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Posted: 10/30/2004 10:15:35 AM EST
I pulled this from DU. He sounds like Michael Moore and the Democrats.

No fucking way this helps Kerry.

Bin Laden speech from Friday, October 29, aired on Al-Jazeera.

"You are Greedy and Proud"

My speech to you is about the best way for you to avoid any similar catastrophes, and the war, its underlying reasons and results. In connection with this, I want to say that security is an important foundation in every person's life, and that secure people do not ignore their own security.

If Bush claims that we hate freedom, then I would like for him to explain why we for example did not strike in Sweden. It's also known that those who hate freedom do not have such honorable souls, as those 19 martyrs, may God bless their souls. We have struggled against you because we are free people, who do not forget injustices. We want our nation to have its freedom once again. And just like you commit crimes against our security, we are also going to strike down against your security.

I am, however, puzzled about one thing. In spite of the fact that we have started the 4th year after 9/11, Bush is still continuing with his confusing tactics and his fog-banks (of obfuscation) toward you, and keeps the real reason away from you. Because of this, there is a realpossibility that what was done to you will be repeated.

I'm going to tell you the reasons for these events, and I'm going to politely account for you the times when we made the decision that you would have something major to think about. I would like to start by saying that God is my witness, and that at first we never had a thought about striking the Two Towers.

But when we had had enough, and with our own eyes saw the American-Israeli injustices and aggression towards our people in Palestine and Lebanon, the idea was born. The events that influenced me the most, and in the most direct way, was in 1982, with the subsequent events when the USA gave a green light to Israel to invade Lebanon with the help of the American 6th fleet.

During these difficult times, there were many thoughts which went around in my head. It was difficult to explain. However, these thoughts awoke in me an enormous motivation to refuse such injustice, and a desire to punish those who are so unfair.

When I stood and looked at the destroyed towers in Lebanon, the idea was born in my head: we must punish the unjust with the same tactic, by destroying the towers in the USA, so that they will get a taste of what we had to deal with, and to stop murdering our children and our women.

We had no difficulties in dealing with Bush and his administration, because of the similarity that exists between this administration and the regimes in our countries, the half of which is the military and the other half which is the sons of kings and presidents. We have a long history with these people.

However both types have a similar nature: and it is the great majority of them who are arrogant, proud and greedy and are known for taking money unjustly.

This similarity was striking with Bush the Elder when he visited in the area. At the same time, some of our people (the Saudis) were fascinated by the USA and were hoping that his visit to our countries might influence us; however Bush instead became influenced by these people and their regimes, and he started to envy them, as they sit there for many decades in their positions and are stealing their country's money with any kind of audits or control. After that, he took up the same method of repression and restricting freedoms which under the guise of the Patriot Act, under the cover of the War on Terror.

Bush the Elder liked the idea that his sons would take over power from the father. He has also not forgotten the tactics of his own skills at voter cheating, like in Florida, so he could use them in an emergency.

We are in agreement with the Highest Emir, Mohammed Atta, may God bless his soul, that all our operations would be executed within a 20-minute period, before Bush and his administration would snap into action.

It never occurred to us that the Commander in Chief for the American Army could let 50,000 of his own citizens meet the great danger in the two towers, at the time when they needed him the most. Instead, he was involved with the girl's story about the goat and how it rammed. That was more important for him than to pay attentin to the airplanes which rammed the skyscrapers.

It gave us a triple time-frame compared to what we had budgeted for ourselves to complete the mission. We thank God for that.

Link Posted: 10/30/2004 10:24:08 AM EST
They don't care. It is just anybody but Bush to them. They would rather have Bin Laden himself.
Link Posted: 10/30/2004 10:26:28 AM EST

Originally Posted By AlreadyThere:
They don't care. It is just anybody but Bush to them. They would rather have Bin Laden himself.

Shit, that's gives me a great idea! Somebody with an account on DU needs to post a question: If it came down to Bush or Bin Laden, who would you rather have? Hee Hee.

Some of those guys are so out of it, I KNOW somebody would come out in favor of Bin Laden.
Link Posted: 10/30/2004 10:47:12 AM EST
BTW, he saved a load of money on his car insurance
Link Posted: 10/30/2004 10:51:03 AM EST
I'll sound like a broken record again, and say the Far Left and Radical Islam will increasingly become allies of convenience.
Link Posted: 10/30/2004 10:57:31 AM EST
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