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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/7/2001 8:43:03 AM EST
God, could a company get any more incompetent? I've ordered from these idiots before. Sometimes you're compelled to do things because you're dazzled by a presentation. I mean, you look at their website and it [b]APPEARS[/b] they have all sorts of cool stuff at good prices. I'm always lured into this trap by these assholes, and I'm NEVER doing it again. If you order from these idiots you're lucky if you get what you actually ordered. I've ordered clothing in a medium long size only to get it weeks later (note: horribly late) in extra small size or XXXL. If you order green BDU's you might get day desert pattern. Sometimes things you ordered don't show up ever and you're left trying to communicate with their customer service department of which not a single soul there speaks English. This time I ordered some Propper BDU's and a GG&G rear sight for a M16. I wait patiently for a couple of weeks and the stuff doesn't arrive as usual. So I call them to find out the status and get handed around their phone system for 15 minutes. At this point I've talked to at least 3 people who don't speak English and we say "huh" to each other countless times. I end up in a voice mail box for their customer service department. I leave them a message asking about the status of my order. A couple of days later I get an email saying that an [b]item[/b] in my order was on back order and my order was cancelled because they're not currently filling back orders. They didn't specify which item was back ordered or why they wouldn't ship the rest of the items and refund the difference. Nope, they cancel the entire order. So dumbass me paid using PayPal. Their email made no mention of a refund or that I should expect a refund. So I called them again. The conversation went something like this: ME: "I ordered several items and received email saying my order was cancelled because one of them was on back order, which item don't you have? The BDU's or the GG&G sight?" BOTACH: "yes" ME: "Yes what? Which one don't you have and can I get the rest of my order filled?" BOTACH: "yes, that one." ME: "Yes what? Do you have the BDU's?" BOTACH: "yes we do" ME: "So you don't have the GG&G sight?" BOTACH: "Yes we do" ME: "Then why wasn't my order shipped?" BOTACH: "We not fill back orders at this time" ME: "What is back ordered??" BOTACH: "No BDU's." ... and it goes on. So finally the guy tells me to send him a payment request via PayPal. I asked him if he would respond to it immediately and he said yes and hung up. So, here I sit almost a week later and still no refund. I can't get a live person to help me at Botach and I send them PayPal reminders (email) daily now. In short, these people are totally lost and incompetent. I've not had a single purchase in the past go through without some screw-up, nor have any of my friends. This is the final straw. I would avoid these moron like the plague.
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 11:36:11 AM EST
Same here, I keep getting suckered in by good prices, and the apparently good selection. I never had an order that was flawless, the last order EVER, was when I ordered a pelican case, some rings and a scope base for a new rifle, and a BH MP5 case. The rings and the pelican came in time, but the pelican did not have foam. The scope base NEVER came, so I eventually cancelled the order (3 months later), since I sold the rifle in the between times. The BH case arrived 4 months later...
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 12:01:09 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/7/2001 12:02:17 PM EST by The_Beer_Slayer]
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 12:03:02 PM EST
Seems to be SOP with Botach. Great prices if you can get them to actually deliver what you ordered, but getting them to do just that can be frustrating and/or impossible. Botach! It's not just a bargain, it's an adventure!
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 1:15:52 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 5:51:12 PM EST
well guys i must be one of the lucky few to have dealt with them, my one and only purchase was an ARMS#40 flip up, i ordered it on friday and it arrived on tuesday. so i guess i lucked out huh
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 9:56:14 PM EST
These posts about problematic companies are useful. Keep it up. Mail order is FANTASTIC when all goes smooth and a NIGHTMARE when a mail order company screws you. And I would have been sucked down Botech's toilet if it weren't for warnings at this sight.
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 10:13:12 PM EST
I predict that Botach will soon be out of business. Lightfighter.com is RAPIDLY adding items to inventory and has great prices as well. Some may not be quite as cheap as Botach, but wouldn't it have been worth $3 more to actually GET the items? He has both Propper and GG&G. (GG&G is new & all items may not be on the site yet) I'm the world's worst about shopping around to save $5. Not anymore. Service and trust are worth a bit more $$. Plus Brad speaks English!
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 10:21:38 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 11:29:28 PM EST
They do utter unintelligible things! On my first experience with BOTACH, I placed my order @ the "Big" 15% off Labor Day sale on Monday. Their ordering policy states that if any item is out of stock, you will be called by phone next day to be given the news/status. That call came in on FRIDAY well after the items should've arrived to my door (since no call, right?). And this only after I had called twice two days earlier and got the news from another one of their dinks already. The dink lady that called me on Friday insisted that they're so backordered she wouldn't attempt to give me a timeframe(a MUST these days!). So naturally she waits for me to give up and cancel the order (of course) as if THAT'S the purpose of her calling me anyway. A token "apology" and, mission accomplished! She got rid of me and that pesky $400 order they would actually have to fill! Astonishing. A $400 order is for them to grab and act on it, and yet it would seem by their lack of interest in taking one single step to help or follow through with a customer that this business is a front for something else. Or maybe it is because the bulk of Botach's business is to LEO/PD and agencies. On two occasions I was asked if I was a LEO. Face it, gov't agencies and their purchasing depts. are not tough demanding customers generally. Nuff said. I'll move on.
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 11:39:02 PM EST
Botach used to be a pawn shop. It's about 20 minutes from where I live and I have been there twice. The first time I decided I wouldn't buy anything there unless I could go there and pick it up. The last time they were closed "for Inventory" and had a sign posted only LEO / Military could enter the store. I know a few people who aren't LEO or Military but they were let in when they buzzed. Wacky place.
Link Posted: 9/8/2001 6:29:32 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/8/2001 6:36:51 AM EST by scottMO]
Bosuck Craptical could care less. This same type of post has been on Glock Talk and TFL several times, as well as here on AR15.com several times. My first experience (should have been my last) took: 17 phone calls 5 emails 2 faxes (at my expense) just to rectify their problem. I placed an order online. Sev weeks later called to check on the order. They couldn't find and order for me under my name, city or under the product I ordered, but they did charge my credit card the day I ordered. I had to prove this to them by going to the bank, getting a copy of the debit card transaction and fax it to them twice. We had a thread 40 or so responses long on GT and I printed and mailed it to them. Never heard a reply. Imagine that..... It's pointless. They don't care. They won't be hurt financially because they don't screw up the large LEO type orders, only the small peon orders. Bosuck Craptical has screwed me for the last time. My last 2 orders, I paid for 2nd day air. On BOTH orders, the product was placed in a 2nd day air package and THEN THE ENTIRE PACKAGE WAS PLACED INTO A BOX AND SHIPPED UPS GROUND. TWICE is no accident. FYI- Last time I checked, Bosuck has a "poor" rating by the BBB and it ain't gettin no better. scottMO
Link Posted: 9/8/2001 7:15:03 AM EST
Thanks for the kind words Greentimber. It is a fact that I do speak english and I do try my best to keep up with their prices. It is impossible to meet their prices on some things but I keep them competitive as possible. What I have learned since I opened the 'doors' of Lightfighter Tactical is that people in our country are hungry for real customer service. You can't get it at a restaurant any more and you can't get it at the mall anymore. Main street USA is gone but I like to use those days as my model for my online specialty shop. I always do my best to treat everyone like I expect to be treated when I buy online or through the mail, just like it used to be at all business establishments. Sometimes in this business, backorders are going to happen -- especially in this business. Sometimes in this business it is easy to confuse orders or customers with one another. However, it is not okay in this business to give a person the run around when they are not willing accept these things. If a store cannot provide a product that you are willing to pay for, in a period of time that you find acceptable; it happens -- but it is your RIGHT to not have your money held hostage when you make a decision about it. I will not come on and participate in this discussion about the going on at this competitor of mine. I had my problems with them too when I was just a 'tactical consumer' (before I started my own shop) but it is no longer my place to tell you about them. What I can bring to this thread, though, is a little insight into tactical retailing and help people understand what they should expect. This is an very fast paced industry and it does have alot of competition; but I enjoy each and every second of it. I 'grew up' as a tactical shooter and I enjoy working with them still; but from a different angle. I encourage people to contact me and I encourage questions about the gear. Send me an email if you want to know about something or call my 800 number (I am sorry about the voice mail hell, but I am a growing company). If you call, leave a message; I personally return all calls. High Performanmce Tactical Gear! [url]www.Lightfighter.com[/url]
Link Posted: 9/8/2001 7:40:46 AM EST
Sometimes you get positive results from dealing with the incompetent. A friend ordered several things from them. When they hadn't arrived, he called and asked about the order. They said it was held up while waiting for items on back order. So when stuff doesn't show up, he calls again. "sorry sir, your order was cancelled." He pitches a fit and gets order reinstated. Stuff arrives about a week later. Several extra items in order(no charge), vest is wrong size(need REALLY LARGE size for man 6'5" 280lbs.). They say " oh send back small, you size on way." Correct vest arrives, he cancels credit card and sells small size vest to friend. He never heard from them again. I bet if he called and asked them they would send another vest.
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