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Posted: 12/9/2001 7:36:45 AM EDT
I found this on their web site, and I thought was interesting enough to share, maybe we can steer some business over those folks. ==================================================== [url]http://www.blackhawkindustries.com/cgi-bin/storenew.pl?setup=1&page=fwelcome.html&cart_id=[/url] BlackHawk At Ground Zero All of us at BlackHawk watched and listened in shock and disbelief as the tragedy of September 11 played out before us. We, like the rest of the Nation and the World, felt the whole spectrum of emotions including the desire to do something, anything, to help the brave and determined workers at the scenes. We received hundreds of emails and calls from our customers and friends around the world offering support and encouragement. Several grim voice mails from rescue workers finalized our decision to do what we could. We thought that HydraStorm would be the best gear we could offer, enabling SAR workers to have 3 liters of water readily available. On Friday, Sept 14 we decided to fill our van with as many units as possible and drive to New York City. Tactical and Survival Specialties of Harrisonburg , VA is mounting Operation Respond for the rescue effort and are currently amassing gear to send. Upon finding out that we intended to leave immediately they generously offered to share the cost of the donated units. By transferring our Turbine model from cartons to plastic trash bags we were able to get 500 units plus some additional gear into the vehicle. We had made contact with members of NYPD and FDNY but were still uncertain as to how we could ensure that the product would be distributed to SAR workers at the scene. As we loaded the van we received a call from Detective Ed Smith of NYPD Narcotics K-9 requesting radio harnesses for the K-9 officers searching the rubble. Without his assistance we could never have completed our mission. At 1230 that day, Scott Berube, Mike Noell and myself crammed into the packed van and began the 375 mile trip. Throughout the journey we were in cell phone contact with Ed Smith. His connections became apparent when at Exit 8 of the NJ Turnpike we pulled up behind a NJ State Police unit operated by Trooper Walt Babecki. Walt led us Code 3 on a 30 mile run through heavy traffic, using the median and shoulder when necessary. We first glimpsed the NYC skyline while on the Outer Bridge Crossing to Staten Island. Forever Altered. It was 1830 and night was falling yet the pall of smoke amidst the blacked out buildings was clearly visible. We parted company with Trooper Babecki , without whom we would still have been miles away and stalled in traffic. We met up with Officer Tommy Wilson of NYPD Highway Patrol who advised us that we would be using dedicated emergency vehicle- only lanes from that point and to “Be sure and keep up with me” as he roared off on the big NYPD Harley. Using lights and siren he led us across Staten Island, over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and into Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel is open for emergency vehicle access to lower Manhattan. It was here we encountered the first of two police checkpoints and were able to cross, thanks to the escort arranged by Detective Smith. Wilson led us through the Battery Tunnel where we emerged at the Gates of Hell.
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 7:37:49 AM EDT
We crossed a National Guard checkpoint. Troops in battle dress on the streets of America. We pulled into a line of stopped vehicles and were informed that President Bush was preparing to lift off just to the south of our location. Until Marine One went wheels up we were going no further. We exited the van for the first time in NY. A few blocks to the North was Ground Zero, illuminated like a ghastly carnival of the macabre. Overhead the throb of helicopters and the roar of jets filled the darkness. US fighters planes and helos on combat air patrol over New York City. Simply unbelievable. Much has been said about the smell. It is palpable. A sharp, acrid, pungent odor that assaults the senses. A foul meld of ozone, explosives, charred metal and other unspeakable ingredients. It is the stink of death and destruction. It is the stink of war. We met some Narcotics K-9 officers who advised us of Smith’s location. After clearance to move, Wilson led us up the FDR, out of the cordoned area , across heavy city traffic to the opposite side of Manhattan, and back southbound into the snarl of emergency vehicles of every description. Wilson departed for other duties and we followed the K-9 SUV through deserted side streets into the heart of the rescue effort. We met up with Detective Smith at Chambers and West Streets. It was there that we gave out the first of the Turbines to FDNY as they came off shift. Smith directed us to one of the major staging areas for teams headed to Ground Zero. NYPD ESU had erected tents for their equipment on the street outside Stuyvestant HS, a distribution center for donated supplies. We unloaded the bags of HydraStorm into one of these tents, assisted by two large ESU cops. We now felt confident that they would be distributed to those who needed them the most. We kept about 50 to give to SAR workers as we left the area. Mission Accomplished. On foot, we followed Smith into the heart of Ground Zero. Within the restricted area it is almost impossible to walk anywhere without being offered water or food by volunteers. Pizzas by the hundreds. Energy bars by the thousands. Scores of pallets of bottled water. Truckloads of goods, equipment, supplies, clothing. All amidst a sea of cops, firefighters, federal agents, National Guard, SAR and EMT teams, volunteers, construction workers, and others. It was chaos and pandemonium drowned by the roar of engines and generators, yet somehow well organized and orchestrated with a grim determination. I was struck by the level of “politeness”. There was no unnecessary shouting or blaring of horns or sirens. No one task was more important than supporting the teams on their way to and from “the Stack”, as the smoking rubble is called. These men and women quietly filed by armed with shovels, buckets, picks and probes. Hard hats, paper masks and respirators, heavy gloves and knee pads. Some wore rappelling harnesses festooned with carabiners and rope. Some led dogs.
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 7:40:26 AM EDT
Approaching closer we left the brightly lit staging areas for patches of eerie darkness, the buildings towering above dark and abandoned. We walked through the rain soaked sludge of gray ash, debris and paper. Tons of paper. Past the now infamous wreck of an FDNY ladder truck, smashed and coated with the gelatinous muck. Past several more destroyed vehicles to the barriers erected about a block from Ground Zero. End of the line for non-essential personnel. The horrible scene was before us, smoldering , ominous, under brilliant halogen lights, long shadows cast by the remaining structures. We saw the crane and excavator booms swaying, the occasional spark of cutting torches, the complete and total devastation. More SAR teams filed past the barricades. We returned to our van at the ESU staging area. There was little conversation. We agreed to meet up with Detective Smith at his vehicle, a few blocks north. We stopped several times en-route and gave out the last of the HydraStorms to grateful firefighters and SAR teams. We, of course, thanked them for all of their brave efforts as we had throughout the night. We hooked up with Ed in his K-9 SUV for escort from the scene. We had been in the area for about 3 hours. What followed was certainly the most emotional moment of our journey. We drove out of the restricted area northbound on the West Side Highway. At every intersection, on the median and lining the sidewalks were hundreds of cheering citizens. They waved US flags and held signs. WE LOVE YOU…..THANK YOU….NY LOVES YOU…. are just a few. As we drove past, the shouts of ; “THANK YOU” brought tears to my eyes. They did not know if we were coming off “the Stack” or from delivering toothpaste. Nor did they care. They, like us, just wanted to contribute something to the effort. I can assure you that every person who runs that almost mile-long “Gauntlet of Love” will never forget it. We returned to Virginia the next morning. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following: Detective Ed Smith, NYPD OCCB Narcotics K-9 Trooper Walt Babecki, New Jersey State Police Officer Tommy Wilson, NYPD Highway Patrol Every single person from every agency or entity involved in the rescue/recovery The citizens of New York City and those in the “Gauntlet of Love” September 17th, 2001 Greg Andersen, BlackHawk Industries
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 4:04:03 PM EDT
I saw that on there site week or so ago......the stuff is still imported.....[V]
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 5:08:06 PM EDT
I saw this while I was prusing the general discussion forum at www.fnfal.com and it was date September 24, 2001 21:32.
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 7:41:29 PM EDT
It's also been on their web site for a while.
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