn out complicated methods.  Just toss your .45 in your softsided briefcase (Usually has 2 or 3 separate zippered compartments) and keep it next to your desk or work station.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 9:57:34 AM EDT
Thunderwear is a good product.  The guy who makes 'em is great to deal with.  I can't imaginge carrying around a 1911 like he claims to though.  About the only think I feel confortable carrying is my little .32 beretta and I'm 6'01" and a (slim) 200lbs.
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I am 5'10" and 200lbs and I carried a Glock 23 in Thunderwear every night for about six months at one period in my life.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 3:23:53 PM EDT
CCW's are "contracts only" with the issueing authority to carry a weapon concealed in public areas. Private property, no matter what requires permission from the owner to carry that weapon concealed or otherwise, after all the property owner did not issue your CCW, there for does not have to honor it.

Then, relating to your question, there is major liability of a business or employer who denies the right to self protection these days when work place terrorism is a real danger. Especially if they do not have an armed guard or guards who can without delay protect anyone within split seconds, meaning, if there are few guards at a guard shack, and there is a big plant without guards patroling and being able to response to any threat, anywhere in the plant within seconds, you have em by the balls. Give the BAR time and they will screw this one down the toilet.

Here in Florida a CCW is not required to have a loaded handgun in your private conveyance (auto)as long as it is concealed from view. No permit required to carry concealed or open on privately owned property even if it business property, as long as the owner gives their permission. An occasional police type not knowing what the law is, will often be held liable, for arresting one in possession a handgun without a CCW on business or private property, that actually had permission from the owner of the property to possess the handgun on their property. Many simply do not understand that controls (codes & laws) implaced on their private property or business that deny the right of self protection are null and void, and many cases prove this as fact (a good reference is http:www.fsdf.org/deadly-force.htm  

Long guns, shot guns, machine guns while not part of this subject, can be carried loaded anywhere in your auto, as long as it is not concealed, and on private property including a business, with the owners permission.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 4:02:00 PM EDT
Well, I guess I'm the boss. So I here by give myself permission to carry anything I want while at work. In fact, I think the business should provide a Limited Edition AR15 for everyone (that would be a business expense wouldn't it)?

Gee, I'm lucky to work for such a swell guy. I think I'll buy him a really nice pistol for his birthday.
Link Posted: 3/25/2001 4:52:13 AM EDT
Stinger, is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me..... [?]

...Sorry, couldn't resist [:D]
Link Posted: 3/25/2001 5:17:14 AM EDT
Topic - CCW; how do you sneak your gun into work?

Every morning on my way in as  I approach the security guard I say "Hey is that ketchup on your shirt?"
Link Posted: 3/25/2001 5:47:45 AM EDT
M4,  I carry the Taurus titanium 38 with corbons and sometimes it does look like i have a little wood. But normaly people do not stare at the crotch area.

Link Posted: 3/25/2001 5:58:31 AM EDT
M4,  I carry the Taurus titanium 38 with corbons and sometimes it does look like i have a little wood. But normaly people do not stare at the crotch area.

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Get a Taurus Raging Bull, and they will!
Link Posted: 3/25/2001 8:26:15 PM EDT
I can see the follow-up thread to this:

Any Lawyers Out There?  I just got fired 'cuz my boss is an asshole.  He (fascist liberal pinko scum) fired me "for no good reason."  I personilly think it's 'cause Im a Rebupican and not a demoCrAt, but he says (what a lying sack of $hit) that it was all because I insisted on bringing in a method of self defense (i.e. packing a loaded pistol) into MY JOB even though he had some Unconstitutional so-called "rule" forbidding employees (servants are more like it) to bring self-defense tools (if you know what I mean to work.  I mean, what BS!  He says that just because it's his business, that he started, that he runs, that he did with his own money, on land he owns, in a building he owns, for which he is legally responsible, for which he is liable, which he has to insure, that he has everything he has invested in, just because of that he thinks he has some "right" to tell me what to do!

That's unconstitutional, isn't it?  Can I sue him?  BTW, I'm broke and can't afford a lawyer, so please just give me good and free legal advice even though a lot of us here just criticize lawyers as scum-suckers.

Link Posted: 3/26/2001 8:58:19 AM EDT
but why the big stuff?whatca think bigfoot going to come knocking? well anyway its so hot where i live all i can carry is my spyderco, what kinda knife you carry? a sword?
Link Posted: 3/26/2001 10:45:40 AM EDT
The method I use is a model 85 Tauras Titanium alloy 38 spl, 2 inch barel holstered in a Bianchi Ranger Triad ankle holster. Both the weapon and holster are 100% perfect. The weapon weighs next to nothing, and the holster, which I have been wearing everyday for close to a year now is very comfortable and secure. My job is physical so I have to do a lot of bending and lifting so a Inside the pants holster would not work. I have to keep my shirt tucked in so a clip draw wouldn't do it either. The ankle holster is virtually unnoticeable. In fact no one whom I work with knows that I carry even though I am in plain sight 95% of the day. After I purcahsed this set up I asked friends and family if they could determine which ankle I had a weapon on and none could. The only drawback is the revolver is only 5 shot, and ankle carry is not exactly a quick draw position.  
Link Posted: 3/26/2001 7:43:12 PM EDT
Mostly we have them because we can.  There are only a half dozen people here at the mine now, and noone really gives a rip about it.  There is not too much to keep us entertained other than the damned TV.  I've also noticed a very strong correlation between miners and guns.

The firearms policy was carefully crafted to forbid the unauthorized discharge of firearms and not their carrying for bear protection.  

Last summer, we had two black bears and a brown bear in the IMMEDIATE vicinity.  They didn't cause any problems, but we had to go out into the same place they were spotted in on a frequent basis.  It sends shivers down my spine to see bears watching you work from a hundred feet away, or when walking up the road seeing one behind a tree watching you from 15 yards away.    

As far as knives go, one of the guys is a distributer for a knifemaker.  He gets first crack at the new designs and it makes for a good show and tell at the dinner table.
Link Posted: 3/26/2001 8:17:06 PM EDT
I have a toris model 85t also. I have heard that the sights on most .38 snubbys are calibrated for 158gr bullets. Is this true?
Link Posted: 3/26/2001 8:22:18 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/26/2001 8:39:39 PM EDT
Gee, I just put the ole magnum in my US Mail bag.....[}:D].............Just kidding!
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