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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/24/2002 6:38:07 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/24/2002 7:06:10 PM EST
Are you actually suggesting that the bill as passed is a GOOD thing?? [stick] The bill as passed by the House is a direct attack upon the First Amendment and anyone with a handful of brain cells can see that. I totally don't give a shit about any other part of the bill one way or another, except for this one critical component. If they trample the first amendment, the second can't be far behind...and then the rest of them. Hope the chains of slavery are well padded. CJ
Link Posted: 2/24/2002 7:14:38 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/24/2002 8:07:09 PM EST
Good. I didn't THINK you'd taken leave of your senses. [whacko] I would suggest STRONGLY that everyone who sees this bill as a First Amendment threat do something about it. In this case, the appropriate thing to do is write the President directly and express in clear terms your concern and belief that this is a direct violation of the Constitution, and the bill must NOT be signed but must be vetoed instead. Congress does not have the strength to override a veto on this issue. Call attention to the fact that the previous President showed a clear disdain for the rights of the individual citizen as reflected by some of his comments that are easy to find on the web. (Guncite.com should have some) Let him know that you hold the Constitution in high regard, and hold those who would ignore it in low regard, and not worthy of a vote. If by unfortunate circumstances this bill DOES become law, it will UNDOUBTEDLY be challenged before the Supreme Court, and probably it will be challenged IMMEDIATELY. I predict the NRA will be the first to file the challenge, and given the clear nature of the Constitutional violation, they will win and it will be a major blow to the Brady bunch. It will also serve to discredit those who voted for the bill. So, as long as the Supreme Court upholds the truth, it may actually end up being a GOOD thing in the long run even if it does get signed into law, because it will injure our enemies when it is struck down. CJ
Link Posted: 2/24/2002 8:31:06 PM EST
given the clear nature of the Constitutional violation, they will win and it will be a major blow to the Brady bunch. It will also serve to discredit those who voted for the bill.
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So it's probably safe to predict that McCain won't be listing this as a "career highlight" during his next presidential run...[;)]
Link Posted: 2/25/2002 4:12:32 AM EST
Actually, McCain was AGAINST it! But I haven't checked the voting record to see if he actually VOTED against it. I have to give credit where it's due: I wrote to McCain (of Arizona) from here, (Florida) in regard to his 'gun show loophole' bill (told him it was a stupid idea, basically) and although I'm half a country away and couldn't vote directly for or against him in any but a Presidential election without moving to AZ, he (well, his office) took the time and postage to send me a reply letter by mail, explaining his position in some detail. He's still wrong, but I appreciate getting a response, particularly from an out-of-state senator. If it weren't for his gun control issues, I'd have little bad to say about him. But I'm committed to being a ONE issue voter, and that one issue is Constitutionality. A few weeks ago I'd have said it was the second amendment, but now I say it's ALL the amendments and the Constitution that matter. Those of you who like that line of reasoning should take cues from Representative Ron Paul. (forgot what state he represents...) He's a strict Constitutionalist and it's worth checking in on his activities. CJ
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